Favorite Wedding Cakes

…some with fresh flowers, some without…

8fa3356dc24c9e219d6bb41dc0226814 boutwellimage via Boutwell Studio

34 simply blom photoimage via Simply Bloom Photography

155_CJDustin_Wayfarers_Wedding Meg Perottiimage via Meg Perotti Photography210 sweet and saucy sugar orchid!!…I think this orchid is made of sugar, but I still can’t believe it! 

image via Sweet and Saucy

ACF2789 Lisa Lefkowitz Photographyimage via Lisa Lefkowitz Photography

cake_blog art with natureimage via Art With Nature

carissabrian52 JL Designs (her very own wedding)image via JL Designs

CNH_4291 mondo auimage via Mondo Floral Designs

mc02 jennifer dery photographyimage via Jennifer Dery Photography

stella-mares-wedding-pictures_43m amanda raeimage via Amanda Rae Photography

  Which is your favorite? I’m really glad I’m already married because I don’t think I could choose just one wedding cake or one bridal bouquet or one wedding theme or one color palette! I see dozens of each that I am truly taken by every day while writing this blog. So many creative wedding vendors…so many talented photographers to capture their creations!


5 thoughts on “Favorite Wedding Cakes

  1. Jenny

    the Lisa Lefkowitz pic through Mondo pic are my favorites. SO amazing. and yes, how do you ever narrow it down. I love it all.

  2. Never A Plain Jane

    I have lately been scouring wedding mags just to see what is up and I too am happy that I am done having to pick favorite flowers, cakes, dresses… That said, I love the cakes in Lisa Lefkowitz photo and in the Amanda Rae photo. Now the question is, what do they taste like?.

  3. ~My Fleur Journey~

    I think 3 of the cakes are to die for!! The Boutwell Studio one for being so simple and chic, the Lisa Lefkowitz Photography one is so sweet and girly and the Jennifer Dery Photography cake just screams elegance and glamour.. Tks for the posts!


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