Favorite Blogging Moments From Last Week

1. Writing the ‘Which Bouquet?’ post suggested by a special reader and having so many amazing comments. You all really thought through your decisions and I loved hearing the rationales. Bouquet #2 (Parrot Tulips) was the clear winner! Thanks for playing…

2. Making a new blogging friend…chatting with her on the phone…and having her give me great advice on changing my blogger settings to allow more of you to comment. I can already see that more readers are able to comment…so, if you’ve had trouble commenting on Botanical Brouhaha in the past, give it another try…I LOVE hearing from you!

Thanks Nancy and Janet!

3484311653_9d053982d6 inspiration   photography image via Gabrielle Loves

Hope you have a wonderful Monday!

2 thoughts on “Favorite Blogging Moments From Last Week

  1. Jenny

    I’m so glad you switched to the pop up comment format. I’ve almost emailed you a few times to suggest it, but didn’t want to overstep. Love ya!


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