Design Book Giveaway

It’s that time again! I have a book to giveaway…and it’s a goodie…Flower Power by Rebecca Cole





You will love this book…lots of signature Rebecca Cole designs…lots of step-by-step instructions…and beautiful photography. Are you familiar with Rebecca’s work?

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this post before noon Friday…Texas time, of course…and I’ll announce the winner on Friday afternoon. Good luck!

Have a great Wednesday…

15 thoughts on “Design Book Giveaway

  1. kjh

    Next Monday I start my floral design diploma class at the Texas A&M Benz School of Floral Design…I am beyond excited!!

    On that note, I’ll have to find this book especially if it has instructions to assist me in my new venture.

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. alicia..

    what.. there’s a book out there that I don’t own? I haven’t even heard of this one!!
    Crossing my fingers that I can add this one to my collection 🙂

  3. Soportales 8

    Hello! I just discovered this wonderful blog by chance! And to say that I really like. Sounds like a good professional and I see he has very good hand for the flowers! I became a follower of her blog, I’m a florist (in Spain) and I love my job! We still have the blog not long ago, but little by little we will improve.

    I entered into the drawing, then of course, I would love to win this book, which seems pretty good. (This weekend I was in Portugal and I bought two more flower arrangements).

    Best regards, and the next will soon be back to visit.

  4. Jenny N

    I’ve got all my books from you displayed on my new shelves here in Seattle. Makes me happy. You don’t have to enter me in this drawing though.

  5. Alicia

    Oh it’s a fantastic book! Here in Madrid it’s difficult to find this kind of books, no much floral design around here :(. Don’t know if this giveaway is worldwide, although If I win I will be pleased to pay mail fares.

  6. The Garden Path Flower Shop

    Looks like a beautiful book. Photographs alone are worth an entry. I taught myself floral design from books 25 years ago – heavy on the elements of design, light on the aesthetics! Times change, and now I tell my new designers that it’s good to know the “rules”, but the only rule I never break is “Stop before you think you’re finished.”

  7. Margaret in Austin

    Amy….I have been in the throes of moving house, and just checked your wonderful blog at 12:01pm CDT!

    kjh: you will LOVE Benz School. I attended in August 2004; all of my mentors went to Benz School. If you’re in Texas and serious about a floral career, find a way to go there! In 2004 one lady had come all the way from Singapore to attend. It’s that good! Good luck with your studies, kjh!


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