Decorating The Aisle

aisle 391377_10151075543081203_762962488_n events in bloom houston and jonathan ivy photo

Events in Bloom and Jonathan Ivy Photography

aisle 1005664_10153098398220510_932556332_n planet flowers

Planet Flowers

aisle 1175105_523329554412365_801135048_n studio choo

Studio Choo

aisle yvonne design 307087_10150921864720975_534910313_n

Yvonne Design

aisle alp2443-R2-E253  Leo Patrone photo and honey of a thousand flowers

Honey of a Thousand Flowers and Leo Patrone Photography

aisle 1235035_10151840306320516_770509934_n tantawan bloom

Tantawan Bloom

aisle ACF28F5 and lisa lefkowitz photo

Birch and Lisa Lefkowitz Photography

aisle COHEN-FINK-NFP0261 LA Premier

LA Premier

aisle I_0586 amy osaba

Amy Osaba

aisle Kim-Mark-02 Stephen Karlisch photo and todd events

Todd Events and Stephen Karlisch Photography

aisle LaurylLane-KB09

Lauryl Lane

aisle mlfaves_148-260x390  modern day floral

Modern Day Floral

aisle romantic-white-wedding-ceremony  karen tran

Karen Tran and Pam Scott Photography

aisle Suzy_King_004 wild at heart

Wild at Heart

aisle tumblr_lmhl1z7SaQ1qd5xqi isari flower studio

Isari Flower Studio and Jen O’Sullivan Photography

aisle ynonne design

Yvonne Design

Happy Thursday!

One thought on “Decorating The Aisle

  1. Mimi

    Amy, thanks for sharing the aisle decor. I really liked the one with the white balloons. I was so elegant and whimsical. Have a lovely weekend!


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