Creative Dessert Tables

15 dessert table  bows and arrows

image via Bows and Arrows

17cake art with nature and sweet and saucy

image via Megan Hartley Photography and Sweet and Saucy and Art With Nature

265 sweet and saucy

image via Sweet and Saucy

6a010535ded4be970c0154362d172d970c  just bloomed

image via Just Bloomed

12Michelle aaron young photo and art with nature

image via Art with Nature and Aaron Young Photography

a95888592e967d80bfd051ad23a49857998a0562-jessicaclaire-wedding-17 twigg botanicals and archive vintage rentals

image via Twigg Botanicals and Archive vintage Rentals

DSC_7601[1] art with nature

image via Art with Nature

Emily and Michael Wedding_0044 the schultzes photo

image via The Schultzes Photography

fair5 bows and arrows

image via Bows and Arrows

goldwedding14 bows and arrows

image via Bows and Arrows

pink-and-gray-dessert-buffet-3 DOLCE DESIGNS STUDIO jesi haack

image via Dolce Designs Studio and Jesi Haack Design 

pink-full karen tran

image via Karen Tran

sgl43-thumb-800x473-2557 brandon kidd photo and flowerwild

image via Brandon Kidd Photography and Flowerwild


image via Aileen Tran

Happy Monday!


2 thoughts on “Creative Dessert Tables

  1. bloom boxx

    I really love the 10th display from the top, by Bows & Arrows. This strikes the perfect balance of design and function. Gorgeous color scheme. I love how the simplicity of the cake design and table skirt is complimented with the dramatic, giant blooms on the wall in the same color palette. I also love that the dessert offerings are plentiful yet not overcrowded – you can see everything. And, the fresh florals bring in the right amount of color with the pink and peach tones.


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