1_Bouquet_EMP Studio EMP and art with nature

image via Art with Nature and Studio EMP 

18-0648 krista jon

image via Krista Jon 

024 jose villa

image via Jose Villa Photography 

65 clayton austin photo

image via Clayton Austin Photography 

193 sweet and saucy tumbleweed bouquet

image via Sweet & Saucy Shop

0511 jose villa and joy thigpen

image via Joy Thigpen and Jose Villa Photography 

01131 LA Premier

03641 LA Premier

images above via LA Premier 

12603_340954246002706_1961898508_n sonia sharma events

image via Sonia Sharma Events 

18081_543208842373745_57295770_n karen tran

image via Karen Tran and David Christensen Photography

397974_567896083238354_1972410679_n This Modern Romance Photography and karen tran

image via Karen Tran and Stephanie Williams Photography

32342_533420343352117_1322192514_n white lilac

image via White Lilac Inc. 

268687_467449899946575_1598068513_n  the bouquets od ascha jolie au

311301_508541999170698_428792772_n  the bouquets od ascha jolie au

images above via The Bouquets of Ascha Jolie 

318153_10150766860586422_588402779_n datura  carla ten eyck

image via Datura and Carla Ten Eyck Photography 

397524_341929609167859_333046250_n details details and  turtle pond photo image via Details Details and Turtle Pond Photography

406064_548182371869508_211644815_n elizabeth anne designs and steve steinhardt photo

image via Elizabeth Anne Designs and Steve Steinhardt Photography

418459_10151292008398362_1244174355_n alluring blooms

image via Alluring Blooms 

420884_507434912617805_571254185_n karen tran joseph matthew photo

image via Karen Tran and Joseph Matthew Photography 

541886_577584825601812_970773963_n oak and the owl and kamee june photo

image via Oak and the Owl and Kamee June Photography

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