Color Inspiration: Watermelon

Seems appropriate for summer…

watermelon 13249246

And some watermelon-hued flowers…

1 a country farmhouse peony tupips

image via A Country Farmhouse

3 diana lupu photo

image via Diana Lupu Photography

6a0120a5914b9b970c014e608c83c8970c-800wi florali

image via Florali

8 jose villa photo

image via Jose Villa Photography

09 florisity

image via Florisity

10_87420017_FilmMarch2010 poppies and posies

image via Poppies and Posies

28-a-grubb flora grubb

image via Flora Grubb

037 honey and poopies

image via Honey and Poppies

53 sweet and saucy

image via Sweet and Saucy (yes, I realize this isn’t a flower…but don’t you love it?!)

104_o1 ariella'

image via Ariella Chezar

780x520 primary petals

image via Primary Petals

525573_10151047910413868_46298268867_13095616_72801487_n bella fiori

image via Bella Fiori

523449_10150699347059819_113925484818_9062632_2042179965_n the little branch

image via The Little Branch

559932_280173235391828_145761328833020_607703_122561872_n dana hacman

image via Hacman Floral 

6917146921_fe8a1ae054_z honey and poppies

image via Honey and Poppies and Ashleigh Taylor Photography

image via Floral Verde

Bloom-4849 bloom by anuschka

image via Bloom by Anuschka

IMG_5340 honey of a thousand flowers

image via Honey of a Thousand Flowers

Happy Monday!

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4 thoughts on “Color Inspiration: Watermelon

  1. Mimi

    There’s a beautiful rose I just discovered called Nature’s Cherry in this watermelon shade which I’ll be using for an event next week. Queen Mary is another pretty rose of the same hue.


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