Color Inspiration: Claret, Ruby, Scarlett

001Amelie_MegPerottiimage via Meg Perotti Photography

2jpg-aa-7d2484 sasha souzaimage via Sasha Souza

6a010534a9832e970b010536d83c3c970b yvonne designimage via Yvonne Design

23jpg-2a-92939e sasha souzaimage via Sasha Souza

012Amelie_MegPerottiimage via Meg Perotti Photography

aimeetroy33 JL DEsignsimage via JL Designs

reshmashah_06 andrena photoimage via Andrena Photography

F1070021 moss industry floristimage via Moss Industry Florist

DSC_1472 art with natureimage via Art With Nature

center03 botanicalsimage via Botanicals

web22 art with natureimage via Art With Nature

newport-beach-wedding-photography-06 jessica claireimage via Jessica Claire Photography

 Nearly every time I write a post, I get to the end and think about how I would definitely use this color or this style or this idea if I were getting married now. I guess it’s a good thing I’m already married and don’t have to make these choices because today is no different…I would definitely use red. Yesterday I would have chosen white. Tomorrow I’m sure it will be another palette. No wonder I have so much fun writing this blog…I can choose something new everyday!

Happy Tuesday!



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