Chic Pew Ends

6a00d8354bd35a53ef0128765aa9fd970c-500w blooms by martha andrewsiimage via Blooms by Martha Andrews and Crystal Peterson Photography

6a010534a9832e970b010536b5ec66970b yvonne design  image via Yvonne Design

8 JL Designs 1image via JL Designs

66 simply bloom photoimage via Simply Bloom Photography

3910386264_210049b9b3_o caroline tranimage via Caroline Tran Photography

ACFFC8 millie hollomanimage via Millie Holloman Photography

bkw14 terri smith photoimage via Terri Smith Photo

c2b64cbc98b854fc29f0d0f97480cc0c boutwellimage via Boutwell Studio

dena-reggie-stregis-tony-flores-04 enchanted floristimage via Enchanted Florist and Anderson Photo Studios

katenick02 Meg Smith Photographyimage via Meg Smith Photography

ificouldfly_0031 w.scott chesterimage via W. Scott Chester Photography

tiff11 salt harborimage via Salt Harbor Designs

kelseyandkarl031 the treasured petalimage via The Treasured Petal

I want to personally thank Kit for commenting yesterday! A blog without comments is like a wedding without a bride…just takes some of the fun out of it…so Kit, thank you:)

Hope you all have a great Wednesday…I’m getting ready to go jump in a MRI machine so I’m sure mine will be awesome! I must have forgotten to sign up for the extended warranty on my back…


3 thoughts on “Chic Pew Ends

  1. Erratt Family

    There’s something about arrangements in bell jars that has always intrigued me. Maybe it has to do with all the jelly and jam that my dad made as I was growing up… Anyways, I think the ideas are all beautiful, but the second-to-last photo is my favorite.


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