Champagne and Aqua

The color palette for this wedding, held at a local winery, was one of my favorites…champagne and aqua.

boura5-07 072 edit …’Vendela’ roses and white ‘Majolika’ spray roses hand-tied with Midori ‘Magnolia’ double-faced satin ribbon carried by the bride…

SD040midori magnolia

You just have to see the back of her bridal gown…

boura5-07 076 edit

The bridesmaids wore beautiful aqua dresses and carried blue/green Hulk hydrangeas,’Sahara’ roses, ‘Sandy Femma’ roses and white ‘Majolika’ spray roses hand-tied with Midori ‘Cameo’ dupioni silk ribbon. You might recognize this bouquet from my blog header…

boura5-07 057 edit and crop


DP046 midori cameo 


The groom wore a ‘Sahara’ rose, hydrangea and bear grass boutonniere wrapped with ‘Cameo’ dupioni silk ribbon.

boura5-07 040 edit

Being that we are in the South, the women wore pin-on corsages of ‘Sahara’ roses, white "’Majolka’ spray roses and hydrangea wrapped with ‘Cameo’ dupioni silk ribbon.

boura5-07 048edit 

And, finally, one of my favorite parts of working with brides…the personal details that set one wedding apart from another. This bride chose to remember her late mother with a magnolia blossom picked the morning of her wedding and a photograph of her mother at the sign-in table. She said magnolia blooms always reminded her of the large magnolia tree in her mother’s yard…which reminded her of her sweet mother.

boura5-07 052 edit

Thanks for stopping by this Monday! Hope yours is off to a great start…

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