Cake Flowers

13-20110701_kristen-and-baba_wedding_3068 krista jon

Krista Jon 

269287_487252827958752_1812160150_n robin wood flowers

Robin Wood Flowers

283687_10151149484623413_1163343519_n la petite fleur mn

La Petite Fleur 

317124_10151324612508413_558416113_n  la petite fleur mn

La Petite Fleur 

318524_577419935618301_85321887_n oak and the owl and kamee june photo

Oak and the Owl and Kamee June Photography 

407973_235374026537603_104708909604116_530350_2137332893_n anastasia ehlers and amanda k photo

Anastasia Ehlers Floral Design and Amanda K Photography 

479708_520738674624178_187970009_n pixies petals and kate noelle photo

Pixies Petals and Kate Noelle Photography 

528153_10151467011280498_1640437583_n sarah kate photo and lush couture floral

Lush Couture Floral and Sarah Kate Photography

548836_10151210593912838_1417912292_n cakemonkey and dandelion ranch Dandelion Ranch 

556901_314045382004892_1591960508_n scarlett & grace cheesecake cake

Scarlett & Grace (cheesecake cake!)

560145_10151455319275498_1913290877_n allison davis photo and lush couture floral design

Lush Couture Floral and Allison Davis Photography 

6a010535ded4be970c017ee9932144970d-800wi  Laura Ivanova photo and just bloomed

Just Bloomed and Laura Ivanova Photography

aaronyoung_harperaaron-181 aaron young photo and bb blossom

BB Blossom and Aaron Young Photography 

AM051212-00616 Michael Bambino Photography  and spoon fulla sugar and courtenay lambert

Courtenay Lambert Florals and Michael Bambino Photography

cake  loda floral design 10372_444091455646143_1100003697_n

Loda Floral Design 

cake  Toni Robertson Photography and tate's bake shop and petals ink

Petals, Ink. and Toni Robertson Photography

cake 25Strebin_Bell_Deyla_Huss_Photography_DSC1399_low fleurology

Fleurology and Deyla Huss Photography 

cake 542678_510977785607645_766169794_n dr delphinium

Dr. Delphinium 

cake flowersFrom-the-Valley-shoot-73-1024x682  One love photography and chanele rose au

Chanele Rose and One Love Photography

cake h2gj0u2qsa4v0xn8wb21_low  Sabine Scherer photo and studio choo

Studio Choo and Sabine Scherer Photography

Cake1  philippa craddock

Philippa Craddock Flowers

Happy Tuesday!

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