Cake Flowers

cake 12 stems austin and The Nichols

Stems and The Nichols Photography

cake 1173666_717543021605991_1057713170_n oak and the owl

Oak and the Owl

Blush Custom Floral and Alante Photography

cake  PetalFloralDesignBlog-PhotographyByWhiteLoftStudio_5

Petal and White Loft Studio

cake 1377452_656712337694159_2089568385_n Photos by Amber Vickery and love n fresh flowers

Love ‘n Fresh Flowers and Amber Vickery Photography

Photographer = Catherine Mead<br />
07971 491810<br /></p>
<p>Date:  Monday 23rd Jan 2012</p>
<p>Time: 5-7pm</p>
<p>Subject: David Samuel 07890 696291</p>
<p>Location: St David's Hotel and Spa<br />
Deluxe master suite<br />
tel: 02920 454 045<br />
Havannah St,<br />
Cardiff<br />
CF10 5SD</p>
<p>Grooming: Kate Gordon 07964 203 597<br />
Styling: Lou Foley 0772 1677220

By Appointment Only Design and Catherine Mead Photography

cake blue-and-white-cake  MQ Photography and fat cat flowers

Fat Cat Flowers and MQ Photography

cake bows and arrows1375961_10151947175385522_571759730_n

Bows and Arrows

cake Durbin_0660 rosetree waco

Rosetree Floral Design

cake flowers the posh posey 1186235_10151961119154879_1658933151_n

The Posh Posey

cake karen tran and this modern romance korakia_063

Karen Tran and This Modern Romance Photography

cake malia-9.4Vicki Grafton. photo and holly chapple

Holly Heider Chapple Flowers and Vicki Grafton Photography

cake massa_wedding_0290-466x700Stella Alesi photo and stems austin

Stems and Stella Alesi Photography

cake moonrise-kingdom-wedding-024 nbarrett photography and bows and arrows

Bows and Arrows and n.Barrett Photography

cake Native_0562  Farhad Samari photo and primary petals

Primary Petals and Farhad Samari Photography

cake Optimized-Jen-Wedding12-500x750 wild at heart

Wild at Heart

cake pinkpeachcakes,sarahwinward,leopatrone

Honey of a Thousand Flowers and Leo Patrone Photography

cake q7 pollen floral art

Pollen Floral Art

cake rancho-dos-pueblos-wedding-photos-085 caroline tran

Caroline Tran Photography

cake rebecca shepherd floral design 1454922_745859338761121_919978557_n

Rebecca Shepherd Floral Design

cake Screen shot 2011-05-31 at 11.06.48  caroline ede

Caroline Ede

cake slideshow_123 hana floral design

Hana Floral Design

cake southern-wedding-gold-cake bella flora dallas and  F8 Studio

Bella Flora and F8 Studio

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