Burgundy Red Peonies

burgundy peony 935808_678295352197425_1493197002_n oak and the owl

Oak and the Owl

burgundy peony 557707_502860456405519_1223889336_n  the bouquets od ascha jolie au

The Bouquets of Ascha Jolie

burgundy peony 246779_10151156563604660_1426979361_n stoneblossom


burgundy peony 540520_347063085365836_1152286125_n laura miller design

Laura Miller Design

burgundy peony 6a0120a5914b9b970c0153938d5f87970b florali


burgundy peony 1014466_664208800275291_2056934133_n jo flowers

Jo Flowers


Sweet Monday Photography

burgundy peony exquisite designs chicago 1470325_594801057234619_1192907606_n

Exquisite Designs

burgundy peony splendid stems karen splendido IMG_8669

Splendid Stems

burgundy peony Stacey_Windsor_Photography_201311179303  Stacey Windsor photo and alicia jayne floral s

Alicia Jayne Florals and Stacey Windsor Photography

6a010535ded4be970c0154369d4781970c just bloomed

Just Bloomed

394227_461267563886968_854039674_n rebecca shepherd floral design

Rebecca Shepherd Floral Design

734063_10151185094851123_1153463068_n plum sage flowers

Plum Sage

995708_10151743558340070_60194495_n studio 306 and a day in provence

A Day in Provence

1240501_588206967884726_1840408138_n dr.dephinium

 Dr. Delphinium

1459707_657382870950177_425944808_n Alexis June Weddings and l'oasis

L’Oasis Floral Design and Alexis June Weddings

1505061_10151953431758434_178525609_n amy lynne originals and Cyn Kain Photography

Amy Lynne Originals  and Cyn Kain Photography

1690037_744322658913561_1537435515_n sullivan owen

Sullivan Owen

Azzura_Photography_12_2 botanique

Botanique and Azzura Photography

IMG_0034 molly flower studio

Molly’s Flower Studio

Happy Tuesday!

4 thoughts on “Burgundy Red Peonies

  1. Splendid Stems

    Thank you so much for featuring my bouquet, yay! I really hope brides will want more of the dark and romantic for Spring and Summer. There have been more requests for light and muted Fall, maybe the tides will turn?

  2. Glamour Drops

    Currently obsessed with this rich, dark red, and am hunting for the perfect rose in this tone. But now I am thinking some of these peonies may also be required.

    What variety is it?


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