Box Arrangements

box 156343_180782205281034_159860124039909_618341_6105926_n  seed floral

Seed Floral

box arrangement 521659_214044392066861_1630450071_n flowers for the people

Flowers for the People

box arrangement eddie MLP_8112Marianne Lozano photo and eddie zaratsian

Eddie Zaratsian and Marianne Lozano Photography

box arrangement floral art ;a1459980_10152269144051388_1324855415_n

Floral Art

box arrangement Love-n-Fresh-Flowers30

Love ‘n Fresh Flowers

box arrangements brown stella alesi photo

Stella Alesi Photography (anyone know the floral designer?)

box arrangements julias florals and  La Vie Photography peach-coral-grey-wedding-at-swiftwater-cellars-photo-by-la-vie-photography-26

Julia’s Floral and La Vie Photography

box florisity 1900120_735527196459584_281903203_n


box IMG_7746 la premier

LA Premier

box arrangement eddie zaratsian and marianne lozano photo 207521_535578946469478_1738022308_n

Eddie Zaratsian and Marianne Lozono Photography

box love n fresh flowers 1560772_715666741798718_1293337526_n Love ‘n Fresh Flowers

box Motherly_Love_0220 seed floral

Seed Floral

box Pink_Ranunculas_in_Tool_Box dandelion ranch

Dandelion Ranch


Empty Vase

box Rosewood Box Arrangement IMG_2635_LowRes_500x500 floral art

Floral Art

box tic-tock couture florals 420696_10151393810616439_762473980_n

Tic-Tock Couture Florals

Happy Tuesday!

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