Bouquet Handles

handle 6a0120a8026eb3970b01901bd69ee8970b-650wi epaga foto and emmy rae handmaker of things

Emmy Rae Handmaker of Things and Epaga Foto

handle 223205_379661748776309_658071745_n hacman floral

Hacman Floral 

handle 536526_10150976451478413_1205777954_n la petite fleur mn

La Petite Fleur 

handle 582750_10151357451933868_535292336_n romance of flowers

Romance of Flowers 

handle 644360_448156968588536_1295147446_n photo and


handle 945104_577447772286656_1905778968_n dandelion and grey and leila brewster photo

Dandelion & Grey and Leila Brewster Photography

handle 1013989_293707120773793_599970117_n  Sarah Zimmer Photography and divine floreal

Divine Floreal and Sarah Zimmer Photography

handle 000055860006  tricia fountaine

Tricia Fountaine Design 

handle DomXrJbGpO8Uiq0OFUUK044gI_5nNjAF00sePXEEH1Q Erin Bell Photography  and ashley fox

Ashley Fox Designs and Erin Bell Photography

handle DSC_0080 moi

Botanical Brouhaha

handle DSC_0331 park place design

Park Place Design

handle Flora-Nova-Design-seattle-Halloween-wedding-red-garden-roses-Georgetown-Ballroom-wedding (10) flora nova

Flora Nova 

handle Lets Grow old together detail on bouquet JG Laura Murray Photography and cori cook

Cori Cook Floral Design and Laura Murray Photography 

handle passadena-wedding-181 jacqueline ahne

Jacqueline Ahne 

handle purple-sequin-handle-bouquet aileen tran Aileen Tran 

handle steger-bouquet-bling The Mill Photography Studio and stems austin

Stems and The Mill Photography Studio

handle stem treatment blush floral design

Blush Floral Design 

handlehgws0132 flourish designs dot com

Flourish Designs 

handles 544934_607008175993811_782398621_n karen tran

Karen Tran 

handles DSC_0009 rebecca shepherd floral design

Rebecca Shepherd Floral Design 

handles webseattlemet2 lilies and lemon drops

Lilies & Lemon Drops

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