Blooms On White | Blooms On Black

Out of curiosity…which background color do you prefer?

white flowers by bornay10922674_737512362992699_4603580530554192286_n

Flowers by Bornay

white blooms by anuschka 10846136_10152925525330421_3329672670028203735_n

Bloom by Anuschka

white 10173724_10152320380318536_1449960611_n winston flowers

Winston Flowers

white background 936025_533608790049725_1026395920_n bornay and marssal studio

Flowers by Bornay | Marssal Studio

white background Shot_1_0181 b floral

b floral

white background 936852_10151420072916439_1029995652_n tic-tock couture florals

Tic-Tock Couture Florals

black 10322760_292852260882086_6250374518645373730_n taller floral

Taller Floral

black flowers by busy b sunday blues_009

Flowers by Busy B

black 1002400_593545840679408_698782367_n david brown flowers

David Brown Flowers

black background 546006_406178489414092_91269456_n the arrangement company in virginia

The Arrangement Company

black kim image-3 ovando


580392_514074721991395_1300170284_n Canary Grey Photography and a day in provence

A Day in Provence | Canary Grey Photography

5 thoughts on “Blooms On White | Blooms On Black

  1. Sandy

    In most cases, I prefer a white background. I like the brightness. There may be a situation when black is preferred such as when you have a mostly white design, but that would be about the only time.

  2. Margaret

    I prefer the the graphic pop of flowers on a black background. That said, the first Bornay picture is one of my favorite images of their work.

  3. sabine Darrall

    They both work, however the white background reminds me of magazine shots where the image has been shot in a light tent so in general I think the black works for me, it has more ‘depth’…


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