Best Bouquets +The Arm – Part 2

Because you enjoyed the debut of the arm so much…

arm 004 frk. iberis blogspot

Frk. Iberis

arm 375192_276201589093171_242566068_n estelle flowers

Estelle Flowers

arm 541020_10152652371820052_1139149440_n the cutting garden floral grubb

The Cutting Garden

arm 1453370_10151996107754231_122023467_n shea hopely flowers

Shea Hopely Flowers

arm atelier carmel 1461663_755519761135393_7654286486357011456_n

Atelier Carmel

arm bows and arrows 1922512_10152323067425522_1132642014_n

Bows and Arrows

arm giverny designs 10311778_662870940427239_3893470010088698555_n

Giverny Design

arm gold primary petals

Primary Petals

arm IMG_6509 the cutting garden flora grubb

The Cutting Garden

arm krista jon 1959517_670546879659888_8007178985527659401_n

Krista Jon

arm petal 1619397_10152718278739746_4213555243920436876_n


arm sarah winward IMG_9613-2

Honey of a Thousand Flowers

arm lock cottage flowers 1509271_311090425705251_6557787239541145639_n

Lock Cottage Flowers

Happy Monday!

3 thoughts on “Best Bouquets +The Arm – Part 2

  1. Julie Davies

    Loved the first post. The feet in this one tickled me. I was out in a field yesterday trying to photograph some cow parsley. Took me ages to work out that if I held the cow parsley in my left hand (to stop it bobbing about in the breeze), I could press the shutter with my right hand. Happy flowers!


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