Beautiful Bouquet Handles

Jones-84 sara gray photo

image via Sara Gray Photography

IMG_5065  flora fauna

image via Flora Fauna

IMG_6189  blossom sweet

image via Blossom Sweet

lavander  green and bloom

image via Green and Bloom

27-1024x682 ashley fox design

image via Ashley Fox Designs

2011_08_07_Wedding_AirJon_066-Edit_Final-682x1024 the flower house

image via The Flower House

6039046492_1255edf3e3_b Natalie Galasso Designs

image via Natalie Galasso Designs

6278482815_5d1d281317 garden party flowers

image via Garden Party Flowers

AmbassadorCampusWedding-27 hazelnut photo

image via Hazelnut Photography

cdp_pwshoot2147cdp_pwshoot2147img_7604e  designs by hemingway

image via Designs by Hemingway

Cori Cook Floral Design White and Yellow Wedding at Crooked Willow

image via Cori Cook Floral Design

fuchsia-magenta-green-bouquet-detail aileen tran

image via Aileen Tran

IMG_0134 far hills florist

image via Bluebird Photography and Far Hills Florist

IMG_4971  courtenay lambert florals

image via Courtenay Lambert Florals 

wrap art with nature

image via Art With Nature

Happy Tuesday!


4 thoughts on “Beautiful Bouquet Handles

  1. Far Hills Florist

    Hello & thanks for including one of my wedding bouquets for this post!
    I read your blog every day for inspiration and I never expected to
    find my own work on here.
    Thanks again!
    Barbara, Far Hills Florist


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