BB Podcast Episode 41: Nicole Rossi

“The more information people can share with each other, I don’t see it hurting anyone’s business.”

Nicole Rossi | Texture Florals

Today we’re visiting with Nicole Rossi, owner of Texture Florals in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to discuss:

  • her unconventional transition from architecture to floral design
  • creating a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), the pros and cons, and what eventually led her to change the direction of her business
  • the experience that sparked her interest in wedding and event flowers
  • the event that ended up being the push she needed to start her own business
  • her unique studio environment
  • a new project she’s recently launched
  • the logistics behind her editorial work
  • the administrative changes she’s currently making
  • some of the hurdles she’s faced during her quickly-growing flower career
  • the supportive flower community in Philadelphia and how they have embraced her
  • the importance of designers communicating on pricing for the good of the industry as a whole

Links mentioned in Episode Forty-One:

Peach Pear Plum Photography

See more of Nicole’s work:

Website | Instagram | Facebook  | Pinterest


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Guest Co-Host: Robby Lozano | Ten23 Photography

BB Podcast Sound Engineer: Landon McGee

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