BB Podcast Episode 30: Conner Nesbit

“Embrace the imperfections of the flowers. Nothing is ever going to be perfect.”

-Conner Nesbit | Leuca Floral

Kate Pease Photography

Today we’re sitting down with Conner Nesbit, owner of Leuca Floral in Logan, Utah to discuss:

  • the moment of clarity when he knew it was time to start his own business
  • the origin of the name Leuca Floral
  • how he got the word out about his new business
  • the role his surroundings play in his work
  • why he finds music essential during his design time
  • his thoughts on freelancing for other designers
  • how to give each client a little something extra special
  • how he makes a change when he finds himself in an uninspired place in his career
  • how he’s landed editorial work

Conner Nesbit: from a day with Kiana Underwood (Tulipina)

Kate Pease Photography

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One thought on “BB Podcast Episode 30: Conner Nesbit

  1. nana

    Hi, I have just recently discover your site and I thank God for the opportunity you’re providing individuals like me to be inspired and grow. I’ve always wanted how to attached flowers on pipe and drapes as backdrop/chuppah. How do you attach flowers to the “face” and the other sides? I thought about oasis cages,but I’m afraid they will not stay because the bars of the pipe is too thick. Do you have any suggestions please?

    Thank you,


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