Bar Arrangements

bar arrangement floral crush studio 23_447888528689098_2710859649711829215_n

Floral Crush Studio

bar hmr designs and  Kent Drake Photography 10425879_756136001109485_7026175549602724275_n

HMR Designs and Kent Drake Photography

bar arrangement events in bloom 10513336_10152500609821203_5606369767851281841_n

Events in Bloom

bar arrangement intrigue 10170944_10152382542692238_3844950117910425733_n


bar arrangement jay archer floral design 16628_735397656499984_42436940_n

Jay Archer Floral Design

bar arrangements the velvet garden 1780611_10152054454418881_771182776_n

The Velvet Garden

bar arrangement movva_alt16 the flower firm chicago

The Flower Firm

bar arrangement HMR designs 1782183_690801087642977_307387232_n

HMR Designs

bar arrangement 16  Delbarr Moradi Photography and shotgun floral design

Shotgun Floral Design and Delbarr Moradi Photography

bar arrangement 1619494_722731617746491_2070457306_n  jessica burke photo and lovely little details

 Lovely Little Details and Jessica Burke Photography

bar arrangement david kurio designs and jerry hayes photo 923426_631588053574342_441373061_n

David Kurio Designs and Jerry Hayes Photography

bar tkm14spr_lanierscott_160 John Lupton   Andrew Thomas and jasmine star photo

John Lupton and Andrew Thomas and Jasmine Star Photography

bar 23


bar arrangements166744_419802964774896_1308645381_n veevers carter

Veevers Carter

bar arrangements Brian Hatton photo and tantawan bloom 1472972_10152050953940516_1717338700_n

Tantawan Bloom and Brian Hatton Photography

bar arrangement courtenay lambert and  BRAUNPhotography download

Courtenay Lambert Floral and Event Design and  BRAUN Photography

bar arrangements  sygdesigns.com0356CEP-9323

Syg Designs

bar 10489813_10152563401176972_6959672612686136531_n

Jeff Leatham

Happy Thursday!

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