Bar Arrangements

bar arrangement 941648_10151614529286203_1347462423_n  Photography by Morgan Lynn and events in bloom houston

Events in Bloom and Morgan Lynn Photography

bar arrangement 428964_438179779538210_1483210383_n kathleen deery

Kathleen Deery Design

bar arrangement 180264_10150135429561203_4205823_n events in bloom houston

Events in Bloom

bar arrangement 1157549_10151901845387975_202776408_n holly heider chapple

Holly Heider Chapple Flowers

bar arrangement 481079_10151452447176203_982374798_n events in bloom houston

Events in Bloom

bar arrangement 580260_10151779687843210_341165912_n erica rose design

Erica Rose Design

bar arrangement 603814_10151115627466203_509362889_n events in bloom houston

Events in Bloom

bar arrangement 1175571_10151893119813156_1516386527_n belle fleur

Belle Fleur  and Christian Oth Studio

bar arrangement 1239439_642271485804911_1932211393_n love n fresh flowers

Love ‘n Fresh Flowers

bar arrangement HMR designs bar1069943_587274634662290_1580628267_n

HMR Designs

bar arrangement philippa craddock flowers 1235905_583758365015403_1167368902_n

Philippa Craddock Flowers

bar arrangement poropat_wedding_0277-940x626 Stella Alesi photo and stems austin

Stems and Stella Alesi Photography

bar arrangement SMS photo and unexpected elements 1471921_10153442040760462_903876136_n

Unexpected Elements and SMS Photography

bar arrangement spanish ross draped bar  314290_10151248462026663_858012550_n jackson durham flowers

Jackson Durham Flowers (spanish moss drapes this bar)

bar arrangement SSC_1161 by appointment only design

By Appointment Only Design

bar arrangement tantawan bloom1374292_10151875449410516_1427715070_n

Tantawan Bloom

bar arrangements 1235449_10151778032497910_575493777_n  Jerry Hayes Photography  and david kurio designs

David Kurio Designs and Jerry Hayes Photography

bar arrangements 1378874_10151864068417910_1050733455_n  Merveille Event Design  Jerry Hayes Photography Townsley Designs

Townsley Designs and Merveille Events and Jerry Hayes Photography

bar arrangements david kurio designs 1479333_10151999189932910_149096694_n

David Curio Designs

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