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According to Florists’ Review:

Anemones have a relatively short vase life of 4 to 8 days. They are heat sensitive and intolerant to ethylene gas. It’s best to move Anemones quickly; don’t store them for more than two days in the cooler. Upon their arrival, leave plastic sleeves on to prevent bruising and curved stems. Dip in hydrating solution and place in a properly prepared flower food solution. Let flowers hydrate at least one hour before removing their sleeves. Store in 36-28 F cooler. When arranging in floral foam or in bridal designs, you can strengthen the stems by inserting heavy gauge wires into the hollow flower stems to prevent collapse.

Anything you want to add about your experience using anemones?

4 thoughts on “Anemone

  1. megan

    I love those fussy brats. So pretty but they can be really frustrating. I’ve used the off-season imports from Chile a couple of times this summer and they often come in so bent that they’re cane shaped. I’ve had a bit of luck getting them to straighten out by placing them near a light source with the bent part facing away from the light… over a few hours, they uncurl a little. Not as effective as the same trick with tulips, but it was helpful.

    My only other tip is to make sure you don’t spray these guys once they’ve opened! The pollen will drop and stain the flower.

  2. Bare Mtn Farm

    As a grower of anemones we find that after the initial hydrating solution is used for a couple of hours, anemones should be stored in plain water in a cooler. They have a tendency to grow, stretch and bend in hydrating solution with the final results of the stems splitting. Designs go into plain water and when we sell to the public we give them flower food mostly for keeping the water clean. Our anemones typically last about two weeks. Buying local is always best.


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