043-L Love Me Do Photography and sullivan owen

Sullivan Owen and Love Me Do Photography

178945_10151027180213413_1421722107_n la petite fleur mn

La Petite Fleur

378361_10150678149724781_86888599780_8948674_639693382_n loras wedding flowers aka sophticated floral

Sophisticated Floral and Erica Ann Photography 

379335_588607194488179_1313942806_n oleander


387494_221685414570271_138727949532685_562218_1445309969_n laura miller design

Laura Miller Design

941108_508130265919174_1351861996_n a day in provence and canary grey photo

A Day in Provence and Canary Grey Photography 

942840_10151648014944336_1234582606_n GIDEON PHOTOGRAPHY and blossom sweet

Blossom Sweet

agonis 251713_495273693841664_1806994823_n pink Baronesse garden rose Kaleco Design

Kaleco Design

P4287479-603x452 alluring blooms

Alluring Blooms

RedPinkBouquet2-682x1024 landish and love me sailor photo

Landish and Love Me Sailor Photography

springworkshoparrurn pollen floral art

Pollen Floral Art 

Sullivan-Owen-Bouts-Philadelphia-Wedding-White-Gray-Black Alyssa Maloof photo

Sullivan Owen and Alyssa Maloof Photography

Urban_Wedding_Photoshoot003_s precious pear

Precious Pear

417155_10151320991488413_820153964_n bryan newfield photo and v la petite fleur mn

La Petite Fleur and Bryan Newfield Photography

Happy Tuesday!

2 thoughts on “Agonis

  1. Amanda Mae

    That centerpiece from A Day in Provence is so lovely. I adore the combo of the queen anne’s with the dahlias and agonis… and I’m a sucker for a footed container. Thanks for featuring one of our bouquets as well!


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