A Floral Boutique

I’m loving Coriander Girl, a floral boutique in Toronto…owned and operated by Alison Westlake. From the charming storefront…

theshop_(01) coriander girl …to the shop retail space…I love every part.

theshop_(02) coriander girl

Alison created a dream of a workspace…couldn’t you get in touch with your floral creativity here?

theshop_(03) coriander girl Just look at what she creates in her shop…

flowers_(04) coriander girl.com…and check out the gift card! Wouldn’t you be thrilled to receive a delivery from Coriander Girl?

DSC_6952.JPG coriander girl  Here’s to you, Alison!

theshop_(17) You’ve created a beautiful boutique and I wish I lived closer to Toronto…

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