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BB Podcast Episode 40: Lucia Milan

“I am really trying to touch someone when I’m doing an arrangement. It’s not just a little job. I put some soul in it.”

Lucia Milan | Lucia Milan Flower Studio

Today we’re visiting Lucia Milan, owner of Lucia Milan Flower Studio in São Paulo, Brazil to discuss:

  • her transition from fashion stylist to flower business owner
  • how Chapel Designers membership impacted her business
  • exploring and refining Brazilian style
  • her passion for sustainable practices
  • how traveling changed her thinking
  • how she finds ideal wedding clients
  • her desire for her work to mimic nature rather than alter it
  • her tropical garden (and the little monkeys who visit it!)
  • what inspired her to search for change artistically and how she’s come to feel whole in her work
  • how her teenage children affect her work
  • her efforts to build a sense of community in her market
  • why she sees workshops as an investment in her business
  • the importance of accurate pricing

Juliana Kneipp Fotografia

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See more of Lucia’s work:

Website | Instagram Facebook  | LM Flower School


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