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Gypsophila (Baby’s Breath)

Wild at HeartPeppermint Photography

Vessel Florals

Flourish by Kay  | Mayesh | Chantel Marie Photography

The Empty Vase

Steelcut Flower Co

Natural Art Flowers | Teneil Kable Photography

Max Owens Design | Charla Storey Photography

Passionflower | Amanda Dumouchelle Photography

Buds of Brooklyn | Amber Gress Photography

BB Podcast Episode 33: Teresa Fung

“Part of my dream for these girls that come through my studio is to actually help them dream bigger.”

-Teresa Fung | Mimosa

Image courtesy of Dorothy Greco

Today we’re visiting Teresa Fung, owner of Mimosa in Boston, Massachusetts to discuss:

  • how she pulled from her musical background, as well as her educational background in International Relations & Education Policy to create a unique business suited to her interests and personal goals
  • the job fair that led to serious conversations about the direction of her career
  • how she developed a relationship with a non profit organization through persistence
  • the internship program she developed for girls at risk
  • the business advice she received which led her to pursue the social interests she felt called to address through her business, Mimosa
  • her tips for getting involved and offering your services to a non profit organization

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See more of Teresa’s floral art on  Instagram


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Flowers + Veils

Mibellarosa | Smith House Photo

Flora & Fauna | Awake Photography

Tenth and Grace Photography | Honeycomb Affair

La Fete | Mikki Platt Photography

The Petaler Co | Paige Reaux Photography

 Floraison Floral Design | Oliver Fly Photography

Everly Alaine Florals | Heather Nan Photography 

The Heirloom Table | Brittany Jean Photography

Hart Floral | Carlos Hernandez Photography | Emily Riggs 

Color Theory Collective | Carlos Hernandez Photography 

BB Podcast Episode 32: Phil John Perry

“I’ve never struggled with ideas. If anything, I’m plagued by them.”

Phil John Perry

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Boothby

Today we’re visiting with Phil John Perry from Manchester, United Kingdom to discuss:

  • his diverse background in visual merchandising, acting, writing, concept creation, and floral design
  • the slow build to his passion for flowers
  • his love of visual storytelling
  • his thoughts on employment, freelancing, and fair compensation
  • his advice on retaining artists as employees
  • his thoughts on crediting the work of designers
  • his passion for writing
  • how he’s found the courage to write from a place of honesty and transparency and the impact his writing has had on those who read it
  • the story behind the headdresses he designed for Rebel Rebel for the Beyoncé’s Vogue cover story
  • his dreams for the future

Photography courtesy of Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott

Beyoncé headdress designed and made by Phil John Perry for Rebel Rebel | Photography courtesy of Tyler Mitchell

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Photography courtesy of  Jonathan Boothby

See more of Phil John Perry’s work:

Website | Instagram | Press


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