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Mayesh Design Star Workshop | Miami

We’re excited to introduce you to the Mayesh Design Star Workshop Series today. In its second year, the workshop series has just a few stops left in 2018 and you may want to catch one before the end of the tour!  Here’s a peek inside the first 2018 MDS Workshop stop in Miami…

The second year of Mayesh’s Workshop Series is hosted by the 2018 Mayesh Design Star, Kaylee Young, of Flourish by Kay. She entered the Design Star contest because she saw it as an opportunity to not only grow as a designer, but also to inspire others to discover their own style and give them the confidence to stay true to themselves and stand out in a constantly evolving industry. Kaylee’s passion for education is motivated by her own floral design journey; after working in shops and learning traditional mechanics and techniques, she fused her professional training with her own style and techniques to come up with Flourish’s unique design philosophy.

Kaylee believes the key to making a great design is made up of 50% flower curation, and 50% creating the design with good technique. She approaches every design with intention and thoughtfully curates each flower order to reflect that, thus, the name of the workshop series is “Curate & Create.”

The first workshop was held this past January in a beautiful photography studio in the heart of Miami’s vibrant Wynwood District. The workshop took place over two days, kicking off with an evening networking event. The students enjoyed delicious appetizers from local husband & wife catering company, Food Guy Catering, and sipped on wine as they watched presentations from two of the workshop’s sponsors, Alexandra Farms and Hosa.

Kaylee then led them in the first workshop activity, mood boarding. In an effort to help each student define their own design style, she challenged each of them to create a mood board with a canvas panel board and cutout photos that inspired them. After mood boards were completed, attendees were given time to look at each other’s boards, and write down descriptive words that came to mind. Students then returned to their seats to find their own list of descriptive words which they used as a guide to define their personal brands, and as a foundation for their design work. This activity was a lovely way to break the ice and brought camaraderie to a very diverse group of florists.

The second day of the workshop focused on design. Kaylee walked the students through her ordering process and how she carefully designs each flower order to reflect her vision for an event. While Kaylee led the class in a centerpiece demonstration, the students took some time to wander through the carefully curated “gallery of florals,” selecting a few flowers to serve as their inspiration. When it was time to make their own centerpieces, they picked from a gorgeous selection of product hand-selected by Kaylee in a color palette ranging from light pink and peach and transitioning to deep purple and burgundy. From fluffy Japanese ranunculus to delicate sweet peas, and cheerful daffodils to trailing spirea, there was something for everyone.

Following the centerpieces, Kaylee and her design assistant, Jamie Heusser, led the students in a group installation, teaching them how to create a chuppah & aisleway installation using a variety of foliages and garden roses.

The workshop was photographed by fine art photographer Nicole Clarey, and videographer Logan Martin of Talewind Visuals captured the workshop on film.

To join Kaylee & Mayesh at one of their final three workshops in Seattle, Santa Barbara or Salt Lake City, click here for more information!


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Workshop Credits:

Hosted by Mayesh Wholesale
Taught by Kaylee Young of Flourish by Kay
Photography: Nicole Clarey Photography
Videography: Talewind Visuals
Venue: 255 Miami Studio
Rentals: Elements & Accents, Lavish Event Rentals
Catering: Food Guy Catering

Workshop Product Sponsors:


New York Botanical Garden Summer Intensives

We’re thrilled to introduce you to the New York Botanical Garden Adult Education Program today – and, more specifically, their accelerated Summer Intensives. If you’re looking for a career change or just want to further your education in Landscape Design, Gardening or Floral Design, you’ll want to check out the possibilities at NYBG. And don’t miss the special giveaway at the end of the post! Thank you to our friends at NYBG for your generosity!

Every summer, students from far and wide travel to the New York Botanical Garden to receive the core knowledge, hands-on training, and one-of-a-kind resources of their prestigious Adult Education Program. NYBG’s accelerated Summer Intensives allow students and career changers looking to pursue Landscape Design, Gardening, and Floral Design the opportunity to complete many Certificate course requirements in just a few weeks.

Gardening students are treated to three weeks of classes ranging from the Fundamentals of Gardening to Plants for Landscaping. Intensive graduates complete over 45% of all of the courses required to earn a Certificate, and build a foundational knowledge of the principles of environmentally sound gardening. Floral designers will work directly with industry professionals to create 40 different arrangements in a huge array of styles. In just five weeks, students will complete all course requirements for the NYBG Certificate, leaving only their portfolio submission and an internship to complete the program. They’ll also have a chance to visit the NY Flower Market and meet the vendors they could be working with once they’re in the
business themselves.

Landscape design students complete over 25% of the course requirements for an NYBG Certificate. This career-oriented program gives designers not only the design skills and confidence they need to start their own business, but also provides an incredible plant-focused foundation of the practice and its history. Outside of these accelerated programs built for career changers and knowledge seekers alike, the New York Botanical Garden also offers individual intensive classes in Botanical Art & Illustration and Horticultural Therapy.


Today, the New York Botanical Garden is giving BB readers a chance to win a pair of “All Garden Pass” tickets to visit the beautiful location where these intensives will take place. These passes give you access to NYBG’s 50 gardens, collections, and exhibitions any day between now and October 28, 2018.

To Enter:
For a chance to visit this beautiful place, simply leave a comment below. A winner will be chosen at random on Friday, June 22, 2018 at noon (CST). The winner will be announced on Botanical Brouhaha later that afternoon. All Garden Pass tickets are not eligible for use during the NYBG’s special evening events.

BB Podcast Episode 22: Morgan Anderson, Ph.D.

“If you are a florist and you’ve been practicing and you’re not a novice anymore, consider yourself an artist.”

-Morgan Anderson, Ph.D.

Today we’re sitting down with Morgan Anderson, owner of The Flori.Culture in Scottsdale, Arizona to discuss:

  • her research regarding the concept of floral design as an art form using flowers as medium
  • how managing flower studios sparked her pursuit of studying floral design as an art form
  • why some floral studio owners prefer hiring individuals with art backgrounds
  • the myriad of opportunities for careers within the floral industry

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