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Dried Flower Designs

Amy Nicole Floral

Amy Nicole Floral | Lara Lam Photography

Brave Floral

Consider the Lilies


Amy Nicole Floral | Sally Pinera Photography


Floraison Floral Design

Green and Gorgeous Flowers

La Fete | Miesh Photography

Lalé Florals

Love ‘n Fresh Flowers


The Potted Pansy Design Studio | Haylee Maz Photo

La Fete Floral | Miesh Photography

Amy Nicole Floral

BB Podcast Episode 20: Heather Siu

“The world is my canvas…as long as I have my floral clips, I can work anywhere.”

-Heather Siu

Heather Siu | Greg Finck Photography

Today we’re sitting down with Heather Siu, owner of Myrtle et Olive and Lark & Ives in Vancouver, British Columbia to discuss:

  • the importance of consistency in branding
  • why she decided to rebrand her business
  • how she successfully transitioned from a rental company to a full experience floral & event design company
  • why she chose to study under individual floral artists rather than attending a floral design program in a traditional college setting
  • the part-time seasonal staff she refers to as her “floral fairies”
  • her insights into planning and executing floral and event design for destination weddings
  • her #1 tool for connecting with wedding planners and fostering relationships that bring opportunities for collaboration her way
  • the amazing gift her mother gave her as a child and how it impacted her career path

Nadia Hung Photography

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BB Podcast Episode 19: Emily Avenson

“Even if you don’t speak the same language, you can communicate through flowers.”

– Emily Avenson

Emily Avenson | Taylor & Porter Photographs

Today we’re sitting down with Emily Avenson, owner of Fleuropean in Aubel, Belgium to discuss:

  • what inspired her to begin growing flowers
  • some of her favorite varieties to grow (hint: Creme Brulee Phlox and Sahara Rudbeckia made the list)
  • how she’s managed to combine the vegetable garden culture of Europe with her flower garden blooms
  • making plant-dyed ribbon
  • the Slow Flowers movement & culture in Belgium
  • why she started The Lonely Bouquet

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September 25-28, 2018

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