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BB Podcast Episode 17: Christin Geall

“If my work appears innovative, it’s because I’m forced into that.”

-Christin Geall

Today we’re sitting down with Christin Geall, owner of Cultivated in Victoria, Canada to discuss:

  • her years as a homesteader growing/selling flowers and salad
  • her multi-faceted business model
  • her thoughts on flower photography
  • the workshop that sparked her desire to pursue floral design and growing again
  • how a color theory class and an art history class enriched her design aesthetic
  • the challenges of working in a remote location
  • how she got the opportunity to host a workshop in Scotland
  • her floral fantasy for the future

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Headshot: Helene Cyr Photography | Flower Photography: Christin Geall


BB Podcast Sound Engineer: Landon McGee