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Mayesh Design Star Workshop | Santa Barbara

Have you heard about the Mayesh Design Star Workshop Series ? We’re taking a peek inside the latest MDS Workshop which was held in Santa Barbara, California. Only one more stop on the 2018 tour!  Salt Lake City, they’re coming to you next on November 12-13.

For their fourth stop of the 2018 Mayesh Design Star workshop series, Kaylee Young and the Mayesh team hosted a workshop in the beautiful beach town of Santa Barbara this past August. The workshop was held at The Narrative Loft, a funky and eclectic venue near State Street.

The selection of decor and florals at the workshop were inspired by the town of Santa Barbara itself. Kaylee selected a bright, monochromatic color palette of hot pink, coral, peach, and orange-y red florals to reflect the desert tones of the area.

Monday evening the workshop began with a networking event. Students and workshop team members mingled while they sipped on wine and enjoyed delicious appetizers. Each person at the workshop had an opportunity to get up in front of the class and share their story. They each had a unique story to tell, and a specific path that led them to a life full of flowers. This special evening of sharing stories set the tone for a warm-hearted and intimate workshop. The evening continued with Ryan O’Neil of Curate and Brad Beck of Design Master sharing some educational insights on their respective products, and finally with Kaylee leading the attendees in the mood boarding activity.

On Tuesday morning, students arrived feeling inspired and excited after having created their individual mood boards & socializing with new friends the evening before. Kaylee and her assistant, Jamie, led the students in a two-part group installation; the first, a hanging piece above the styled table, set in front the second installation composed of three large wrought iron gates. After the installation, Kaylee led a demonstration on how to design a centerpiece, and then walked around giving advice and critiques as the students worked on their own.

When their centerpieces were complete, Anna Lord photographed their work on a beautifully styled table using pieces from local rental company Party Pleasers.

To join Kaylee & Mayesh at their workshop in Salt Lake City, click here for more

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BB Podcast Episode 28: Kelly Mendenhall

“There may or may not be a Lego man in your bouquet.”

-Kelly Mendenhall (mother of 3)

Today we’re sitting down with Kelly Mendenhall, owner of  3 Leaf Floral in Grand Junction, Colorado, to discuss:

  • how workshop attendance affected the trajectory of her business
  • how her motherhood plays into the decisions she makes about her business
  • why she decided not to continue offering restaurant accounts and subscriptions
  • how she’s built a mentoring service to incorporate her counseling background
  • the importance of local growers to her business
  • why she recommends freelancing for business owners
  • how she problem solves issues related to living in a small town without a wholesaler
  • the challenge and adventure of working in the mountains
  • the importance of posting images of yourself for colleagues and clients to be able to connect with you
  • the importance of finding a great sales rep
  • the wedding professional who helped her get her foot in the door in her local market

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BB Podcast Episode 27: Robbie Honey

“I started with the blind confidence of youth.”

-Robbie Honey

Today we’re sitting down with Robbie Honey, an inspiring floral designer, writer, and educator to discuss:

  • how he grew to love the botanical world during his youth in Zimbabwe
  • the various routes he pursued to acquire the education he needed to fulfill his curiosities
  • how he found his place as a sought after florist in London’s high-end fashion scene
  • what led to the creation of his recent book, The Accidental Botanist
  • his love of family and the important place flowers and faith have played in recent years
  • his thoughts on the future

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Robbie and his dear Mama, Toni Honey (12 June 1947 – 23 July 2018)


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