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Are you familiar with Lunaria (aka money plant, honesty, or silver dollars)? If you’re looking for a neutral material to add interest and movement to an arrangement or bouquet, the papery membrane of the Lunaria pod with its beautiful silvery sheen may be a good choice. And a couple of bonuses – it’s long lasting and available year-round. Use it in a monobotanical design or mix with with dried/fresh flowers. If you’re feeling particularly creative, incorporate Lunaria into a larger structure or suspended design. We’re awe-struck by Solabee Flowers who wove it into a stunning curtain used as a ceremony backdrop (pictured below).

Lunaria, waxflower and cymbidium orchid bouquet designed by Cultivated by Christin


Lunaria wreath designed by Eve Floral Co

Eve Floral Co

Lunaria, cyclamin and foliage arrangement by Hart Floral


lunaria wreath designed by Heather Page

Heather Page

Lunaria cake topper on gold leaf drizzled naked cake by Just Cake photographed by Julie Cahill Photography

Just Cake | Julie Cahill Photography

Lunaria, white peony and garden roses bridal bouquet designed by Meg Catherine Flowers

Meg Catherine Flowers

Armload of lunaria held by Moss Floral Design

Moss Floral Design

Lunaria Sally Pinera Photography Siren Floral Co Chloe & Mint

Siren Floral Co | Chloe + Mint | Sally Pinera Photography

Bunch of lunaria wrapped in brown paper by Sinclair & Moore

Sinclair & Moore Events

Bridal bouquet of lunaria and pale pink flowers designed by Solabee Flowers

Solabee Flowers

Open-sided wreath of lunaria and dried foliages designed by WILDHEART Maui


Before and after shots of lunaria curtain constructed by Solabee Flowers

Solabee Flowers


Gone are the awkward arrangements of years past with one or two bright red stems of anthurium calling attention away from the cohesiveness of the design. Cracking the code for designing with such a strong shape isn’t easy, but we’ve found a few cutting edge designers who are striking the perfect balance using stems of anthurium in subtle colors and combining them with both textural foliage and soft blooms. We’re loving the result – a striking modern edginess juxtaposed with a softer aesthetic.

compote bowl with pale pink anthurium, blush roses, burgandy scabiosa, wine dahlias, and pampas grass designed by Lavenders Flowers

Lavenders Flowers

Footed vase with mauve anthurium, tropical leaves, mauve roses designed by Allium by Olympia

Allium by Olympia

Hand-tied bouquet of pink roses, pink anthurium and gold painte leaves designed by photographed by Greta Kenyon

Blush | Greta Kenyon Photographer

bride holding hand-tied bouquet of pink and yellow flowers designed by Blush & Bloom photographed by Carrie J Photography

Blush and Bloom | Carrie J Photography

Bouquet of pink anthurium and other pink flowers designed by Julie D'Agostino Designs

Julie D’ Agostino Designs

pale pink anthurium

Lavenders Flowers

Colorful floral arrangement of yellow ranunculus, flame callas, coral freesia, and pink anthurium designed by Texture Florals

Texture Florals

Copper cases of blush anthurium and pink dogwood designed by Natural Art Flowers by Rebecca Grace

Natural Art Flowers by Rebecca Grace

Hand-tied bouquet of bittersweet, coral roses, and pale pink anthurium designed by White Oak Flower Co

White Oak Flower Co

Tablesetting with centerpiece of white anthurium, mauve roses and creamy yellow ranunculus with purple tips designed by Fleur Chicago


Carnation Comeback

We’ve talked about it for years…but we think it’s official. The Carnation Comeback is happening with the help of some incredibly talented designers who press us to see them with fresh eyes.

Bridal bouquet of white carnations with pink edges mustard colored cymbidium orchids from Running Wild Florals

Running Wild Florals

Bridal bouquet of blush dahlias and roses with chocolate cosmos and mauve carnations designed by Cultivated by Christin


Peaches and cream colored centerpiece of ranunculus, anemones and carnatins designed by Abelia Floral Design  photographed  by Stephanie Brazzle Photography

Abelia Floral Studio  | Stephanie Brazzle Photography

centerpiece of white amaryllis, burgany carnations, white anemones and white waxflower designed by White Magnolia Designs photographed by Ashlee Mintz Photography

White Magnolia Designs | Ashlee Mintz Photography

centerpiece of buff carnations and dogwood by Philosophy Flowers photographed by  Landon Jacob photo

Philosophy Flowers | Landon Jacob Photography

bridal bouquet of carnations, dahlias, zinnias and pampas grass by Helios Floral phtographed by Wildanimas

Helios Floral | Wildanimas

Running Wild Florals

Running Wild Florals



 Kaye Fleurs | Meredith Leyenhorst Photography

Kaye Fleur | Meredith Leyenhorst Photography

Flower Vibes | Kate Elizabeth Photography

Flower Vibes | Kate Elizabeth Photography

Mignon Floral Co | Maven Market Box

Mignon Floral Co | Maven Market Box

Oh Flora

Oh Flora

Running Wild Florals

Running Wild Florals

white, pink and buff carnations from Lavenders Flowers

Lavenders Flowers

BB Podcast Episode 10: Françoise Weeks

“When the desire to succeed becomes greater than the fear to fail, I move forward.”

Françoise Weeks

Françoise teaching in her Portland Oregan studio photo by Theresa Bear Photography

Françoise Weeks | Theresa Bear Photography

Today we’re sitting down with Françoise Weeks, owner of Françoise Weeks European Floral Design in Portland, Oregon to discuss:

  • her transition from substitute teacher and medical lab technician to floral couture artist
  • her wardrobe preferences (smile)
  • how she defines texture in floral design
  • the 45 year old childhood memory that ignited her journey into woodland floral designs
  • her segue into teaching floral design and taking her workshops on the road
  • what she wishes more designers had the courage to do
  • her new tutorial video series

Floral couture headpiece and botanical necklace by Francoise Weeks Photo by Alba Betancourt Model Sarah Meyer

Françoise Weeks | Alba Betancourt Photographer

Links mentioned in Episode Ten:

Botanical necklace by Françoise Weeks and Ted Mishima Photography

Françoise Weeks | Ted Mishima Photography

Some of Françoise’s Favorite Designers:

Botanical necklace on bride designed by Francoise Weeks Taken by Sarah Photography

Francoise Weeks | Taken by Sarah Photography

Flower girl with auburn hair wearing a botanical flower crown designed by Francoise Weeks Stephanie Jarstad Photography

Francoise Weeks | Stephanie Jarstad Photography

Francoise Weeks Links of Interest:

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

Video Tutorial Series


BB Podcast Sound Engineer: Landon McGee