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Eco Fresh Bouquet Giveaway

I’m excited to have Debbie Demarse , who developed Eco Fresh Bouquet, with us today. So much has happened for her since she visited BB last year to introduce her ecologically sound hydration wrap. Welcome, Debbie…


From Debbie:

What a year! As you may know, Eco Fresh Bouquet came to fruition because of the needs of florists, that florist being me!

Back in 2012, I owned NYC Farm Chic Flowers, an online flower delivery service. Every day, hand-held bouquets went out the door for delivery and every day I held my breath the flowers would make it to their destination fresh. Sound familiar?

The only offered solution at the time was made of foam, which is totally against my concern for the environment. It is surprising how many online services that preach using local/domestic flowers or appear to be eco-conscious, still use foam. We want to change that!

The sponge-wraps are made of 100% plant based composition, compostable and re-useable! We love the fact that we are able to give florists the option to use an environmentally sound alternative to foam.


Wedding designers know they can rely on Eco Fresh Bouquet sponge-wraps to keep wedding bouquets fresh throughout the ceremony. The sponge-wraps have given them a whole new confidence as well as the ability to change the way they design and manage bouquets. No more chasing a bride around with a vase of water or losing vases along with profits. Designers love how conveniently the bouquets can be transported and how easily the bridal party can pick them up. Some designers are building the sponge-wraps right into the ribbon for longer lasting bouquets which is brilliant!

We are excited to announce, after a handful of requests…we are introducing a new larger size sponge-wrap! The large size sponge-wrap is designed specifically for the very large, spiral bouquet and will be available early February. If you are interested contact

After being in business now for just a year, we are ecstatic and grateful at the reception, positive feedback, and worldwide sales! In our case, the way to measure success is by re-orders. Boy, we got them! More than half of our customers have already re-ordered! We are here to stay! Floral Hydration Stem Sponge-Wrap trademark by Eco Fresh Bouquet is approved and registered! International and domestic patents are pending!

What’s Ahead…

2015 was all about operations, 2016 is all about growth… and of course operations!

2016 Goals- More social media, hire an assistant, enact worldwide distribution, orders moved to fulfillment house, economical advertising (customer comments are the best, your support is so appreciated!), quarterly newsletter, provide the best customer service ever and continually uncover and meet the needs of customers and do whatever I can to help you increase your profits. Grow 300%!


Personal Reasons Florists’ Are Feeling the Love:

Holly, Holly Heider Chapple Flowers in Virginia – Spectacular Wedding Solution! “We are loving the eco wraps and have found them to be wonderful to use when we are delivering our wedding bouquets. So many of the stems I use are very fragile and precious, so sending them off to a wedding with a water source is a spectacular resolution for our studio.”

Teresa of Bonny Doon Flower Company in Santa Cruz – Deliver With Confidence! “We’re now delivering the Custom Wrapped Bouquet! For years, we’ve never felt confident enough to do this, delivering flowers out of water is always sketchy…until now. We love the Eco Fresh Bouquet wraps! So now all you folks who love our flowers, but don’t need another vase– here we go! Woop!

Stacy of Stacy K Floral in Rochester – Simplicity & Time Saved! “Eco Fresh sponge wraps are by far the BEST invention to date for everyday wrapped bouquets. Not only does it save enormous amounts of time with its simplicity (you don’t have to fill water tubes any more or individually work a water source onto every single stem), but you feel great knowing that there is biodegradable, eco-friendly way to ensure that your product arrives as fresh as possible to its destination. We are so glad to have them as a staple in our studio, we honestly can’t think of working without them!”

Jereme of Urban Stems (DC, Brooklyn, NYC) – Eco-Friendly Composition! “We at Urban Stem’s HATED using foam for our stem hydration and our customers did not like receiving them either. Eco Fresh Bouquet wraps aligned with our brand and with what our customers have come to expect from us and work amazingly to keep our flowers drinking while traveling.”

April of Kamama Flowers in Portland – Valentine’s Day Must Have! “Loved using your hydrating wraps today so we could have all of our bouquets wrapped up ahead of time before the V-Day rush!”

Katherine of Jubilee Flowers in Fairhope – Absolute Must Have Tool! “Where have you been all our 25 years of wedding bouquets??? “Seriously.., Your product is absolutely amazing!! We used them for delivering the bridesmaid bouquets for our weddings on Saturday and I am a fan!! Eco Fresh Bouquet wraps helped make our day a whole lot easier! We will never not have these in our design studio! Thank you thank you!”

Amy of Crimson & Clover in Baltimore – Never Without! “We use them for our hand tied bouquets that we sell-we tend to sell 2 or 3 daily. Plus we always have people walking in and just wanting a wrapped bouquet of cut stems, the flowers never leave our shop without one on! We also use them for our bridesmaid bouquets-they are great to send in a wrap as well!”

Raphi of Tonic Blooms in Toronto – Loving DIY! “Our Bloomers Love the Sponge Wraps. “They keep the blooms fresh and vibrant though the delivery process and give our customers the freedom to take the bouquets home to make them their own.”

Nancy, Nancy Liu Chin Designs in San Francisco – Heat? No Problem! “Working often in Napa and Sonoma during the heat which can be in the high 80 and 90’s, you don’t want to deliver a bouquet that wilts. This summer we used Debbie’s Eco Fresh Bouquet and we just instantly knew we found a new floral tool. Using the Eco Fresh Bouquet has changed the way we design.  It has given us possibilities to use certain flowers, which we would not have used for hot weather environments. It’s our secret tool for hydrating. So easy to use and so wonderful in design.  It’s a floral designer’s must have.”

Molly of Molly Oliver Flowers in Brooklyn – More Chill! “Loved using the wrap for my wedding bouquets today! I’m sold!! Can’t wait to use for our Valentine’s Day orders! Thanks for helping what tends to be one of the most stressful aspects of this job more chill!”

*Suggestions and comments directly via email are very welcome and vital to our growth!                       
(718) 644-2446
Brooklyn, NY

For more information and pricing details, visit


Now for an awesome Monday treat…

Debbie has generously offered to send a box of 100 sponge-wraps and bags to FIVE Botanical Brouhaha readers! If you’d like to enter your name to win a box of Eco Fresh Bouquet wraps, please leave a comment at the end of this post. The winners will be announced on Botanical Brouhaha on Friday, Jan. 22nd.

NOTE: This giveaway is open to all USA floral designers who are not current customers of EcoFresh Bouquets.

Floral Arches

Park Floral Design | Kate Osborne Photography

Park Floral Design | Kate Osborne Photography

Joanne Truby Floral Design | Anushe Low  Photography

Joanne Truby Floral Design | Anushe Low Photography

Amanda Randell UK | Photography by Maggie McCall

Amanda Randell MDPF | Photography by Maggie McCall

Van Vliet & Trap

Van Vliet & Trap

 Jaclyn Journey | Whitney Neal Photo

Jaclyn Journey | Whitney Neal Photography

Studio Fleurette | Justina Louise Photography

Studio Fleurette | Justina Louise Photography

Selva Floral Design

Selva Floral Design

Early Hours

Early Hours

Living Fresh | Whitney Heard Photography

Living Fresh | Whitney Heard Photography


Agrostemma | Fairest Flowers Farm

Agrostemma | Fairest Flowers Farm

Agrostemma | Fairest Flowers Farm

Fairest Flowers Farm


Common Name: Corn Cockle

Availability: April – July

Color: White, Pink , Lavender

Description: Single blooms on tall thin stems with grey/green foliage


Agrostemma | via Martha Stewart Weddings

via Martha Stewart Weddings

Agrostemma  |

Julia in the Backyard

Agrostemma  | Bare Mountain Farm

Bare Mtn Farm


Agrostemma | Love 'n Fresh Flowers

Agrostemma | Love 'n Fresh Flowers

Agrostemma | Love 'n Fresh Flowers

Love ‘n Fresh Flowers

“These incredibly graceful flowers come on very slender stems that can be a little tricky to work into arrangements, but it’s worth the effort.  They bend and bob above other larger flowers and add the perfect touch of movement to floral designs.  And I really love the little bit of “stitching” at the center of the white blooms. Simply charming.” Jennie Love (Love ‘n Fresh Flowers)


Agrostemma | Tulipina


Agrostemma | Bathtub Gardens

Bathtub Gardens

Agrostemma |

JW Blooms

Which Bouquet? Part 2

Last week we asked you to submit bouquets for the Elsie Gown from J Crew using #bbwhichbouquet…and you answered! Thanks to everyone who took the time to share a bouquet. Loved seeing your work! We want to share a few of the bouquets we received here and we’ll be sharing a few more on the BB social media sites. Feel free to choose a favorite or two and leave a comment…

The Dress

dress j crew

The Bouquets


Pastel Bouquets

1. Garden of Eden Florals Image: Megan Robinson Photography 2. Blush & Vine Image: Dana Fernandez Photography 3. Gertie Mae’s Image: Harwell Photography 4. Margaret Joan Florals

Rich Tones

Rich Tone Bouquets

1. Good Seed Floral Design Image: Cat Dossett Photography 2. Twigs Floral Design 3. Bond in Bloom Image: Betty Globa Photography 4. Garden of Eden Florals Image: Rebecca Hollis Photography