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Working Designer Wednesday

Today is a bit of a personal post. Hope you don’t mind.

Kit's Bouquet

We talk about the ‘technical’ part of floral design everyday, but last night I went to bed thinking about the personal side of the business because I had a visitor yesterday that reminded me again of the greatest gift my floral design studio gave me. Relationships.

Kit called me to place an order just after I started my business. I was working alone with 2 small sons in tow. She was a sophomore at the local university and called to order flowers for her best friend. I remember taking the order on my cell phone in my mini van as I pulled into the post office. I begged the kids to quiet down for a moment as I answered the ‘business call’. Kit introduced herself and said she wanted to order flowers for her best friend Kat. Kit and Kat! Shortly after placing that order, Kit let me know that she had worked at a local flower shop back home during high school and was wondering if I might need help. Kit’s personality in that short phone call made her request hard to resist and I offered to have her join me. She became my first paid designer. And not paid nearly enough, I might add!


During the years she was in college, she helped me execute my very first wedding and many more (see one of her bouquets pictured above). We learned the ropes together. She kept the mood upbeat and we laughed as we worked. We listened to music I’d never heard (i.e. Citizen Cope). We learned a lot about each other as we scrubbed buckets and made bouquets. We talked about family, friends, faith, life goals and raising a family. When Kit graduated and started her life in another city, I felt the void.


But, our relationship didn’t end when Kit graduated and left town. She continued to call and check in when she was coming to town. She called when she met the man she would eventually marry. She called when she got engaged.

By the time Kit got married, I had closed my business and started writing Botanical Brouhaha. Her wedding was especially beautiful and emotional for me. You see, during Kit’s time as a designer at Bliss Flower Studio, we eventually hired two more amazing designers to join the team. They also became dear friends and Kit hired one to design her wedding flowers and the other to photograph her wedding. Watching all of these young women become friends and work together on such a special day was a blessing I didn’t expect when I started my business.

Kit's Wedding | Emme B Photography

In the beginning the business was all about the flowers. In the end the business was all about the relationships I built (and there were many more that I’ll tell you about someday). And it was all about watching the relationships forged between designers who would not have known one another except for their time helping me build Bliss. Each one such an important part of the team. Each one so kind and open to working together.

Over the last few years, Kit and I have continued to stay in touch as she talked about starting a family and navigated her way down a long road of medical procedures and fervent prayer hoping to see her dream of becoming a mother come true. Last year she called to say that she was pregnant…with twins! And yesterday she came to visit…and I held her precious boys for the first time. We took a blurry selfie to remember the moment. She mentioned while she was here that Emily, the same Bliss designer who photographed her wedding, had recently taken the boys’ newborn pictures. So the relationships continue. Today, I’m in awe of what the floral design business gave me far beyond the beauty and thrill of working with flowers. I hope you’re experiencing your own miracle stories as a result of the work you do because you have a passion for flowers!


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