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Working Designer Wednesday

Bits of inspiration from our peers to get us over the mid-week hump…

farm villa fiore botanicals 10603477_541188759342225_5420061612332318972_n

Flower farm: Villa Fiore Botanicals

behind the scenes vervain and India Hobson photo 10922500_1593964677504645_5620305280936900655_n

Behind the scenes: Vervain

labeling rockrose floral design and Miki and Sonja Photography11071742_10152837449552862_5646950139738806771_n

Labeling: Rockrose Floral Design | Miki & Sonja Photography

behind the scenes natural beauties floral10410835_10152998103214334_1743726569215166028_n

Behind the scenes: Natural Beauties Floral

farmer calida bathtub gardens far10382999_649202921820754_4312166369734710551_n

Farmer Florist: Calida from Bathtub Gardens

presentation meg catherine flowers 11051956_683298938448937_8585982822956698364_n

Boutonniere presentation: Meg Catherine Flowers

shop winston flowers boston 1510787_10152204476161043_720169947_n

Shop display: Winston Flowers

studio hey gorgeous and Bradley James Photography 1514944_839449612793869_1321202516554956075_n

studio hey gorgeous and Bradley James Photography 10417471_839449296127234_6259021635202844898_n

Studio Space: Hey Gorgeous Events | Bradley James Photography

variety 'Hypnosis' carnation Mayesh Wholesale 10419569_10153006195124193_603673856226786856_n

Variety: ‘Hypnosis’ Carnation | Mayesh Wholesale

Pastels & Cream

1236254_10151855222879320_1675477073_n chanele rose flowers

Chanele Rose

1239857_734443529920918_1445536502_n the arrangement company and katie stoops photo

The Arrangement Company | Katie Stoops Photography

2014320_1121-773x1024 mondo floral design and  Jodi McDonald Photography

Mondo Floral Designs | Jodi McDonald Photography

10007470_10151984665517727_509055914_n shiraweinberger photo and belle fleur

Belle Fleur | Shira Weinberger Photography

10014565_10152334091842838_4165096871828101991_n dandelion ranch

Dandelion Ranch

10303735_10154161916850551_7512602410916221218_n lily and may

Lily & May

10364041_799505806776231_417456881400739864_n and lauren carroll phtoo

Poppy & Mint Floral Company | Lauren Carroll Photography

10480559_10152586142314516_648285026066141125_o karen tran  and piet van kampen photo

Karen Tran | Piet van Kampen Photography

10897783_10152944993594334_6956062702941622807_n natural beauties floral

Natural Beauties Floral

11134073_662046423924788_1214373843283995377_o sachi rose

Sachi Rose

7783343442_a9f97886b7_b  natalie galasso

Natalie Galasso Designs

cd petals by the shore 1382782_808780065871336_239076306445791039_n

Petals by the Shore