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Pantone Color Inspiration: Custard

Named in the Pantone Fashion Color Report for Spring 2015

Pantone custard $_35

10574324_801530259888085_6138057790230308281_n wild bunch

Wild Bunch

10169253_482143291915103_116371250260863949_n sachi rose

Sachi Rose

10459928_720188951361097_8699613007853001270_n estelle flowers and  Callander Girl Photography

Estelle Flowers | Callander Girl Photography

10690179_10154818215950301_5516523757463989172_n greenlion design

Greenlion Weddings

alissa_alan_bainbridge_island_tuscan_garden_wedding_7  Julie Harmsen photo and finch and thistle

Finch and Thistle | Julie Harmsen Photography

altar katiemcconnell and Amy Dykens Photography09

Wild Bunch Studio | Amy Dykens Photography

avocado skins


Britt Chudleigh - Photographer<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />

Tinge | Britt Chudleigh Photography

cd 298319_217226835009241_37947433_n sophisticated floral designs

Sophisticated Floral

cd 600150_10152992564815473_335808772_n bee's wedding and event designs and magnolia pair photo

Bee’s Wedding & Event Design | Magnolia Pair Photography

Trending: Broad Base Bouquets

Tight round bouquets and long cascading bouquets are sharing the spotlight with a new bouquet trend…broad base bouquets stretching wide along a horizontal plane and relaxing a bit while allowing the natural lines and curves of the blooms to dictate the free form shape.

10253942_10152007894206302_6258613923503989806_n april flowers

April Flowers | Cameron Ingalls Photography

10277458_757240700964004_8325863370221384427_n emblem flowers and Sunny 16 Photography

Emblem Flowers | Sunny 16 Photography

10309210_829652983730871_3717508846736487693_n jo flowers and Jo Harpley photo

Jo Flowers

10411879_596813317097500_207541140664383459_n meg catherine flowers and lemongrass photography

Meg Catherine Flowers | Lemongrass Photography

10494868_804362642929127_6652864818556591822_n love n fresh flowers and Entwined Studio photo

Love ‘n Fresh Flowers | Entwined Studio

10500314_736208913104914_1078918274621616100_n intertwine


10037551243_e486756c12_b floret flower farm

Floret Flower Farm

BrandingSession_0013  Kerinsa Marie Photography and cori cook

Cori Cook Floral Design | Kerinsa Marie Photography

cd isnt she lovely florals and Aaron Snow Photography10599591_782968405107970_6995665253496133975_n

Isn’t She Lovely | Aaron Snow Photography

image120-2xemvornw8juyyketqoohs JEN HUANG PHOTOGRAPHY and poppies and posies

Poppies and Posies | Jen Huang Photography