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15 Divine Green & White Bouquets

181826_10151590689464746_556441556_n petal floral design and allana taranto ars magna studio

Petal | Arsmagna Studio

10155843_752764064755652_845653394_n love n fresh

Love ‘n Fresh Flowers

539884_457792434232652_1847759799_n calie rose

Calie Rose

574574_786842044662850_1527321761_n rebecca shepherd floral design

Rebecca Shepherd Floral Design

602536_10151103087696439_1253366766_n kris kan photo and tic-tock couture floral

Tic-Tock Couture Floral | Kris Kan Photography

946911_454172118008952_764336023_n and jessica jones photo

Blush | Jessica Jones Photography

970980_157566304425534_364845496_n twisted stem floral dot com

Twisted Stem

1017531_708384012542598_1176646197932677323_n giverny design and A Bryan Photo

Giverny Design | A Bryan Photo

1471236_741838105840285_2045773547_n nadia di tullio

Nadia Di Tullio

10379977_919784491381594_4858219259723376442_o red floral architecture

Red Floral Architecture 

ACF4C57 radeff design studios and lisa lefkowitz

Radeff Design Studios | Lisa Lefkowitz Photography

anniebouquet Michelle Gardella  Photo and hana floral design

Hana Floral Design | Michelle Gardella Photography

cd 1011169_575283709180464_1370010751_n floressence flowers dot net


green charlestonstems.com1377075_10151662944476937_1640650033_n


green floral verde and Leah Barry Photography 20140305.23

Floral Verde | Leah Barry Photography

Inspired Door Collection: Raspberry


Pantone View

575814_10151620929544711_621007269_n natalie bowen designs

Natalie Bowen Designs

1150 the byrd collective 2

The Byrd Collective

2014-06-18_0009 Loft Photographie and without wax, katy

Without Wax, Katy | Loft Photographie

375696_612581065420865_1047556332_n florisity


556792_610129745675490_528000236_n L'Oasis

L’Oasis Floral Design

558335_420787917960621_999270917_n violets and velvet bespoke floristry and hayleyruth photo

Violets and Velvet | Hayley Ruth Photography

969003_474746982614790_1216500229_n  Byron loves Fawn photography and cotton blossom

Cotton Blossom | Byron Loves Fawn Photography

972317_159856590863172_598110759_n twisted stem floral dot com

Twisted Stem

994838_670546336292422_1276702740_n rebecca shepherd floral design

Rebecca Shepherd Floral Design

1004805_625324700832923_1448067747_n love n fresh

Love ‘n Fresh Flowers

1069217_10151618098313220_618101153_n the real flower company

The Real Flower Company

Botanical Brouhaha Expert Discussion Panel: No. 48

The Question:

I would love to have some of my wedding work published. Do you have any advice on how to go about submitting my work to a blog or magazine?

6792_557062400992487_1328061552_n love n fresh


Each publication has specific submission guidelines that should be followed exactly so as to ensure a greater chance of your work being accepted. Beyond that, be sure that the wedding you want published is something that is a fit for the publication. (i.e. does it fit their overall aesthetic?) If you have been repeatedly declined, you can politely enquire if the editor has any feedback for you. 

Clare Day (Clare Day Flowers)

There are lots of ways to get published but it often takes a series of miracles. First and foremost you need incredible images. Yes, of course your designs must be incredible, but the imagery must be top notch, beyond top notch. At this time editors and publications are very drawn to film photography so if you are working with a film photographer that is helpful. The submission must have lots of details as that is essential. The more material you offer the better. Your story should be completely built out…either weddings that include the entire story of the day or a stylized shoot that covers everything from paper to the flowers. Your chance for submission acceptance is higher if you have contacts at the blog or magazine or if you are an advertiser. Having a strong brand and name recognition also makes things easier. Of course it takes a few publications in order to get that name recognition. Things only get easier after your first publication. I also suggest a brief and personal email to the editor or the person that handles submissions. This should be accompanied by a few images that are so drool worthy it leaves the person receiving the photos dying for more. The submission should also be accompanied by a URL link or Dropbox of additional images. Do not send anything in for submission that you are not 100 percent pleased with. Send them direct hits that you believe will be irresistible and if the images are truly that good, you are in!!! If the publication is interested they will let you know. I always mention in my hello email that I will get them the full story and vendor list if they are interested. I start out simple, short, and sweet. Do not submit images that you have not been given permission to submit. Do not submit to more then one publication at a time. Wait to hear a reply for a reasonable amount of time before you move on to the next publication.


Holly Chapple (Holly Heider Chapple Flowers)

This can be tricky, and it seems to me that there is no recipe that works every time… Anyway, there are a couple of things you need to do to increase your chances: get beautiful professional pictures, select carefully the blog you are planning to contact (make sure you match their style and read their FAQ as they usually have guidelines on how to submit your work), and a good pitch. I also try to maintain good long-term relations with bloggers. For example, my work is often featured on a local wedding blog. It is not a very famous blog, but it touches the couples that are getting married in my area. Over the time, this blogger became my friend as we have organized projects and styled shoots together.


Laetitia Mayor (Floresie)

10496107_798841210147937_2192382460735638260_o love n fresh flowes

Flowers by: Love ‘n Fresh Flowers

Looking Toward Autumn

We’re still seeing temperatures in the high 90’s in Texas, but school starts next week and I’m dreaming of cool mornings, changing leaves and nature’s fall color palette…

fall IMG_0365 copy-2902341423-O-2903293372-O  Alixann Loosle Photography  and flower afternoon

Flower Afternoon | Alixann Loosle Photography

391911_593877530638871_679661732_n bourgeon brooklyn and threephotographers dot com

Bourgeon | 3 Photographers

1476497_478303328952075_2113891891_n luna moss

Luna Moss

10155056_508625109249655_654288548_n meg catherine flowers

Meg Catherine Flowers 

aprylann photo_studio_sfp_119 the southern table

The Southern Table | Apryl Ann Photography

cd 1378048_10152220873323362_1003358787_n alluring blooms

Alluring Blooms

cd 1463163_10151988658457200_634901677_n alicia schwede

Bella Fiori

cd 1507850_635417559851347_1679524583_n Audra Wrisley Photography and petals and promises

Petals and Promises | Audra Wrisley Photography

cd sheryl tynes 10440265_10203716369850828_4929846179710602738_n

Thistle & Bone

DSCN4141  botanique kelly sullivan


favorite 554965_599415593454205_354633957_n bare root flora and julie cate photo

Bare Root Flora | Julie Cate Photography