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Best Bouquets + The Arm: Part 3

Time for another installment of what has evolved from a lighthearted post to make you smile to a solid Botanical Brouhaha favorite feature!

arm sweet woodruff 10405568_699023070160719_2514105693890767625_n

Sweet Woodruff

arm amanda taffinder 10288782_305124212985868_8822399739163217703_n (1)

Amanda Taffinder Flowers

arm three sisters 10341948_10152097259366570_2991669994920001994_n

Three Sisters

arm fat cat flowers 10366188_725408980831560_1472345937822503458_n

Fat Cat Flowers

arm 'this is one tired but happy arm' passionflower 10420124_758059977579315_8853647829817058992_n

Passionflower (“this is one tired but happy arm”)

arm tulipina 10343662_805166016161899_5866409063016178521_n


arm stacy k floral 10430835_10203945051016349_4184315493839696918_n

Stacy K Floral

arm isibeal studio autumn keller 10427290_689156917816131_8750883184224252502_n

Isibeal Studio

arm blush and bloom 10320560_705454922833638_4834453129782605627_n

Blush and Bloom

arm glorious twelve 10171155_732883050095681_6694142132225266804_n

Glorious Twelve

arm holly chapple and  Abby Jiu Photography 5376462550342$!400x

Holly Heider Chapple Flowers and Abby Jiu Photography

arm bows and arrows 10372013_10152466796495522_7880911981195707483_n

 Bows and Arrows

arm fern studio floral & event design 10308095_528408727270482_3090102367787399366_n

Fern Studio Floral & Event Design

arm sullivan owen 10306749_795510827128077_7057452619043542983_n

Sullivan Owen

arm on a limb floral designs 10246780_716558601723315_5005255450092470024_n

On a Limb Floral Studio

arm posey floral and event design 10173736_10152171891398871_780889430563817332_n


arm  Studio Castillero photo and root 75 industrial_woodland_039

Root 75 and Studio Castillero

arm 996607_10151849418119144_771845576_n tulip


arm 1045057_10151559452184537_2013310199_n fleur


Hey look…this one has TWO arms!

arm  blush and bloom 10473192_715143661864764_8604503215636479899_n

Blush & Bloom

Happy Monday!


I think of the poppy as the floral equivalent to “Happy” by Pharrell Williams

poppies tulipina 10291234_806897539322080_7637685835016057340_n


poppies bornay 10294280_610975818979688_1239143669536927394_n

Flowers by Bornay

poppies 11919_10151739212767706_305139853846802725_n nature composed(sugar magnolias)

Nature Composed

poppies 10006468_594426937318728_811924839_n ellen seagraves chic florals

Ellen Seagraves Chic Florals

poppies 1098122_10152301946220522_469046052_n bows and arrows

Bows and Arrows

poppies happy_friday_dandelion_and_grey

Dandelion & Grey


Blush Flowers

poppies 396085_328598980556643_1066604023_n blue carrot

The Blue Carrot

jasmine flower talk and jemma keech photo pink-poppy-bouquet-with-jasmine

Flower Talk and Jemma Keech Photography

poppy 1660469_637695649611826_1835066351_n exquisite designs chicago

Exquisite Designs

80s-pop-themed-wedding-6 Ariane Moshayedi Photography  and primary petals

Primary Petals and Ariane Moshayedi Photography

120602_0525reyhner barbie hull photo and christopher flowers seattle

Christopher Flowers and Barbie Hull Photography

935681_10151590318713022_1121030721_n  Kina Wicks Photography and ipomea

Ipomea Floral Design and Kina Wicks Photography

988874_785731231439370_2039954380989538624_n sullivan owen

Sullivan Owen

1000160_353100101483220_1390359435_n Fleuriste, Flowers by Rebecca Uhlmann


1070035_10151465063815957_933867336_n flora bella

Flora Bella

1148887_573478336041975_978438187_n primary petals arimophoto

Primary Petals and Ariane Moshayedi Photography

1151051_10151854455660522_366197754_n bows and arrows

Bows and Arrows

1229831_10151728225362655_1655291567_n petals, ink.

Petals, Ink.

1460138_663765383667658_344644485_n brrch


Have a happy weekend!

For the Ring Bearer

ring bearer la petite fleur 1398925_10152006687688413_1554380928_o

ring bearer la petite fleur 1390709_10152006687228413_534288604_n

La Petite Fleur

ring bearer 393068_10151403128095180_141374421_n melanie benson floral and azzura photo

Melanie Benson Floral and Azzura Photography

ring bearer 1011521_10153180681885510_1372063924_n planet flowers

 Planet Flowers

ring bearer 1002425_610671332285191_789554375_n chestnut & vine

Chestnut & Vine

ring bearer 1233620_655202374498024_1121854935_n (1) hothouse design studio

Hothouse Design Studio and Tiffany Hughes Photography

ring bearer 1185608_10151879010888413_279257439_n la petite fleur

La Petite Fleur

ring bearer 993586_10151720570060152_813494394_n flora organica designs

Flora Organica Designs

ring bearer eli_20120929_02721 Eli Turner photo and holly chapple

Holly Heider Chapple Flowers and Eli Turner Photography

ringbearer LaurylLane-BowersMuseum-07  Stephanie Williams photo

Lauryl Lane and Stephanie Williams Photography

ringbearer Kim and Steve 7 ringbearer box Natalie Galasso Designs

Natalie Galasso Designs

ringbearer 304463_275667722459148_159860124039909_1195386_8076481_n  seed floral

Seed Floral

Happy Thursday!

Working Designer Wednesday

So excited…today we have a unique opportunity to follow Nick Priestly (Mood Flowers) for a day as he executes a large installation on the east coast of Scotland!

From Nick:

On Sunday I travelled to the east coast of Scotland to work on a mammoth design for a client who was hosting their European customers over the course of five days at the beautiful Gosford House. My brief was to create a contemporary design in eye catching purple that would look perfect for five days.

Photo 1

Our vanda orchids from the incredible Dutch grower Anco pure Vanda arrived at my studio via our wholesaler Fleurametz.

Photo 2

I arrived at Gosford House to meet my giant urn for the first time. Our client had emailed the dimensions to me. Diameter of 180cm.

Photo 3

I cleared out the original planting and placed 4 jumbo wet oasis blocks and one 40cm ball on top secured with chicken wire.

Photo 4

I started to green up using Aralia leaves on the edge and soft ruskus and cocculus.

Photo 5

Work on the design continued. The orchids were prepared by cutting the stem in half and inserting into 50cm orchid tubes.

Photo 6

Almost there!

Photo 7

The design was completed after two and a half hours. A total of 1,000 vanda orchid heads were used.

Photo 8

Finished design

Photo 9

Close up

Photo 10

I also created two smaller versions in the grand hallway – not a bad looking workplace for the day!

Read more about Nick Priestly here.

Thank you , Nick!

Rustic Charm

rustic oak & the owl and  Carmen Santorelli Photography  10314687_885361384824153_815174908720082542_n

Oak and the Owl and Carmen Santorelli Fine Art Photography

rustic oleander and  Lauren Fair Photography  farmtotable-styled-22

Oleander and Lauren Fair Photography

rustic sunrise-styled-19  Ariel Renae  photo and color my world

Color My World and Ariel Renae Photography

rustic 1185018_441088152671141_1533220432_n forage for

Forage For

rustic 1009776_10151731047845498_1656211475_n lush couture floral design

Lush Couture Floral Design

rustic 551871_534268179919933_2054190125_n tami wwinn events

Tami Winn Events

rustic Kristines-Bouquet-2 Michael Ash Imagery and the cutting garden

The Cutting Garden and Ash Imagery

Hopetoun House - Planet Flowers - Rustic Wedding Scotland (3)

Planet Flowers

rustic JZ1C4189_4 bloomers flowers


rustic 08 archetype studio and tamara menges design

Tamara Menges Designs and Archetype

rustic IMG_5226mla tee da flowers

La Tee Da Flowers

rustic thanksgiving-pumpkin love n fresh flowers dot com

Love ‘n Fresh Flowers

rustic IMG_3221 flora fauna

Flora Fauna

rustic SMP30 salt harbor and millie holloman

Salt Harbor Designs and Millie Holloman Photography

9OakandtheOwl_Cost Plus Plates

Oak and the Owl

13-187 krista jon

Krista Jon

530f63e3d919b$!400x  a garden party and  Rachel Pearlman photo

A Garden Party and Rachel Pearlman Photography

7436_10151473504912136_1782087380_n renny and reed

Renny & Reed

7915_621901984488024_1001245440_n karen buckle photo and mondo floral design

Mondo Floral Design and Karen Buckle Photography

525931_433525469993283_1814908613_n sullivan owen

Sullivan Owen

Happy Tuesday!