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Silver Leaf Saturday

I think I might love silvery leaves as much as I love succulents….

silver leaves 6a010535ded4be970c017d3e87b80a970c just bloomed

Just Bloomed

silver leaves 11Michelle aaron young photo and art with nature

Art with Nature and Aaron Young Photography

silver leaves 106 JL Designs JL Designs

silver ;eaves 1459208_10151962532854334_2050153082_n natural beauties floral

Natural Beauties Floral

silver 426504_10150510201952333_1864082298_n Melissa Jill Photography and camelback flowershop

Camelback Flowershop and Melissa Jill Photography

silver leaves 16778_378030622291085_1987596118_n white magnolia designs

White Magnolia Floral Designs

silver leaves 66462_10151193589675957_732010903_n flora bella

Flora Bella

silver leaves 74325_551221731556989_404395020_n sullivan owen

Sullivan Owen

silver leaves 165944_616887511671531_441996831_n  le jardin blanc

Le Jardin Blanc

silver leaves 403660_10150485966017838_863756209_n dandelion ranch

Dandelion Ranch

silver leaves 426475_10150510247092333_1563378193_n  Gina Meola  photo and camelback flowershop

Camelback Flowershop and Gina Meola Photography

silver leaves 1397107_707336945962476_217263395_o jo flowers

Jo Flowers

silver leaves JP Parker flowers 1235038_527439467351772_1486883922_n

JP Parker Flowers

silver leaves Planet Flowers - Dundas Castle (4)

Planet Flowers

silver leaves bramble and bee 10304774_661096307317272_1245512444366987681_n

Bramble and Bee

Have a great weekend!

Sweetheart Table Designs

sweetheart table 530f6a3a6ed03$!400x katie stoops and petals and hedges

Petals and Hedges and Katie Stoops Photography

sweetheart table 1044929_662248610455454_1882935940_n entwined design florals

Entwined Design

sweetheart table 1511632_790887924260205_214870197_n liz rusnac floral design and Falcusan Photography

Liz Rusnac Floral Design

Stoneblossom and Olivia Gird Photography

sweetheart table AJ1_0698 stephanie williams photo and floral occasions

Floral Occasions and Stephanie Williams Photography

sweetheart table bluegrass chic and Bumby Photography southern-wedding-sweetheart-table

Mobella Events and Bluegrass Chic and Bumby Photography

sweetheart table dubois_wedding_2221_edit$!x600 datura and carla ten eyck photo and style me pretty

Datura and Carla Ten Eyck Photography

sweetheart table Boyle_Lewis_Bound_By_BoundByBoyleLewis029_lowv  shawna yamamoto

Shawna Yamamoto

sweetheart table celedon and celerySpencTami-27

Celadon & Celery

sweetheart table david-austin-sweetheart-table-aileen aileen tran

Aileen Tran and Joseph Matthew Photography

sweetheart table Masha Marymoon photo and flowerbazar IMG_9724

Flowerbazar and Mary Moon Photography

sweetheart table lush-garden-vine-wedding.jpg  joseph matthew photo and aileen tran

Aileen Tran and Joseph Matthew Photography

sweetheart table merveille events 1620870_10152338196737871_1775031140_n

Merveille Events

sweetheart table SB_43 and honey and poppies

Honey & Poppies and One Love Photography

Happy Thursday!

Botanical Brouhaha Expert Discussion Panel: Session 43

gloriosa daisy 12 city blossoms and danny kim photo

                                                                                                                                           image via City Blossoms (Danny Kim Photography)


I’ve been a floral designer for 6 years with a college degree in fashion design. I have been at my current position at a floral design studio for the last year but am looking to move onward and upward! My goal is to be hired at another design company that handles larger volume and more extravagant weddings and events. I’m in the process of creating a portfolio of my work and I was wondering what your panel looks for when hiring designers. I have scoured the internet looking for any bit of information. There is plenty on the hiring techniques of lawyers or teachers or what have you, but of course, not so much with floral designers.  What makes one floral designer stand out from another? I love mixing and melding my background in fashion design with my love for floral. What would one like to see with floral experience? What about being CFD or AIFD certified? Any other tips?

The Answers:

I hire only freelance support. I have been lucky enough to have been sought out by up and coming designers who want to work with me, and I have yet to solicit help. But even still, when I bring someone on, I am looking for designers with a good eye, basic design skills, a passion for my business and the stamina to work long days. Definitely a portfolio helps in seeking a new position.

-Clare Day (Clare Day Flowers)


If hiring a designer I would look for a person that would fit my style. My belief is that if you’re not 100% into the same style as the studio/shop you’re working in, you will always struggle somewhere else. So in order to "struggle" in the same direction you need to have the same style. It’s quite important for you, as an employee, that you are happy with the current style and that it feels like "you" as well, otherwise you won’t be happy there.

-Emelie Ekborg (Svenska Blomsterbloggar and Flora Inspiro)


Most high end designers who handle larger weddings and events have an in-house style so it is important if you do create a portfolio of work to show a potential employer, that you show work that is relevant to that designer’s style. Of course, I am looking for creativity but only within the parameters of what our style is. You also need to be wary about selling yourself as "mixing and melding your background in fashion with your love of floral". This says to me that you want to gain some experience of what we do before setting up your own business. So my advice would be not to oversell your enthusiasm for design, instead you should tell me what you love about my company’s in house style. In terms of experience I look for someone that is working with similar clients to us or someone that can demonstrate the difference between what they are doing now versus the type of work they would like to do at my studio. I don’t want to hear about the fact that you do lots of funeral work and Interflora orders because that’s not what we do. Work out your transferable skills and tell me all about them!

With regards to certification you will find that business owners that are certified like to employ staff who are certified. Business owners, like me, who are not certified, are not particularly interested in these sorts of qualifications.

-Nick Priestly (Mood Flowers)


A strong portfolio with gorgeous photographs of your design work would be the most important element to me. Absolutely, under no circumstance include a photo from another company’s floral design portfolio. It’s amazing how many people contact me about a position and I take a look at "their" portfolio only to find photographs of gorgeous designs stolen from another company’s website.
If needed, hire a photographer and create gorgeous designs and have a mini-photoshoot. Show off only your best work! Certifications, etc. don’t sway me when hiring designers – I always found the designers who are artistic and have a desire to learn worked out to be the best assistants.Good luck!

-Alicia Schwede (Bella Fiori and Flirty Fleurs)


Thanks Emelie, Alicia, Nick & Clare!

A shot of inspiration from Kathleen Deery Design as you go about your Wednesday…

30  kathleen deery and jose villa photo

032 kathleen deery and jose villa

ibb-1345467047.1924.25292 kathleen deery

539035_438180056204849_1256561746_n kathleen deery

522560_371213059568216_142513459104845_1187198_1141821814_n kathleen deery design

403270_334094669946722_142513459104845_1087375_1379830933_n kathleen deery designs

(first 2 images: Jose Villa Photography)

Hope your Wednesday is wonderful!

Polka Dots

polka dots 296913_10150485754598868_39340456_n  romance of flowers

Victoria Clausen Floral Design 

polka dots 1005864_10151744691418745_210899474_n apryl ann photo abd bows and arrows

Bows and Arrows and Apryl Ann Photography

Polka Dot Bouquet cori cook

Cori Cook Floral Design 

polka dots 1185545_10201738389243820_237496520_n fleurology

Liz Rusnac Floral Design 

polka dots derby3  bows and arrows dallas

Bows and Arrows

polka dots DSC06721-Version-2 tulipina


polka dots stems austin and   ee photography

Stems and ee Photography 

polka dots French-Inspired-Wedding-31 jl designs and  Braedon Flynn photo

JL Designs and Braedon Flynn Photography 

polka dots IMG_2491 Peep Toe Photography and erin volante

Erin Volante Floral and Peep Toe Photography

polka dots kate-spade-shoot-0036 jasmine star photo and krista jon

Krista Jon and Jasmine Star Photography 

polka dots MarianneBrownPhotography056  Marianne Brown Photography and cori cook

Cori Cook Floral Design and Marianne Brown Photography 

polka dots meg catherine.squarespace dot com 4L8A9454

Meg Catherine 

polka dots Miniature calla lilies and black and white guinea feathers wrapped in polka dot grosgrain ribbon. Bella Signature Design, Seattle, WA grace ormand

Bella Signature Design

polka dots Picture 39 david daigian

Michael Daigian Design

polka dots tumblr_mopmx7JuGZ1qdbgnyo1_500 isari flower studio Isari 

polka dots kate-spade-shoot-0228 jasmine star photo and krista jon

Krista Jon and Jasmine Star Photography

Happy Tuesday!