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Botanical Brouhaha Expert Discussion Panel: Session 40

269147_183073275088604_8323206_n laura kuy flowers

                                                                                                                                                               image via Laura Kuy Flowers 

The Question:

Besides delphinium, are there other flowers that should not be used on a cake because of their toxins?

The Answers:

There are a couple of schools of thought on this one. Some florists and cake makers pretty much suggest that no fresh flowers should be used on cakes (see the following link However I feel this errs on the side of extreme caution. With the exception of flowers such as narcissus and delphinium (toxins) and lily and amaryllis (pollen) I have not thought too much about this. I am happy to use roses, orchids, freesia, lisianthus and many other flowers and foliages. My priority is to ensure that cake flowers are properly wired and finished so that no pieces of tape or wire fall away from the flowers and end up within the cake..

-Nick Priestly (Mood Flowers)


We try to avoid any flower that has a sap for example most spring flowering bulbs like hyacinths and narcissus.  Euphorbia and Ivy are two others that spring to mind! We never use water on our fresh flower cakes so generally our first question is what is going to last for several hours without water that is in the flower selection the bride has decided upon.

-Gemma Bain (Planet Flowers)


Lily of the valley, hellebores and poinsettia are toxic. Of course there are other toxic flowers but these are the ones I can remember at the moment. I would not recommend flowers with sap or milk like narcissus. The cut can be sealed with glue but I would try to avoid them if possible. Even if the flowers are not toxic, I would always place them on some kind of plastic disc, never directly on the cake. And I would use organic flowers only as many flowers are sprayed with pesticide.

-Emelie Ekborg (Svenska Blomsterbloggar)


Good question! I used to work with a bakery and they were known to just about have a meltdown whenever they saw flowers coming near a cake. For good reason, many flowers are toxic and let’s face it, many of the flowers are dirty. First of all, I always thoroughly wash any flowers that are to be placed on the cake. Yes, I wash the whole bloom under running water! Now as for flowers that I’ve always been told to keep off cakes – Delphinium, Hydrangea, Daffodils, Calla Lilies, Tulips and Ranunculus, to name a few. In fact, Google "toxic flowers on cakes" and you will find a lot on interesting blogs from Cake Bakers and how many of them deplore flowers on cakes for health reasons. And for that matter, I deplore waiting for the cake baker to deliver the cake, so I just as well not have any flowers on the cake either.

-Alicia Schwede (Bella Fiori and Flirty Fleurs)

Thanks Alicia, Emelie, Gemma and Nick!

Another amazing designer to share with you today…McKenzie Powell. Enjoy!

Seattle-Wedding-1 mckenzie powell

1601452_654431041270508_1970753945_n mckenzie powell

bridge3 mckenzie powell

bold-flowers-3 mckenzie powell

palepurpleflowers4 mckenzie powell

flowers-details13 mckenzie powell

color4 mckenzie powell

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Box Arrangements

box 156343_180782205281034_159860124039909_618341_6105926_n  seed floral

Seed Floral

box arrangement 521659_214044392066861_1630450071_n flowers for the people

Flowers for the People

box arrangement eddie MLP_8112Marianne Lozano photo and eddie zaratsian

Eddie Zaratsian and Marianne Lozano Photography

box arrangement floral art ;a1459980_10152269144051388_1324855415_n

Floral Art

box arrangement Love-n-Fresh-Flowers30

Love ‘n Fresh Flowers

box arrangements brown stella alesi photo

Stella Alesi Photography (anyone know the floral designer?)

box arrangements julias florals and  La Vie Photography peach-coral-grey-wedding-at-swiftwater-cellars-photo-by-la-vie-photography-26

Julia’s Floral and La Vie Photography

box florisity 1900120_735527196459584_281903203_n


box IMG_7746 la premier

LA Premier

box arrangement eddie zaratsian and marianne lozano photo 207521_535578946469478_1738022308_n

Eddie Zaratsian and Marianne Lozono Photography

box love n fresh flowers 1560772_715666741798718_1293337526_n Love ‘n Fresh Flowers

box Motherly_Love_0220 seed floral

Seed Floral

box Pink_Ranunculas_in_Tool_Box dandelion ranch

Dandelion Ranch


Empty Vase

box Rosewood Box Arrangement IMG_2635_LowRes_500x500 floral art

Floral Art

box tic-tock couture florals 420696_10151393810616439_762473980_n

Tic-Tock Couture Florals

Happy Tuesday!

Pantone Color Inspiration: Dazzling Blue

pantone dazzling blue 183949

1507989_10152260259931388_957870665_n floral art

Floral Art

20432_297259005151_5405770_n flora organica designs

Flora Organica Designs

20870_403910579050_1572103_n lila b

Lila B

428953_104958312982009_910946771_n divine floreal

Divine Floreal

579685_10151029713398413_931918023_n la petite fleur mn

La Petite Fleur

602049_227220477422572_1902078590_n floral crush studio

Floral Crush Studio

1003609_10101464815325444_687326481_n holly rutt sweet pea floral design

Sweet Pea Floral Design

1004748_650873151593152_1736294861_n mood flowers

Mood Flowers

1175721_689979977682391_1652271434_n rebecca shepherd floral design

Rebecca Shepherd Floral Design

1379928_10151957564131972_2048934971_n elie saab and jeff leatham

Jeff Leatham and Elie Saab

1613986_10152839689451029_1920375868_n nancy gould photography and wild bunch studio

Wild Bunch Studio and Nancy Gould Photography

1622704_10152160304720033_629104599_n michael daigian design

Michael Daigian Design

cerinthe flower in a bouquet Springwell ngardens2013 063

Springwell Gardens

colored glass 1070015_659387657422733_1775536119_n floret casdet

Floret Cadet

DSCF5335b bloom by Anuschka

Bloom by Anuschka

grass scotts flowers roberto-design_1

Scotts Flowers

hanging flower Planet Flowers Broxmouh Park (6)

Planet Flowers

HEAD 1186080_549684631754117_877208429_n hanayuishi takaya


hyacinth 392545_10150815126386712_1722085539_n nine blooms au

Nine Blooms

hyacinth img the black rose uk 1

The Black Rose

Happy Monday!

Strolling Through the NYC Flower Market: Part Two

market 25unnamed


market 26unnamed


market 27unnamed

Huge ranunculus

market 30unnamed

Let me warn you…I got stuck in the ranunculus section!

market 32unnamed

market 33unnamed

market 34unnamed

market 35unnamed

market 363unnamed

And then came the sweet peas…

market 37unnamed

market 38unnamed

market 39unnamed

market 41unnamed

And, finally, a nod to the hydrangeas on the way out…

market 40unnamed

So long NYC…you were a stunner.

Strolling Through the NYC Flower Market: Part One

market 4unnamed


market 3unnamed

Frittilaria persica

market 7unnamed

market 6unnamed

Cherry Blossom branches

market 8unnamed


market 9unnamed


market 10unnamed

Wild Sweet Peas (crazy long and curling)

market 11unnamed

Is this a dianthus?

market 13unnamed

Gloriosa Lilies

market 15unnamed


market 16unnamed


market 18unnamed

And more ranunculus

market 19unnamed


market 22unnamed

David Austin ‘Patience’ roses

market 23unnamed

market 24unnamed

‘Houdini’ rose (caught my eye from across the room)

More of my stroll through the flowers tomorrow!