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Favorite Flower Photographs

While preparing posts for you each week, I occasionally see a particularly artistic photograph of flowers and I save it. Today I want to share some of those favorite flower photos with you.

photography 00042 mi belle inc and camilla flowers and la fleur weddings

Mi Belle Photographers and Camilla Svensson Burns

photography 131 clayton austin photo Clayton Austin Photography

photography 379649_466494113462063_373030313_n and sparrow & rose

Mirrorbox Photography and Sparrow & Rose

photography 405716_431081110301318_1081004375_n scarlett and grace and Wes Davis Photography

Wes Davis Photography and Scarlett & Grace

photography 574822_10151590636069746_196621184_n petal floral design and stacey hedman photo

Stacey Hedman Photography and Petal

photography 599461_507113385969557_157266624_n fleurology and falcusan photography

Falcusan Photography and Liz Rusnac Floral Design

photography 1097947_357062501063506_1124263412_n

Navy Blur

photography 1233427_10151782249274334_519154870_n Cassandra Eldridge photo and natural beauties floral

Cassandra Eldridge Photography and Natural Beauties Floral

photography bornay and jessica quadra photo 1454840_536846626392608_804820975_n

Jessica Quadra Photography and Flowers by Bornay

photography clayton austin

Clayton Austin Photography

photography colorful-mexican-fiesta-wedding-bouquet  blue eye brown eye and  Daniel Davis photo

Daniel Davis Photography and Blue Eye Brown Eye

photography Denver-Wedding-Photographer-001  Brian Kraft Photography  and cori cook

Brian Kraft Photography and Cori Cook Floral Design

photography Genine Gullickson Photography and spendid stems karen splendido FlowersTables Printable26

Genine Gullickson Photography and Splendid Stems

photography juliet-roses-anemone-gilded-foliage tm photo and inspired floral design

TM Photography and Inspired Floral Design

photography redorangegreenwedding2 She-N-He Photography and pollen floral art

She-N-He Photography and Pollen Floral Art

photography weier388 jonas peterson photo

Jonas Peterson Photography

And here’s a personal favorite…sans flowers. The caption from Lizzie, the photographer, read:

“Awkwardly third wheeling it…with the bride and groom!!”

photography 995939_566117453445598_952510581_n 'Awkwardly third wheeling it.... With the bride and groom!!' S'Wonderful Photography

S’Wonderful Photography

Have a great weekend!

Pantone Color Inspiration: Celosia Orange

pantone celosia-orange-th2

528437_164997863652057_1124101212_n andrew & erin photo and callista designs

Callista Designs and Andrew & Erin Photography

250085_10151242964570152_1897138532_n vflora organica designs

Flora Organica Designs

251815_370519076336204_1309670235_n advid kurio designs and jerry hayes photography

David Kurio Designs and Jerry Hayes Photography

390147_531397506920020_894391050_n Kate Ignatowski Photography and petals and promises

Petals and Promises and Kate Ignatowski Photography

419603_10151443754250498_544165778_n  Laura Parker photo and lush couture floral design

539623_10151443754940498_1623764731_n  Laura Parker photo and lush couture floral design

Lush Couture Floral Design and Laura Parker Photography

481657_559264677424233_542786620_n robin wood flowers

Robin Wood Flowers

483385_10151099934603524_1379331747_n panacea flowers and jennifer rodriquez photo

Panacea and Jen Rodriguez Photography

486560_10151287928610957_281590957_n flora bella and sarah mcgee photography

Flora Bella and Sarah McGee Photography

533269_432662700132319_508295230_n sophisticated floral designs

Sophisticated Floral

534742_469196436425996_468177026_n florisity


1010214_723326034374546_1261785799_n flower afternoon

Flower Afternoon


Robin Wood Flowers

BKP_0228 flowerwild and amorology

Flowerwild and Amorology

d4 bows and arrow dallas

Bows and Arrows

finch.thistle.stephanie.cristalli.ranunculus.bouquet.ruffled.dress_  Stephanie Cristalli Photography and finch and thistle

Finch and Thistle and Stephanie Cristalli Photography

flower crown panacea event floral design 1377125_10151962891033524_685620539_n


flowers cornelia mcnamara

Cornelia McNamara

Happy Thursday!

Botanical Brouhaha Expert Discussion Panel: Session 38

262620_10150219969762493_354487_n dilly lilye

                                                                                                                                                        image via Dilly Lily


Which floral supplies can you not live without?


1. Cutting tools: pruning knife and hand pruner, and a good pair of scissors to cut ribbons (and only ribbons!)

2. Structure: chicken wire and kenzan

3. Binding: green cotton wire, natural raffia and all sorts of ribbons…

4. Tape: Green floral tape and green PVC tape

-Laetitia Mayor (Floresie)


Supplies I could not live without include waterproof tape, pipe cleaners [I use them to secure bouquets before adding ribbon! They’re great when you are holding the bouquet in one hand and only have one other hand to wrap and tie up that bad boy!].  I also really love my hot glue gun and, of course, Oasis cold glue!

-Liz Rusnac (Liz Rusnac Floral Design)


My Dorothy Biddle clippers are absolutely indispensable; they are smaller than most garden clippers (so are great for my small hands) but still heavy duty. I use them in the garden and the studio and LOVE THEM. I also couldn’t do with out my old leather holster for my clippers. I find aprons are a bit more awkward for holding clippers. I’m longing for a leather or heavy canvas holster that could hold my iphone and clippers (any leads, please let me know!). Beyond that, a few high quality floral frogs (Dorothy Biddle has some good ones), and green floral tape for tying bouquets.

-Clare Day (Clare Day Flowers)


I carry a huge supply bag to all my events that is filled to the brim with everything you could imagine from hammers to floral gum to electrical tape to cover hopefully any floral ’emergency’ situation.  But the one supply I absolutely could not live without are my Dorothy Biddle floral clippers, they are my absolute favorite and are as sharp as when I got them 10 years ago!

-Elisabeth Zemetis (Blush Floral Design Studio)


At Planet Flowers we are never far from a decent pair of secateurs, ribbon scissors, a hot glue gun and the ever useful elastic band!

-Gemma Bain (Planet Flowers)


I could not live without my Suwada secateurs made from the highest quality Japanese stainless steel. I bought them at the 2012 Chelsea Flower Show for around £100 and they have been one of my best ever investments. I also could not live without 15cm and 30cm orchid tubes from Fleurametz which allow me to use single heads of cymbidium and phalaenopsis orchids in my event and wedding designs.

-Nick Priestly (Mood Flowers)


Scissors, glue, tape, and wire. Glue is essential. You can fix just about any emergency with floral adhesive glue.

-Holly Chapple (Holly Heider Chapple Flowers)

Thanks Holly, Nick, Gemma, Elisabeth, Clare, Liz and Laetitia!

We’ll leave you with a few designs from Floresie

floresie_decoration_table_fleur_lavande_violet_mariage-02 floresie

163550_456031001148147_1634721525_n floresie

541650_449263755158205_363620261_n floresie


Have a great Wednesday!

Q&A With Jennie Love From Love ‘n Fresh Flowers

I’m thrilled to have Jennie Love with us today to answer some of your questions. Jennie is a farmer florist and owns Love ‘n Fresh Flowers. She is so generous with her time and expertise. Welcome Jennie!

Seasonal Bouquet Project-0238

I’m curious what advice Jennie would give a prospective flower grower who wants to greenhouse grow cut flowers for winter sales in the Northeast. Where can I go to learn about how to do it? (Everything seems geared to warm season field and hoop house production.) Thanks!

Growing in a greenhouse over the winter in the Northeast is a very expensive undertaking. Our winters are harsh and the cost of fuel for heating is very expensive (several thousand dollars). You really have to be a large grower with a reliable winter market to support the overhead cost of growing in heated greenhouses here. That’s why there are not many growers doing it and it’s hard to learn about it. The Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers is the place to go to find more information about growing through the winter in a greenhouse. You may also want to consider using an unheated hoop house, which is what we do at Love ‘n Fresh Flowers. If you choose crops that are truly cold tolerant and can bloom in the lower light conditions of winter, then you don’t need to heat. We grow anemones and ranunculus in our hoop house and they usually start blooming in January. Unfortunately, this year it’s been so cold and snowy, the bloom time is behind schedule, but we’ll start picking anemones this coming week. No heat required!


I’m a grower and designer but I still have trouble with wrapping boutonnières especially with ribbon. Can you give me step-by-step instructions?

It’s hard to explain without pictures, but here are my steps:
1. Gather and design your boutonniere in your hand.
2. Use florist tape (the kind that gets sticky when you stretch it) to securely wrap the stems of the bout so they are just the way you want them.
3. Use cold glue (I use Oasis brand) and dab a tiny bit of glue at the base of stems at the back of the boutonniere.
4. Press the end of a narrow ribbon on the glue dot and hold until it’s firmly attached.
5. Wrap the ribbon tightly around the stems in an upward spiral, ending at the back at the top of the stems, where you trim the ribbon to the desired length.
6. Use another small dab of cold glue to secure the end of the ribbon. And you’re done! Don’t forget to include a pin for pinning it on.


I love the look of dahlias and have been experimenting with growing some for several years. How would I go about finding good selections for growing in the South?

I love dahlias and grow heaps. I don’t know much about growing them in the South though. Your best resource for learning more about growing in your specific climate is to find a local Dahlia Society. Usually every state has one. Visit the American Dahlia Society for resources. My favorite source for buying dahlia tubers is Swan Island. They’re super helpful and nice so you might want to also call them and ask if they know of any varieties that are particularly suited for Southern growers.

Dahlia Arrangement

I’ve been considering making the switch to using brown kraft paper sleeves for the mixed bouquets I sell at farmers’ markets and a local grocery store. Because I transport and deliver bouquets in water, and they’re on display in buckets of water, I’m concerned that the bottom edge of the paper would get wet and start to break down. Have you had this experience or heard feedback about this from any of the retail locations where you sell your bouquets? Thanks!

I use brown kraft paper for my bouquet wraps at grocery stores. Keep your bouquet stems long and your wraps short and up high, and you won’t have much trouble at all with water soaking them. I also keep the water level in my buckets to just an inch or two when I have them in the van for delivery and then when I get to the grocery stores, I top them off with more water after the risk of sloshing water is gone. My floral buyers and retail customers love the paper wrap! If you’re really concerned, you can try the wax coated brown paper, which would shed the water.

Bouquets in Brown Paper

I’ve been in the horticulture industry for 15 years (mostly retail sales) and am considering the switch to cut flower farming and/or floral design. As a prospective newcomer in the wedding/event cut flower world where would you suggest I start and what is the best way to go about marketing oneself to prospective customers (wholesale floral and floral design customers). The physical act of growing flowers and designing with them is not new to me. It is more of the how do I get my foot in the door.

You should come to one of our Master Classes this spring! Two in particular would be great for you: The Business of Local Flowers and Weddings From Seed to Centerpiece. We’ll cover all of your questions in-depth during those classes. It’s honestly too big a topic to cover in a short paragraph in this blog Q&A and is really dependent on your location, your personality, your skill set, etc etc etc. Besides coming to one of our classes, you should get a copy of The Flower Farmer by Lynn Byczynski, which is a great starter reference book for flower farming and floral sales. Lynn also just released a new book about wedding flowers that you might want to pick up (I haven’t read it yet, but am sure it’s good). Additionally, the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers is a great resource for new flower farmers. Hopefully that gets you rolling a bit!

Workshop Diptych

Thank you, Jennie! You are welcome at the Brouhaha any time!


What a great way to get this week started. Happy Monday!