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Rose Petals

For Jeri…

rose petals 1380144_630133873675391_67483920_n Celebración Cancún

Celebracion Cancun

rose petals 1382920_659571504062327_1256482555_n blush floral design studio

Blush Floral Design

rose petals 1185527_715994748427237_631562863_ and ATD phorography

Red Floral Architecture and ATD Photography

rose petals amy&marco_0073 Michelle's Patisserie and last petal austin and nathan russell photo

Last Petal and Nathan Russell Photography and Michelle’s Patisserie

rose petals 401481_252632531470100_86410640_n flora fetish and mary sledd

Flora Fetish and Sledd Photography

rose petals bella flora of dallas 1477729_10151839486380345_1941875647_n

Bella Flora

rose petals 6_copy_grande tulip

Tulip and Beth Morgan Photography

rose petals asiel design 7859eefc9832cfa8d7c757744c9c385 sarah rhodes photo

Asiel Design

rose petals tantawan 1455086_10152039105690516_1275680061_n

Tantawan Bloom

rose petals natalie galasso designs 8655060211_dc5b0aa8c5_b

Natalie Galasso Designs

rose petals 1045003_564637803577612_1382125821_n  Augie Chang photo and anne mendenhall flowers

Anne Mendenhall Flowers and Augie Chang Photography

rose petals Planet Flowers - The Signet Library (25)

Planet Flowers

Hope you have a great weekend!

Bird Of Paradise (Strelitzia)

479751_611891242155355_1115883704_n cebolla

Cebolla Fine Flowers

bird 62150_10151565863573413_1098709054_n la petite fleur

La Petite Fleur

bird of paradise dsc_2191-e1372530930557 cebolla

Cebolla Fine Flowers

bird of paradise 1016459_616914745014943_1127215554_n jay archer floral design

Jay Archer Floral Design (you’ll have to look closely)

ginger arrangement paiko


bird of paradise 1236555_493978084031244_335460951_n jp parker flowers

JP Parker Flowers

bird of paradise and florm & flora 305900_471203269598445_1378329196_n

Form & Flora

bird of paradise cropped4 florisity


bird of paradise sophisticated floral designs 1379781_565649586833629_1596925173_n

Sophisticated Floral

bird of paradise 931223_602964439722560_1235601811_n maxit flower design and frank white photo houston

Maxit Flower Design and Frank White Photography

bird of paradise 1609807_731481853530785_922485178_n florisity


la petite fleur unnamed

La Petite Fleur

Sorry the post is rather short today. Bird of Paradise if not one of my favorite flowers and it was difficult to find designs that made the cut today, but these proved to me that there is a beautiful way to use this wildly exotic flower. Artistry at its best!

Happy Thursday!

Working Designer Wednesday

It’s Wednesday again! Can you believe how fast these weeks fly by? Hope your week has been productive so far. Here’s what I’m loving this week…

1. A jar of happiness…from Darling & Wild

wednesday darling & wild 1508508_741846535828358_1594086_n

2. Studios on wheels…

wednesday 1656025_630220533681266_674837281_n gypsy wagon gypsy floral and events

Gypsy Floral & Events (Sunni & Emily)

shop on wheels tara grand by the bloom image1

By the Bloom (Tara Grand)

3. The most incredible presentation of professional images from a photographer (Jodi Miller) to a floral designer (Holly Chapple) that I’ve ever seen….complete with a beautifully lettered card and a CD of Holly’s floral designs…

wednesday 531941_10151951708032975_963974097_n holly chapple and jodi miller photo images, card and cd

4. A flowered tree trunk…from By Appointment Only Design

tree SSC_0438-e1340748816627 by appointment only design

5. Rustic studio spaces…

studio 530464_191030854369583_319234848_n the garden gate flower company

The Garden Gate Flower Company

studio 1234167_10151646905168207_1444923031_n broadturn farm

Broadturn Farm

studio chestnut & vine floral design 1185320_644357222249935_888445164_n

Chestnut & Vine

studio I7aANM2uVVcosm24pHFaVKemNKs5Th76gCN8ABT3rZYNHKWrnZUlU1oCm-0KTYNR03yoXpnqJztDtkE2vjGbpc71-XYheSnmFs9LX1L6RXdaM7wEik47kK_xcMbUsRboM Erin Bell Photography adn ashley fox

studio ZNbJxPwh-juhiM6lOTnMEyLVauK0TFLG_Dz6AXYrQ3omCuMiXHNHNVVnVakk14G73Dz6fGbtqzt8X3Rug0iYjYACga46BYcuDhUAzH8OPw42Dq2xwdeOMMM3jwivb83ZIsVV5UqQf649MbE0HZ-8whTFTzKLF_pkeMb3suPrE7F8 Erin Bell Photography and ashley fox

studio wki-AbT4Fh5QYtdhUugknZhO4yJjfvDLEHoTExTntisbrgjNYWQCouNRGUpKJYL7c5HU__cjAvgQBJn9FIPDfIjEi6c5b0iSkmO5XuYGMlNd7JF7-BKuuD_OexL1EKDbogtXMG7B3fGeG_Zb-ivWyFvE4vlAE_45EbOXpeE Erin Bell Photography and ashley fox

Ashley Fox Designs and Erin Bell Photography

studio stevejamie_221_$!400x sinclair-moore-studio-with-belathee-photography

studio stevejamie_7_$!400x sinclair-moore-studio-with-belathee-photography

Sinclair & Moore Events and Belathee Photography

6. Sweet shop dogs…

shop dogs 559322_10151878639190734_1654888890_n Posh Pup

Posh Floral Designs

shop dogs 1000248_10151599790614537_1935942410_n Kiwi at Fleur chicago


shop dogs 1010411_541747529223473_1829559178_n Heidi at Fleuropean


7. Beautiful presentations…

presentation 1618603_665503736825127_1889766986_n tim robison ceative and floressence flowers eatherley

Floressence and Tim Robison Creative

presentation bouquet with flower meaning attached 1005645_571896419527679_1536114622_n glorious twelve

Glorious Twelve (card with flower meaning)

presentation bouquets  Azuree Wiitala Photography and cori cook Peach Juliet Garden Rose LC

Cori Cook Floral Design and Azuree Wiitala Photography

presentation kwedar_blueeyebrowneye_annaroutphotography__006 blue eye brown eye and  Daniel Davis photo

Blue Eye Brown Eye

presentation mason jar bouquets  bows and arrows

Bows and Arrows

Happy Wednesday!

Bicycles + Flowers

bicycle  Hunter Ryan Photo  and isnt she lovely florals 1236496_546684598736353_1017378896_n

Isn’t She Lovely and Hunter Ryan Photography

bicycle  Maleigh Scott Canon photo renees wedding 1533966_10152588356157178_724424029_n

Canon Creek Photography

bicycle 07g36izgr2ary8iw4i42_low kate harrison photography and shotgun floral studio

Shotgun Floral Studio and Kate Harrison Photography

bicycle 2013-06-08_0003  Katherine Ashdown photo

Katherine Ashdown Photography

bicycle 375930_10151229339083413_2030895819_nla petite fleur mn

La Petite Fleur

bicycle 970733_610376495648671_1404493206_n lovely little details

Lovely Little Details

bicycle 994805_10151531376419051_780513974_n lila b and Sophie de Lignerolles photo-

Lila B and Sophie de Lignerolles Photography

bicycle 1098278_10151538249242581_693560588_n erin bell photo and ashley fox designs

Ashley Fox Designs and Erin Bell Photography

bicycle 1184958_636946163005738_791115168_n caroline ede flowers

Caroline Ede

bicycle 1455896_675067059183606_836277320_n fox and rabbit florals

Fox & Rabbit

bicycle Divine Floreal IMG_0442b

Divine Floreal

bicycle flowerbazar  Amy Laskin photo 1175162_535209543216611_193560809_n


bicycle philippa craddock flowers 1006004_555066154551291_1849751663_n

Philippa Craddock Flowers

Tonya Joy Photography

bicycle v48_om_2d la fleur weddings

La Fleur Weddings


Lily and May

bike 45928_503500053059423_1366277282_n scarlett & grace

Scarlett & Grace

Happy Tuesday!

Composite Bouquets

composite  1003205_10151775995039334_1111601044_n natural beauties floral

Natural Beauties Floral

composite 417030_334094379946751_142513459104845_1087366_2079312798_n kathleen deery designs

Kathleen Deery Design

composite 1546184_511593945626529_1288153061_n  Onega Dahlgren, Onega Flora. — in Härnösand, Sweden

Onegea Dahlgren

composite ACF9582 kathleen deery design and lisa lefkowitz photo

Kathleen Deery Design and Lisa Lefkowitz Photography

composite bouq-650x504 grapevine floral

Trish Van de Merkt

composite bouquet 994217_625650084126555_1366712702_n glamelia of gladioli the bouquets of ascha jolie

The Bouquets of Ascha Jolie

composite 23589_373040336569_66124651569_4386320_4701399_n three sisters

Three Sisters and Rhee Bevere Photography

composite bouquet-1 ipomea

Ipomea Floral Design

composite cymbidium petals wired martha stewart

Martha Stewart

composite david brown flowers 999400_593543770679615_946047280_n

David Brown Flowers

composite floral verde 20131019.0908 Quicksand roses

Floral Verde

composite glamelia karen tran 1377176_695801290447832_1216814022_n

Karen Tran

composite kathleen deery and jose villa photo 0105

Kathleen Deery Design and Jose Villa Photography

composite michael daigian design 15650_10152158103975033_872263762_n

Michael Daigian Design

composite or glamelia  46352_10151163348859334_1075858774_n natural beauties floral, inc.

Natural Beauties Floral

composite tulip bouquet PS055 katie stoops photo and holly chapple

Holly Heider Chapple Flowers and Katie Stoops Photography

composite unique-bouquet-for-weddings-05 wedding flowers and reception ideas

Designer Unknown

composite White Rosette Bouquet cori cook

Cori Cook Floral Design


Gertie Mae’s and Buffy Dekmar Photography

If you recognize the “unknown designer” bouquet above, please leave a comment so I can give proper credit. It was too amazing to omit!

Happy Monday!