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Love ‘n Fresh Flowers Presents: Master Class Series & Seed Giveaway

LNFF Wksp 36

One of my favorite farmer florists, Jennie Love (I love her name so much, I always want to say her whole name), has announced her 2014 Master Class series called From Seed to Centerpiece. Jennie says, “It is geared towards experienced florists looking to add or increase the use of locally-grown materials in their design work and learn valuable marketing skills as well to better sell their businesses. I’m hoping this new master class series helps more traditional florists tap into the Farm-to-Centerpiece movement by learning to grow their own or connect more successfully with nearby flower farmers.”

You can see the dates and topics below. From Seed to Centerpiece is a curriculum tailored for experienced floral designers and farmer florists. Equal parts horticulture intensive, business review, and artistic retreat, these topic-specific, concentrated courses enable students to connect more deeply with the natural seasons and tap into their customer’s deep-seated desire to support a creative and authentic business.

All classes will be held at the Love ‘n Fresh Flower Farm and studio (unless otherwise noted). Jennie keeps the class size intimate and feeds you a gourmet seasonal lunch.  Sounds like a dream…

Love N Fresh Flowers Master Class Poster

For more information on the Master Class series, check out Jennie’s website here.

jennie love Fotor012315046

And, now, guess what? Jennie has offered to hand-select a collection of seeds for the cutting garden of one lucky Botanical Brouhaha reader! All you have to do is leave a comment below…then wait for the winner to be announced next Wednesday (Jan. 29th). We’ll also let you in on another exciting opportunity next Wednesday, so be sure to meet Jennie and me back here for that!

Hope your weekend is wonderful!

Lovely Lace

lace 0411 flowerwild and jose villa

Flowerwild and Jose Villa Photography 

lace 8842_561501477233840_971964276_n Sarah Morris Photography and glorious twelve

Glorious Twelve and Sarah Morris Photography

lace 216387_10151687114054673_536242596_n sebesta design

Sebesta Design 

lace 1146540_656276681050662_476211986_n tinge floral


lace 1234635_354515224681270_1330121733_n floret design

Foret Design Studio

lace 1240083_689562651073239_223127971_n jo flowers

Jo Flowers 

lace 1374286_622551537795171_1258131847_n Holly Hoyt Photography and tamara menges

Tamara Menges Designs and Holly Hoyt Photography

lace 1453554_10151986986124144_410947404_nntulip


lace 7019854-R2-E134  Leo Patrone photo and studio choo

Studio Choo and Leo Patrone Photography 

lace alp2443-R1-E139  Leo Patrone photo and honey of a thousand flowers

Honey of a Thousand Flowers and Leo Patrone Photography

lace designs by Hemingway-bouquet2  Jayson Tanega Photography

Designs by Hemingway and Jayson Tanega Photography

lace DSC_1285-680x1024  floret-design dot com

Foret Design Studio

lace flora organica designs 1525497_10152199318135152_1975587017_n

Flora Organica Designs 

lace floresie and Elisabeth Perotin photo mariage_floresie_guingette_chic-01

Floresie and Elisabeth Perotin Photography

lace photo2 az petal pushers and stephanie fay photo

Petal Pusher and Stephanie Fay Photography

lace Sheena Smith Bridal Portraits FE 046  Britt Chudleigh photo and honey of a thousand flowers

Honey of a Thousand Flowers and Britt Chudleigh Photography

lace studio ul1JAOSUj03m5g4h7Y0TfQf8-Ok Erin Bell Photography and ashley fox

Ashley Fox Design and Erin Bell Photography

Happy Thursday!

Working Designer Wednesday

I’m sure some of you are wondering where the Expert Panel has been lately. They’ve been on a much deserved hiatus during the holidays and will return to Botanical Brouhaha on Wed., Feb 5th to kick off the new year. I can’t wait to have them back!

In the meantime, here are some things I’ve been meaning to share with you…

1. Growers make the floral world go round…thank them when you have the opportunity…

grower bathtub gardens Fotor0121190928

Bathtub Gardens

grower floret Fotor0121192910

Floret Flower Farm

grower janet foss Fotor012118597

Janet Foss Garden Flowers

grower jello mold Fotor0121193633

Jello Mold Farm

grower jennie love Fotor0121190453

Love ‘n Fresh Flowers

grower wild acre Fotor0121191352

Wild Acre

growers arnosky Fotor0121192241

Texas Specialty Cut Flowers

2. And just in case you think that growing beautiful flowers is “rosy” all the time…

jello mold 1240567_624686207551582_981353757_n

Makes you appreciate our flower farmers even more, doesn’t it? Sorry…but this photo intrigued me.

(photo from Jello Mold Farm)

3. Beautiful labeling ideas…

labeling Lauren-Adam-Blush-0020-1024x682 and  Julia Jane photo

Blush Floral Design and Julia Jane Studios

labeling 1005831_715804855104442_526283023_n Stacy Richardson Photography and hothouse design studio

Hothouse Design Studio and Stacy Richardson Photography

labeling image  Rennard Photography   and studio 3 floral design

Studio 3 Floral Design and Rennard Photography

labeling October 12,13 weddings 027 springwell gardens

Springwell Gardens

labeling marion-et-david

Poppy Figue Flower

4. I’m in love with his shop…Odorantes

shop odorantes in paris 2

shop odorantes in paris 4

shop odorantes in paris 3

shop Odorantes in paris

5. Some of my favorite dahlia varieties grown by Floret Flower Farm

varieties 995152_374875869307276_2144272570_n 'suncrest' dahlias floret flower farm


varieties 1146660_372143726247157_515106128_n 'Hamari Gold' dahlia floret flower farm

‘Hamari Gold’

varieties 995773_372017362926460_39912267_n 'Shiloh Noel' dahlia Floret Flower Farm

‘Shiloh Noel’

Have a great Wednesday!

Pantone Color Inspiration: Cayenne

Pantone cayenne 181651

562160_553621701365482_1329542571_n lilla bello

Lilla Bello

578740_409603822419686_1933086996_n botanique


580569_384255984939797_107142992651099_1189475_332854810_n love n fresh flowers

Love ‘n Fresh Flowers

602046_585921541426837_271218773_n Jerry Yoon Photography and chestnut & vine

Chestnut & Vine and Jerry Yoon Photography

960029_743826115633880_980155567_n denise fasanello

Denise Fasanello Flowers

970322_10151592355251570_851541814_n three sisters flowers

Three Sisters

1005751_637069276304736_148183117_n Ciara Richardson Photography  and tinge floral

Tinge and Ciara Richardson Photography

1098171_691047870908935_1624814010_n rebecca shepherd Floral Design

Rebecca Shepherd Floral Design

1379763_10151939915936011_1774428880_n florali


1380787_10151710705864537_828559864_n fleur


20131202_brittchudleigh_006 honey of a thousand flowers and  Britt Chudleigh photo

Honey of a Thousand Flowers and Britt Chudleigh Photography

10283906974_6c3f3cb222_b floret fower farm

Floret Flower Farm

Beautiful-Blooms-Marie-Labbancz-Horticulture-Center-Hindu-Christian-Wedding-White-and-Coral Marie Labbancz photo and beautiful blooms events

Beautiful Blooms Events and Marie Labbancz Photography

coral IMG_20130607_095613 blossom sweet

Blossom Sweet

Coral Orange and Yellow Bouquet  Laura Murray Photography and cori cook floral design

Cori Cook Floral Design and Laura Murray Photography

coral Sullivan-Owen-Jillian-McGrath-Philadelphia-Wedding-Coral-Bridal-Bouquet-2  Jillian McGrath Photography

Sullivan Owen and Jillian McGrath Photography

costea090 codrean photo and hacman floral

Hacman Floral and Codrean Photography

DSC_0015 white lilac inc

White Lilac Inc.

Happy Tuesday!


anemone 1-4-28-12-0796-682x1024 bella flora dallas and caroline   ben photo

Bella Flora and Caroline + Ben Photography

anemone 65002_10151406573037625_1987416108_n valley flower company

Valley Flower Company

anemone 734833_577425575617737_441974037_n oak and the owl and sara press photo

Oak and the Owl and Sara Press Photography

anemone 1002880_374419932684570_475328875_n fleuriste flowers by rebecca uhlmann


anemone bouquet AS Anna Jones Photography and cori cook

Cori Cook Floral Design and Anna Jones Photography

anemone bridal-bouquet-with-white-anemones-Françoise-Weeks

Francoise Weeks

anemone camplucycoral1 pollen floral art

Pollen Floral Art

anemone 'galleryWinter02 holly flora

Holly Flora

anemone IMG_0483 bow street flowers

Bow Street Flowers

anemone IMG_5087floret flowers

Floret Flower Farm

anemone mammoth_wedding_lane_dittoe_bouquet_23ed53e3875ch8dvg elegant by design

Elegant by Design and Lane Dittoe

anemones IMG_0030-1969431347-O-682x1024  amanda pair photo and rosegolden flowers

Rosegolden Flowers and Amanda Pair Photography

anemones IMG_4422-700x466 floret

Floret Flower Farm

anempne tumblr_loah0pjtoo1qd5xqi isari


anemone IMG_7790anemones floret

Floret Flower Farm

0202445-R2-E027  Leo Patrone photo and studio choo

Studio Choo and Leo Patrone Photography

 249005_10151691422947625_1453142157_n valley flower company

Valley Flower Company

319729_10150619779951909_619341397_n kate foley designs

Kate Foley Designs

397759_513692308662830_724676814_n love n' fresh flowers

Love ‘n Fresh Flowers

426011_10150510239882333_93726433_n camelback flowershop

Camelback Flowershop

483968_547740121953640_1371731632_n lilla bello

Lilla Bello

Happy Monday!