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Closing Out 2013 With Some Wreath Love

wreath  Alixanne Loosle photo and honey of a thousand flowersimg_1205 copy (1)

Honey of a Thousand Flowers and Alixanne Loosle Photography

wreath 60814_10151350288315180_1641340501_n melanie benson floral

Melanie Benson Floral

wreath 1150126_488173644605457_1358863680_n cotton blossom

Cotton Blossom

wreath 1236187_10201147085733940_1630074640_n franoise weeks and david barss photo

Francoise Weeks and David Barss Photography

wreath 1480598_432641716837726_1292348954_n nina e i fiori

 Nina e i Fiori

wreath byrd & spry florist and event styling 1525078_238450406321988_1725994942_n

Byrd & Spry

wreath casa tres chic 56

Casa Tres Chic

wreath fleuropean 1499565_604414949623397_1520626795_n


wreath IMG_04663 cornelia mcnamara

Cornelia McNamara

wreath IMG_5078 pico soriano designs

Pico Soriano Designs

wreath jay archer floral design 1238763_638998409473243_1053101537_n

Jay Archer Floral Design

wreath kateosbornephotography-9305 blossom sweet

Blossom Sweet and Kate Osborne Photography

wreath LaurylLane-SucculentWreath-01

Lauryl Lane

wreath Mandy-Blog-Post-01 mandy busby photo and rosegolden

Rosegolden Flowers and Mandy Busby Photography

wreath piha-koristelu-kanerva-garden-fall-decoration-autumn-krista-keltanen-07

Krista Keltanen Photography


Poppies Flowers

wreath resendiz brothers protea growers 1533918_631860273539335_720886098_n

Resendiz Brothers Protea Growers

wreath shabby chic wedding bride on boat calamigos ranch wedding in malibu  heavenly blooms

Heavenly Blooms

wreath 1453306_226914110808951_1816965462_n

Byrd & Spry

wreath stoneblossom 1236002_10151824263644660_1785214488_n


wreath tinge floral and ciara richardson photo 1484204_722113457800317_586262768_n

Tinge and Ciara Richardson Photography

wreath-906x1024 chestnut & vine

Chestnut & Vine

I’m so proud of the designers I’ve featured during 2013. You all have accomplished much and inspired many. I can’t wait to see what 2014 holds. Have a safe and fabulous New Year’s Eve!


zinnia 31484_233503270108165_1168695911_n aka the liitle flower farm au

The Little Flower Farm

zinnia 166950_10150377541410498_285310013_n lush couture floral design and nine photo

Lush Couture Floral Design and Nine Photography

zinnia 308536_243332492458576_516914689_n aka the liitle flower farm au

The Little Flower Farm

zinnia 408237_463192217046173_1550515494_n love n fresh

Love ‘n Fresh Flowers

zinnia 562705_499014730146195_808130910_n and genevieve leiper photo

Giverny Design and Genevieve Leiper Photography

zinnia 598547_495079933857940_1151686259_n ariella chezar

Ariella Chezar

zinnia 1185598_724079440951749_1556151759_n la petote fleur

La Petite Fleur

zinnia 1391497_10151654686871931_976502191_n bare mountain flowers

Bare Mountain Farm

zinnia Image-22  anne robert photo and holly chapple

Holly Heider Chapple Flowers and Anne Robert Photography

zinnia IMG_8911 bluebird meadows

Bluebird Meadows

zinnias jasyase-3005-e1345773514149 petals and hedges

Petals and Hedges

zinnias rabbat_photo1 flourish florals dot com


249843_10150255747855498_6198898_n lush couture floral design

Lush Couture Floral Design

483133_496047727074390_1415588075_n sullivan owen

Sullivan Owen

556327_641715395860520_1819383743_n love n fresh

1001409_641715212527205_1352942371_n love n fresh

Love ‘n Fresh Flowers

576009_210457039082494_2081359281_n floret

Floret Flower Farm

993715_10101581994637003_1079819724_n mt lebanon floral

Mt. Lebanon Floral

999072_10151733937503328_236406409_n courtenay lambert

 Courtenay Lambert Florals

4873920432_239487b255_z love n fresh flowers dot com

Love ‘n Fresh Flowers

4876242425_d3c8e0f34f_z love n fresh flowers dot com

Love ‘n Fresh Flowers

5995341283_25fef26b24_z saipua

5995929936_76be855b02_z  saipua


Happy Monday!

Wine Dahlias

wine dahlia 544396_431079783634784_1351280924_n scarlett and grace and Wes Davis Photography

Scarlett & Grace and Wes Davis Photography

wine dahlia 6a0120a5914b9b970c0162fc0bb57e970d-800wi  florali


wine dahlias 0015  Crystal Rose Photography and mollys flower studio

Molly’s Flower Studio and Crystal Rose Photography

wine dahlia 190195_10151087907657416_1746128279_npollen floral art

Pollen Floral Art

wine dahlia 397018_10150510204202333_1094841952_n Melissa Jill Photography and camelback flowershop

Camelback Flowershop and Melissa Jill Photography

wine dahlia 81770014 brown paper design

Brown Paper Design

wine dahlia B 4 box centerpiece heavenly blooms

Heavenly Blooms

wine dahlias 095_fetchamtables-mmem-eddie-judd-photography_9513 jay archer

Jay Archer Floral Design and Eddie Judd Photography

wine dahlias 114 and whitehall photo

Poppies Flowers

wine dahlias 22621_487595704605197_111613272_n dandelion and grey

Dandelion & Grey and Greg Ross Photography

wine dahlias 993921_10151774825158784_2083387283_n K. Holly Photography and modern day floral

Modern Day Floral and K. Holly Photography

057_aaronyoungphotography_ det-2139385306-O-1024x682 Aaron Young Photography and the vines leaf

The Vine’s Leaf and Aaron Young Photography

400631_10151655038272975_1971655836_n holly chapple

Holly Heider Chapple Flowers

420479_337060016314135_651982416_n polux fleuriste

Polux Fleuriste

487391_478083752204084_1189719761_n clare day flowers

Clare Day Flowers

487588_10151276582252625_43973692_n valley flower company

Valley Flower Company

1013041_10151549167194051_1386844172_n lila b

Lila B.

1174762_10151586377886123_856699836_n plum sage flowers

Plum Sage

1185298_10151880669045522_620492512_n bows and arrows

Bows and Arrows

Have a great weekend!

Color Inspiration: White

white Casey-Noah-01 Steve Wrubel photo and todd events

Todd Events and Steve Wrubel Photography

white PC-White-Bouquet philippa craddock

Philippa Craddock Flowers

white 8 and entwined designs

Entwined Design and Youkeun Oh Photography

white 528403_491438984244212_1527189194_n david kurio designs

 David Kurio Designs

white 578022_10152308012680510_983472408_n planet flowers

Planet Flowers

white ajp-291-749x1024  Photography by Abby Jiu and petals and hedges

Petals and Hedges and Abby Jiu Photography

white BRH-0005 entwined design

Entwined Design

white HMR designs 580488_510287692360985_1781400765_n

HMR Designs

white IMAGE4 dolce design studio

Dolce Design Studio

white IMG_3126_1409

Blush Flowers

white ipomea-11

Ipomea Floral Design

white Jelinek-091 mindy weiss

Mindy Weiss

white jenandcasey-lanedittoe-blog-37

Lane Dittoe

white mwds10666_win11_bouquet_0672_2_xl martha stewart

Martha Stewart

white natural beauties floral 1475888_10151984141304334_1363030716_n

Natural Beauties Floral

white lindseyandconor-blog37-005v38n468un6g779if4r0omf7yh68ujmt7y78 lane dittoe

Lane Dittoe

white Planet Flowers - Blue Sky Photography - Rufflets - St Andrews (2)

Planet Flowers

white The-Grand-Del-Mar-Aria-lawn-wedding karen tran

Karen Tran and Joseph Matthew Photography

white tic tock couture florals2

Tic-Tock Couture Florals

white Vintage-wedding-silver-candelabra-lace-runner karen tran

Karen Tran

white1 mckenzie powell

McKenzie Powell

white550 designs by ahn

Designs by Ahn

Happy Thursday!