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Bar Arrangements

bar arrangement 941648_10151614529286203_1347462423_n  Photography by Morgan Lynn and events in bloom houston

Events in Bloom and Morgan Lynn Photography

bar arrangement 428964_438179779538210_1483210383_n kathleen deery

Kathleen Deery Design

bar arrangement 180264_10150135429561203_4205823_n events in bloom houston

Events in Bloom

bar arrangement 1157549_10151901845387975_202776408_n holly heider chapple

Holly Heider Chapple Flowers

bar arrangement 481079_10151452447176203_982374798_n events in bloom houston

Events in Bloom

bar arrangement 580260_10151779687843210_341165912_n erica rose design

Erica Rose Design

bar arrangement 603814_10151115627466203_509362889_n events in bloom houston

Events in Bloom

bar arrangement 1175571_10151893119813156_1516386527_n belle fleur

Belle Fleur  and Christian Oth Studio

bar arrangement 1239439_642271485804911_1932211393_n love n fresh flowers

Love ‘n Fresh Flowers

bar arrangement HMR designs bar1069943_587274634662290_1580628267_n

HMR Designs

bar arrangement philippa craddock flowers 1235905_583758365015403_1167368902_n

Philippa Craddock Flowers

bar arrangement poropat_wedding_0277-940x626 Stella Alesi photo and stems austin

Stems and Stella Alesi Photography

bar arrangement SMS photo and unexpected elements 1471921_10153442040760462_903876136_n

Unexpected Elements and SMS Photography

bar arrangement spanish ross draped bar  314290_10151248462026663_858012550_n jackson durham flowers

Jackson Durham Flowers (spanish moss drapes this bar)

bar arrangement SSC_1161 by appointment only design

By Appointment Only Design

bar arrangement tantawan bloom1374292_10151875449410516_1427715070_n

Tantawan Bloom

bar arrangements 1235449_10151778032497910_575493777_n  Jerry Hayes Photography  and david kurio designs

David Kurio Designs and Jerry Hayes Photography

bar arrangements 1378874_10151864068417910_1050733455_n  Merveille Event Design  Jerry Hayes Photography Townsley Designs

Townsley Designs and Merveille Events and Jerry Hayes Photography

bar arrangements david kurio designs 1479333_10151999189932910_149096694_n

David Curio Designs

Have a great weekend!

Happy Thanksgiving!

A few pumpkin arrangements in lieu of Thanksgiving pumpkin pie…

pumpkin 552249_487264911313325_1405519433_n au courant

Au Courant

pumpkin 295860_274721539226576_107142992651099_884743_1324794870_n love n fresh

Love ‘n Fresh Flowers

pumpkin 10511_10151289435095180_10649969_n melanie benson floral

Melanie Benson Floral

pumpkin 10592_10151084963827862_1438693827_n rockrose floral design

Rockrose Floral Design

pumpkin 18120_525616084116205_564885941_n cebolla

Cebolla Fine Flowers

pumpkin 580197_490726024280210_1079167887_n blush floral design studio

Blush Floral Design

pumpkin untitled-101-XL tenley erin young

Tenley Erin Young

pumpkins 574633_560716030614718_1221379724_n photography by Stacey Hedman  and lovely little details

Lovely Little Details and Stacey Hedman Photography

pumpkins entwined design florals 1235306_701141476566167_845908452_n

Entwined Design

pumpkins joseph massie creative 1381310_611829002217080_1950400652_n

Joseph Massie Creative

pumpkins londonhotelwedding14 jl designs

JL Designs

So thankful for each of you this Thanksgiving! xoxo

Working Designer Wednesday

Hello again! It’s Wednesday…you know what that means…fun stuff!

1. Love this Red Floral Architecture video created by Marry Me Films….

2. Before and after from Planet Flowers

before and after planet flowers 537355_10153497168645510_737731072_n

3. Behind the scenes…

behind the scenes sympathy shoot1281_554029841302439_153528061_n dr delphinium

Dr. Delphinium

behind the scenes soiree floral 1234148_10151682490667536_1159134221_n

Soiree Floral

behind the scenes Screen-Shot-2012-10-07-at-6.12.21-PM1-1024x761 cornelia mcnamara

Cornelia McNamara

behind the scenes nancy liu chin 2013_Bardessono_118

Nancy Liu Chin

behind the scenes la premier 547778_605915632784496_881396111_n

LA Premier

4. Check out this great interview with Sherry Donnelly (Gertie Mae’s) on the Buffy Dekmar Photography blog…

sherry 0021

5. Clare Day and Susan Ramsey will be hosting their second New York Flower Tour in April 2014. Susan is a gifted floral designer and flower teacher, one of Victoria’s most popular flower personalities and the exclusive florist for the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. Clare Day is a floral designer and flower grower. Clare is also a member of the Botanical Brouhaha Expert Panel. For tour highlights, itinerary, pricing and registration click here.

clare day 2014-promo-1

6. Talented design teams…

designer team 1000701_678925535466790_640633543_n Hailey and Zest team

The Zest Team

designers 1283_536909009709116_1922196712_n flora fetish team

The Flora Fetish Team

7. A few goodies from a favorite Etsy shop named InTheClear

burlap twine il_570xN.301317995

Burlap Twine in purple

bakers twine il_570xN.267601597

Baker’s Twine

rayon binding tape il_570xN.323447261

Rayon Binding Tape in Peacock

chevron il_570xN.323470777

Chevron Twill Herringbone ribbon

metallic il_570xN.406459149_f11j

Metallic Twine in Gold Shimmer and Platinum Shimmer

three color il_570xN.324009559

Three Color Striped Stitched ribbon

washi tape il_570xN.365129846_cvhy

Washi Tape – White Lace on Black

lace crochet 'il_570xN.375969313_azwp

Lace Crochet Fabric Tape in Muted Lavender

8. Beautiful buttonhole presentations…

presentation 1380739_722691374413093_1499338778_n Jennifer Sosa photo and oleander floral & events

Oleander and Jennifer Sosa Photography

presentation 1384073_10151613703712581_220495353_n ashley fox designs

Ashley Fox Designs

presentation au courant and Pound PhotoDSC_5344small_6

Au Courant and Pound Photography

presentation for guests 11803  Ross Harvey Photography. and jo flowers

Jo Flowers and Ross Harvey Photography

presentation Genevieve_Derek_Kubota_Gardens_Urban_Light_Studios_2 Jenny Jimenez photo and finch and thistle

Finch & Thistle and Jenny Jimenez Photography

Hope you have a wonderful and RELAXING Thanksgiving tomorrow!

Silver Brunia

0_0_0_0_250_167_csupload_53768819_large  flowers to be by bree

Flowers To Be by Bree

brunia silver 275-JMW_4166 fleurtacious designs and mattt ramos photo

Fleurtacious Designs and Matt Ramos Photography

brunia silver kim starr wise events 1424383_708042742556758_991679132_n

Kim Starr Wise Events

267870_242077975804100_5254059_n  calie rose

Calie Rose

416956_536376963041466_1957485325_n sullivan owen

Sullivan Owen

527413_10151071591881570_859238743_n three sisters flowers

Three Sisters

530664_10151139881268807_1334517781_n , This Modern Romance photo and the vine's leaf

The Vine’s Leaf and This Modern Romance Photography

548404_534670979880037_1644862339_n mood flowers

Mood Flowers

551056_541199895891847_209598363_n tulipina


557698_10151512715402975_1446999385_n eli turner photo and holly chapple

Holly Heider Chapple Flowers and Eli Turner Photography

560894_521115737913324_520462019_n  the bouquets od ascha jolie au

The Bouquets of Ascha Jolie

644210_448157121921854_1822131050_n photo and

Flowerbazar and Sveta Laskina Photography

1151046_398542620247583_1740289551_n the flower factory

The Flower Factory

6608123361_ca6d6a492a_o the vine's leaf

The Vine’s Leaf and Ashley Rose Photography

blue hydrangea, dusty miller, sahara roses, white roses, silver brunia, gray feathers and tiny crystals. holly chapple

Holly Heider Chapple Flowers

blush floral design and carla van e

 Blush Floral Design and Carla Ten Eyck Photography

ever ours events

Ever Ours Events

expert panel sophisticated floral designs 1375021_565229803542274_1732592141_n

Sophisticated Floral

fall-real-wedding-white-ivory-bridal-bouquet__full jennifer eileen photo and fleurie

Fleurie and Jennifer Eileen Photography


Bunch Studio

ilTUH8ZD9p4uj0UstpyFaFFB9XihDmj3jKqmx1DwQAI jody strom

The Moss & Rose

IMG_0134 tend


Happy Monday!