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Carnation Chic

Kudos to the designers featured below for giving me a reason (other than the great scent) to like carnations again…

carnations 1208604_716609365032445_288042657_n peartree flowers


carnation 71671_10151133931430957_1646140185_n Laura Ivanova Photography and flora bella

Flora Bella and Laura Ivanova Photography

carnations 1378835_595136937215404_617122690_n bare root flora

Bare Root Flora

carnations 1379667_10151655411706790_157786623_n a garden party florist

A Garden Party

carnations DSC_0512n apflowers.blogspot

Anne Paterson’s Flowers

carnations DSC_4344 busy b

Flowers by Busy B

carnations FA69_450x450 floral art

Floral Art

carnations fuchsia-magenta-green-orchid-bouquet aileen tran

Aileen Tran

carnations ipomea-5


carnations la petite fleur 1175686_10151922083508413_2066095042_n

La Petite Fleur

carnations peartree flowers 945964_726873107339404_1352017244_n


carnations Sullivan-Owen-Philadelphia-Florist-Best-of-Philly-Jeweltone-1

Sullivan Owen

carnations TheSoundofMusic_08 precious pear

Precious Pear

carnations3 clementine posy

Clementine Posy

1174937_682918245069674_1698437890_nb floret cadet

Floret Cadet

Happy Thursday!

Botanical Brouhaha Expert Discussion Panel: Session 32

expert panel peartree flowers

image via Peartree

The Question:

Do you get wedding day/event day jitters? If so, how do you calm them?


The Answers:

I get wedding day jitters every single time. I think the day I don’t have them is the day I should quit. Years ago when I did my first wedding I thought “Once I do this for a while, I won’t be so scared.” Then I realized that I would always be a nervous wreck because every single weekend is essentially my first day on the job. As wedding and event designers we have this one day to make perfect, it’s our first and possibly only chance to impress. We are working with a new boss every single weekend. How I calm the jitters is a bit odd, but I simply ask myself “Is anyone going to die over it?” Seriously, when I am driving down the road afraid that I may be late or that everything is not just perfect I say “Is anybody gonna die over it?” As long as the answer is no, I just keep moving forward doing the best I can do. If I fail will anybody die over it!!!

–Holly Chapple (Holly Heider Chapple Flowers)


Surely we all do to some extent!  Being as organized as physically possible is the best way for me to feel calm about everything. The more organized I am the more I feel in control and the less nervous I am about the day.  We also drink A LOT of coffee, generally with the accompaniment of chocolate..

-Gemma Bain (Planet Flowers)


Oh yes, every time! I think most designers have 😉 But I actually think it’s a good sign. It proves that we care, we are passionate, we always want to do our best, be on top of everything and we want the event to be breath taking. How to handle it? Well, I just try to break, relax and not to drink too much coffee (coffee just makes it worse 😉 ) I also do lots of check lists. It gives me a great overview and I can see what’s done, what’s left, what to bring, etc.

-Emelie Ekborg (Svenska Blomsterbloggar)


Even after ten years I still feel a little nervous just before I hand over the bridal bouquet. I think this is normal and actually a good thing. It means that I still care so much about the product. I am very aware that the bouquet is probably the first thing a bride sees on her wedding day that she hasn’t seen already, unlike the dress or even her hair and make up which she will likely have had a trial for. Normally a bride’s reaction calms any nerves. With regards to the other wedding flowers, if the wedding is a large one and there is a lot of set up regarding the ceremony flowers and centerpieces then usually the adrenaline kicks in and there is no time for jitters!

-Nick Priestly (Mood Flowers)


Designing for a wedding is stressful, oh yes. When you think that you are doing flowers for a “once-in-a-lifetime” celebration,… yes sometimes it makes me nervous. The first thing I do about it is to clarify very precisely with my customers what they are expecting, and what they are not expecting. At the same time, I make it really clear what I will do and deliver and what I will not do and/or deliver. The whole project is packed in a nice presentation describing flowers, colors, style and inspiration pictures… and I stick to it, I really do. Most of my couples until now gave me the feedback that they were very happy to get exactly what they were expecting… it feels good for them (not to be upset by something unexpected on their D-day) and for me (to please them!).  The second thing I do is to make sure I have people around me to help out during the day… freelancers, friends, family, you-name-it. But really people you can trust and that believe in you and will keep the atmosphere smooth and will help where needed.

-Laetitia Mayor (Floresie)


After 6 years in this business I still get jitters before my events. Nothing like the nerves when I first started, but I still get a sense of butterflies in my stomach the night before and usually arrive at my studio around 6:30a.m. on event day to check on everything whether or not I really need to be there that early! I find being super organized, mentally walking through the setup of the whole event and telling my staff exactly what we will be doing before we get on site calms my nerves about any timing issues and also keeps the setup as seamless as possible.  Although jitters and nerves can wake me up in the middle of the night I actually think it’s what keeps me on my toes for every event and adds excitement. Without it I might not have the energy to keep up with the crazy wedding season!

-Elisabeth Zemetis (Blush Floral Design)


Fourteen years in this business and I still get wedding/event day jitters. I  don’t necessarily think this is a bad thing, it just means that we really care about our clients and want them to have the day they’ve dreamed of. However, I have found that after the event is all set up and done a nice and cold margarita is quite refreshing and calming!

-Alicia Schwede (Bella Fiori & Flirty Fleurs)


Thanks Alicia, Elisabeth, Laetitia, Nick, Emelie, Gemma & Holly!


1I2A1444 courtenay lambert florals

Courtenay Lambert Florals

Happy Wednesday!

Using Bouquets As Centerpieces

bouquets as centerpieces 1915 zest

Zest and Holland Studios

bouquets as centerpieces 05219 tru so weddings and our labor of love by heidi

Our Labor of Love by Heidi

bouquet as centerpiece 165897_10151074097273413_439570550_n la petite fleur mn

La Petite Fleur

bouquet as centerpiece Duke Photography - Planet Flowers - Mansfield Traquair (11)

Planet Flowers

bouquets as centerpieces 5720_125555880497_7588560_n  lush couture floral design and treasured moments photo

Lush Couture Floral Design

bouquets as centerpieces 29791_118280488197294_2239300_n pat's floral designs

Southern Blooms by Pat’s Floral Designs and Cramer Photo

bouquets as centerpieces 313717_10150273230915764_149288420763_8191583_1711898107_n ARRANGEMENTS


bouquets as centerpieces 381300_342783705747643_1853808521_n zest and gabriel boone photo

Zest and Gabriel Boone Photography

bouquets as centerpieces 539104_10151933009378413_131156870_n la petite fleur

La Petite Fleur

bouquets as centerpieces 994242_551293351604015_1960931834_n and flora fetish

Flora Fetish and Caroline + Ben Photography

bouquets as centerpieces 1006338_581608658551599_236168554_n  Selina Whittaker Photography and blush and bloom

Blush & Bloom and Selina Whittaker Photography

bouquets as centerpieces 1233594_10151893601943413_1150561759_n la petote floeur

La Petite Fleur

bouquets as centerpieces a-831 ashley fox designs

Ashley Fox Designs and Graddy Photography

bouquets as centerpieces BA_1299  holly chapple

Holly Heider Chapple Flowers 

bouquets as centerpieces fleur and  Anna Guziak Photography 1237889_10151684249574537_1765034000_n

Fleur and Anna Guziak Photography

bouquets as centerpieces georgian-terrace-ballroom-pink-bouquet-centerpiece boukates


bouquets as centerpieces IMG_6244 verbena floral design ca

Verbena Floral Design

bouquets as centerpieces mondo

Mondo Floral Design

bouquet as centerpiece 375940_10151258948833413_184382114_n  la petite fleur mn

La Petite Fleur

Happy Tuesday!

Blushing Bride

A great way to start off the week…because I know how many of you love this flower!

blushing bride 223926_248954598462774_7916792_n The Bouquets Of Ascha Jolie

The Bouquets of Ascha Jolie

blushing bride 946367_530234857046453_259213129_n twig & grace

Twig & Grace

blushing bride 1017556_661355057225993_1656510532_n floret cadet

Floret Cadet

blushing bride 1044578_10151674166961768_1959874458_n flowers by julia rose

Wedding Flowers by Julia Rose 

blushing bride 1150125_685365838143805_770511513_n rebecca shepherd floral design

Rebecca Shepherd Floral Design 

blushing bride 1157434_569200533138643_1090709062_n resendiz brothers protea growers

Resendiz Brothers Protea Growers

blushing bride 1236342_10151601484511123_517699013_n plum sage flowers

Plum Sage

blushing bride 6081828788_98691c86b8_z  saipua


blushing bride 8242496648_16d30192f2_z honey and poppies

Honey and Poppies 

blushing bride clarice_hubert_0147  Stephanie Williams photo and nacy liu chin desogns

Nancy Liu Chin and Stephanie Williams Photography

blushing bride 1003209_535268573209748_2041451629_n twig & grace

Twig & Grace

blushing bride ElizabethMessina279092512$!x600 elizabeth messina photo and rani hoover and krist jon

Krista Jon and Elizabeth Messina Photography and Rani Hoover

blushing bride flora organica designs 64129_10151897578810152_1563994152_n

Flora Organica Designs 

blushing bride IMG_0156 art with nature

Art with Nature 

blushing bride IMG_8164 concrete and honey

Concrete and Honey

blushing bride_690 flowlers flowers

Fowlers Flowers

Happy Monday!

Chamomile & Feverfew

chammomile IMG_9360 ellamah


chamomile 45381_470883609672452_1608097062_n white magnolia designs

White Magnolia Floral Designs

chamomile 164898_627800600572264_1662342563_n chestnut & vine

Chestnut & Vine

chamomile 181387_10150984059419819_195715113_n the little branch

The Little Branch

chamomile 379069_2600190357139_1026200190_32358892_1904575706_n jan dekker

Jan Dekker Designs

chamomile 426656_10151715273377975_262156286_n holly chapple

Holly Heider Chapple Flowers

chamomile 544604_10151070171656071_1604575321_n gertie maes and love is a big deal photo

Gertie Mae’s

chamomile 549497_200473766744449_550898300_n aka the liitle flower farm au

The Little Flower Farm

chamomile 553861_353778794694265_1034586385_n laura miller

Laura Miller Design

chamomile 947248_630160393680132_1139198280_n jo flowers

Jo Flowers

chamomile Claredayflowers_1  Red Leaf Photographer Boutique

Clare Day Flowers and Red Leaf Studios

chamomile details-018b flowersbydenise.blogspot.

Flowers by Denise

chamomile stems austin and   ee photography

Stems and EE Photography

chamomile IMG_0587-2 botanique


chamomile JoeMassie-108-2000x3000

Joe Massie Creative

chamomile JRP-Hardings-9 sparrow and rose and jo- russell photo co uk

Sparrow & Rose and Jo Russell Photography

chamomile LB11  bunch studio

Bunch Studio

chamomile sarahwinward7688

Honey of a Thousand Flowers 

chamomile wearing-daisies-in-your-hair  Jess Wilcox photo and kelly oshiro design

Kelly Oshiro Design and Jess Wilcox Photography

chamomile1013884_652066618156105_1826644245_n green and gorgeous

Green and Gorgeous

chamomille JE-13sparrow and rose blogspot

Sparrow & Rose

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