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What A Floral Designer Does With Leftover Flowers

…whips up another gorgeous design, of course…

leftovers 17488_353099931483237_107753283_n Fleuriste, Flowers by Rebecca Uhlmann


leftovers 164962_625216240839875_2034102961_n floret cadet

Floret Cadet 

leftovers  249005_10201108061684629_877243518_n sebesta design

Sebesta Design 

leftovers 9354_508945449153870_1455823935_n white antler flowers

White Antler Flowers

leftovers 263111_164828893682068_335369230_n amanda taffinder flowers

Amanda Taffinder Flowers 

leftovers 310102_531706800219129_1363310958_n primary petals

Primary Petals 

leftovers 482438_647874075239308_1610018258_n peartree

Peartree Flowers 

leftovers 923004_10151845132788362_711507854_n aluuring blooms

Alluring Blooms 

leftovers 970141_487787061304500_48704901_n the blue carrot

The Blue Carrot

leftovers 1004782_332598526871001_154965815_n rosegolden flowers

Rosegolden Flowers 

leftovers 1017240_10151427549967581_120247123_n ashley fox designs

Ashley Fox Designs 

leftovers 6609328-21932506-thumbnail natural beauties floral

Natural Beauties Floral 

leftovers oleander floral design Late-Summer-Fall-Loose-Organic-Ivory-Neutral-Herb-Maple-Foliage-Linen-Yarn-Bouquet-Oleander-New-Jersey-Bucks-County-PA-Wedding-Florist-Event-Floral-Design


leftovers 540679_661357407225758_1360690903_n floret cadet

Floret Cadet 

leftovers 970167_337566216369942_4993639_n fleriste flowers by rebecca uhlmann


leftovers 970587_10152015321178362_343672903_n alluring blooms

Alluring Blooms 

leftovers 972151_467920153291191_2138314420_n the blue carrot

The Blue Carrot 

leftovers 1002421_523659644365957_1277269087_n sophisticated floral designs

Sophisticated Floral

leftovers 971421_651390898206738_270138609_n sullivan owen

Sullivan Owen 

leftovers 1174827_10152097858073362_883125312_n alluring blooms

Alluring Blooms

Do these look like leftovers to you?

Have an amazing weekend!

Bar Arrangements

6_5Q16poU3ib3oun1hfU8Zqdw6gIQTBqdtEpPTqyQ_WR8 art with nature

Art with Nature

942802_531669486890958_1392942856_n philippa craddock flowers

Philippa Craddock Flowers

998377_344451912350909_1518922508_n sachi rose

Sachi Rose

bar DMA-Art-Ball-2007-02 Jason Wynne photo and todd events

Todd Events and Jason Wynn Photography

Cori Cook Floral Design Flowers for upscale weddings cori cook

Cori Cook Floral Design

Elegant-ballroom-wedding joseph matthew photo and karen tran

Karen Tran and Joseph Matthew Photography 

event10_1  the green vase

The Green Vase

giacanali-lucky-3723 gia canali

Gia Canali Photography

hilary miles flowers7

Hilary Miles Flowers

Indie-Wed-2012-06 fleur chicago


Santa-Rosa-03 Stephen Karlisch & Steve Wrubel photo and todd events

Todd Events and Stephen Karlisch & Steve Wrubel Photography

bar arrangement IMG_1447-e1371075068561 angie silvy photo and soulflower

Soulflower and Angie Silvy Photography

710A1122  karyn may photo and modern day floral

Modern Day Floral and Karyn May Photography

21126_541146669262542_280424015_n mondrian soho

Mondrian Soho

1344551693310-R4WN6YKMXCDKQH9ZG021 pollen floral art

Pollen Floral Art 

bar denise fasanello flowers 1069396_10151727422203850_1570482258_n

Denise Fasanello 

bar flowers Glamorous-Gatsby-wedding karen tran and allan zepeda photo

Karen Tran and Allan Zepeda Photography

bar National Museum of Scotland - Planet Flowers (1)

Planet Flowers

bar 1148847_589542031088523_951879416_n la premier

LA Premier

bar arrangement diy-vintage-winter-wedding-21 our labor of love and amy osaba

Amy Osaba and Our Labor of Love Photography

Happy Thursday!

Botanical Brouhaha Expert Discussion Panel: Session 28

Wild Brights (17)f imbue weddingse

                                                                                                                                                      image via Cotton Blossom 

The Question:

I’m trying to run a greener business. What do you do with all of your floral "trash"? I try to compost mine but I end up with far more than I can handle. Also, do you compost flowers that are not organically grown and might have been treated with chemicals?


The Answers:

We compost most of our "floral trash" to use in our cutting gardens.  We also take any returned flowers to hospices / homes after the event.

-Gemma Bain (Planet Flowers)


We have two types of trash cans in our studio. One for paper and one for greens. The greens are carried to the back of our property and dumped in a pile. Because we have access to my father’s tractor we are able to push the pile back or down. The mountain of greens does get seriously large and we could not manage it without the use of the tractor. We do not use this material in our flower beds but we sure do cut the flowers that grow out of that pile.

-Holly Chapple (Holly Heider Chapple Flowers)


Kudos to you for greening your business. I definitely think you should compost your material, regardless of its origin. If you develop a good, hot compost, some chemicals that are on your flowers will be broken down to their original organic compounds. But if you’re at all concerned, you can do what we do here at our farm – because we are sometimes working simultaneous with organic and non-organic flowers, we keep all flower compost separate from the rest of the compost on the farm, and that compost is only used in our flower beds (not in our food gardens).

-Clare Day (Clare Day Flowers)


My "studio" is my home garage, so I have to be really careful and thoughtful of what I do with all of my trash from weddings/events, or I won’t have room for our kitchen trash! For me it’s more a matter of making the most of our garbage service.  I am very particular and careful to put everything that is recyclable into the recycling bin [which is larger than my trash container!], and this includes plastic sleeves, cardboard from packaging, etc.  All of my "floral trash" [stems, leaves, etc.] go straight into my yard debris bin [which is also significantly larger than my trash container!]. 

-Liz Rusnac (Fleurology)


I personally only compost flowers and foliage that are grown organically, but I know many florists that compost all the waste even if it’s not organic.

I also end up with a lot of waste to compost and I found that it’s all the stems that makes the volume. So I cut all the stems in to smaller pieces, about 3 cm or so, and it really makes a difference. Cutting all the stems by hand is very time consuming so I would definitely recommend a chopper. Something like this…


-Emelie Ekborg (Svenska Blomsterbloggar)


Thanks Emelie, Liz, Clare, Holly & Gemma!


And because we can’t go a day without flowers…enjoy a few gorgeous bouquets…

_ERR0119  Earl Richardson photo and erin volante

Erin Volante Floral and Earl Richardson Photography

1IMG_0864 mckenzie powell

McKenzie Powell 

6a010536cd7992970c016769258c8f970b robertsons flowers

Robertson’s Flowers 

007 mood flowers craig and eva sanders photo

Mood Flowers and Craig & Eva Sanders Photography 

7_9_the_painted_tulip vermont the painted tulip

The Painted Tulip 


What do you do with your floral trash?

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

Just Roses

Will always be one of my favorites…

just roses 908_475353802501310_1526821555_n affair with george

Affair with George 

just roses 179-467x700 la petite fleur

La Petite Fleur 

just roses 1753_473937465997494_530022552_n  philippa craddock

Philippa Craddock Flowers 

just roses 13650_198706156991_3772711_n love lily

Love, Lily 

just roses 00070011 cebolla

Cebolla Fine Flowers 

Wedding of Karen McHenry and Marshall Heisel at St. Johns in Leesburg, Va. and Trump National Country Club in Sterling, Va. Saturday, {month name} 16, 2012. (©2012 Michael Connor / Connor Studios)

Holly Heider Chapple Flowers and Connor Studios 

just roses 262531_10151575531309660_649454066_n stoneblossom


just roses 400346_349852245039675_208571627_n  the bouquets od ascha jolie au

The Bouquets of Ascha Jolie 

just roses 486813_10152790271775510_1547754353_nplanet flowers

Planet Flowers 

just roses 525167_10152144466476992_1414006709_n love lily

Love, Lily 

just roses 547653_538605619484328_526025404_n calli b photo and mondo floral designs

Mondo Floral Design and Calli B Photography 

just roses 600110_424658407567363_191664389_n b floraL

b floral 

just roses costea005 codrean photo and hacman floral

Hacman Floral and Codrean Photography

just roses DSC_0506 (2)B koko floral designs

Koko Floral Design

just roses hayley

Blush Flowers 

just roses Little Silver roses 431806_504991742888032_57340084_n ipomea and kina wicks photo

Ipomea and Kina Wicks Photography

just roses pageimg the black rose uk

The Black Rose

just roses pave hilary miles flowers

Hilary Miles Flowers 

just roses SHOT_3_033 bfloral dot com b floral 

just roses storibook wedding - steampunk red roses wedding in metal box  heavenly blooms

Heavenly Blooms 

just roses Natalie Galasso Designs 6015505302_e67e70c893_b

Natalie Galasso Designs

Happy Tuesday!

Floral Purses

purse 1175267_10200909401471982_1407044057_n francoise weeks

Francoise Weeks 

purse 0186_ME_VM  beautiful blooms events

Beautiful Blooms Events and Amy Deputy Photography

purse 2012-09-27_024 jenny hill photo and fleurology

Fleurology and Jenny Hill Photography

purse 63696_10151240324353427_1502146217_n francoise weeks and falcusan photo

Francoise Weeks and Falcusan Photography 

purse 32478_398196631991_8163716_n love lily

Love, Lily 

purse 167609_10150137301432025_5874575_n rebel rebel

Rebel Rebel 

purse 419296_3106059445131_1073613520_2981340_1566145204_n francoise weeks

Francoise Weeks 

purse 422636_10150720266087025_143708517024_11502636_1384445155_n rebel rebel

Rebel Rebel 

purse 486148_468346123204025_620786058_n  zita elze flowers

Zita Elze Flowers 

purse 1005665_10200909400831966_605723767_n francoise weeks

Francoise Weeks 

purse 554954_640351255980082_1868862757_n alicia jayne florals

Alicia Jayne Florals 

purse boss_0011 w scott chester photo

W. Scott Chester Photography 

purse jhp_0559-682x1024 Jenny Hill Photography adn fleurology

Fleurology and Jenny Hill Photography

purse 1098022_10200909400951969_2100974163_n francoise weeks

Francoise Weeks 

purse NZWeddings 26_4_12_12

Blush Flowers 

purse white-black-chanel-flower-girl-floral-purses-quilted-leather1 karen tran

Karen Tran and Pam Scott Photography 

purse 1174702_10200909399591935_872906014_n francoise weeks

Francoise Weeks 

PurseArrangementPink_LowRes floral art

Floral Art 

purse 1176257_10200909399231926_520793543_n francoise weeks

Francoise Weeks 

PurseArrangementYellow_LowRes floral art

Floral Art

purse 1095109_10151799900354320_1182395968_n chanele rose flowers

Chanele Rose

Happy Monday!