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Botanical Monograms

monogram 6a01127918a34b28a40133f5c273b0970b-800wi holly chapple flowers

Holly Heider Chapple Flowers 

monogram -19 floral occasions

Floral Occasions 

monogram 167837_10150135430001203_2565216_n events in bloom

Events in Bloom

monogram 225303_10150244968382813_137899422812_8720963_616720_n peony & plum

Peony & Plum Floral Design 

monogram 307147_10150403081220498_534766962_n  lush couture floral design and dorothy gautreaux photo

Lush Couture Floral and Dorothy Gautreaux Photography

monogram 396387_10150519593634123_909833864_n fete des fleurs dallas and sil azevedo photo

Fete des Fleurs and Sil Azevedo Photography 

monogram 425790_10152091153896165_260210624_n  sasha souza events and damion hamilton photo carnation logo

Sasha Souza and Damion Hamilton Photography

monogram 524883_494376470624626_522381993_n (1) mansion and marsh

Mansion and Marsh

monogram 20110730-0216  bloomers flowers blogspot

Bloomers Flowers 

monogram Bridal_Table_Letters Steph Wall photo and zinnia floral design au

Zinnia Floral Design

monogram CalamigosRanchWeddingRosePetals heavenly blooms

Heavenly Blooms 

monogram DSC_0406 dellables


monogram DSC_0689 shea hopely flowers

Shea Hopely Flowers 

monogram kellybramanphotographyWEIRDA_BLOG_055 modern day floral

Modern Day Floral and Kelly Braman Photography

monogram rmw31-thumb-800x432-3167 brandon kidd photo

Brandon Kidd Photography 

monogram RW1040_0110 beautiful blooms events

Beautiful Blooms Events 

monogram SB_42 and honey and poppies

Honey and Poppies and One Love Photography 

monogram st22b art with nature and adrienne gunde photo

Art with Nature and Adrienne Gunde Photography 

monogram-and-centerpiece-elisabeth-millay blush floral design

Blush Floral Design

monogram handle Beautiful-Blooms-MK-Photography-Bling-Initials-White-and-Ivory-Bouquet

Beautiful Blooms Events and MK Photography

monogram 401699_10150519594344123_1845892414_n fete des fleurs dallas and sil azevedo photo

Fete des Fleurs and Sil Azevedo Photography

Hope your weekend is amazing! Can’t wait to meet you back here on Monday…

Antlers + Flowers

antler 04421 holly flora and our labor of love by heidi

Holly Flora and Our Labor of Love by Heidi 

antler 04-4261 Rouxby  photo and cori cook

Cori Cook Floral Design and Rouxby Photography

antler agirlandacameraphotogrpahy31 kim starr wise

Kim Starr Wise and A Girl and a Camera Photography

antler Kelly-Will-06 Perez Photography photo and todd events

Todd Events and Perez Photography

antler summerthorntondesign13 summer thornton and desire to inspire

Summer Thornton Design and Desire to Inspire 

antler texasmeetscali25 jl designs

JL Designs 

antler TLOL-OC-68-2227696989-O-1024x682  Bliss by Blue Sky’s Photography  and the vines leaf

The Vine’s Leaf and Bliss by Blue Sky’s Photography

antlers 47100_491791104172486_1456261198_n hothouse design studio

Hothouse Design Studio 

antlers 179424_491356335763_149288420763_6621546_7861286_n ARRANGEMENTS


antlers 184482_10151412113658413_840501626_n la petite fleur

La Petite Fleur 

antlers 302536_434610609928749_922339321_n  primary petals

Primary Petals 

antlers 318586_10151412113548413_1172913310_n la petite fleur mn

La Petite Fleur 

antlers 543478_429127473772183_1886974680_n hothouse design studio

Hothouse Design Studio 

antlers 735212_4834223626844_1348557348_n and tracy park

Park Place Design and Lauren Nicole Photography

antlers 935233_10151912405914746_2103130098_n petal floral design mass.


antlers 969007_512503022137808_2104693512_n david kurio designs

David Kurio Designs 

antlers DSC_1243-1024x680  floret-design dot com


antlers lootbirddog2 loot rentals and paige newton photo and pollen floral art

Pollen Floral Art and Loot Vintage Rentals and Paige Newton Photography

antlers rustic-cotton-flower-600x399 bows and arrows

Bows and Arrows 

antlers Sarah Elizabeth Photography - Planet Flowers - The George Hotel Edinburgh - Wedding Flowers (6)

Planet Flowers and Sarah Elizabeth Photography 

antlers southwest-wedding-Suzy-VanDyke-Photography-2  Lukas & Suzy VanDyke Photography and primary petals

Primary Petals and Lukas & Suzy VanDyke Photography

antlers401421_432731223450021_731634604_n pimary petals

Primary Petals

antlers 936986_10151614529216203_363820273_n  Photography by Morgan Lynn and events in bloom houston

Events in Bloom and Morgan Lynn Photography

MG_0013-600x853 tend


Happy Thursday!

Working Designer Wednesday

Hoping to provide you with some mid-week inspiration. A few of my favorites this week…


1.Bloom That…a San Francisco-based flower delivery service that can deliver a bouquet by bike within 90 minutes! Read about it

bloom that 1


2. Behind the scenes…

behind the scenes 310743_10150444458996203_402470781_n events in bloom houston

Events in Bloom 

behind the scenes 558200_10152169256223868_1988221430_n romance of flowers

Romance of Flowers 

behind the scenes 560830_10151894001397625_295268083_n valley flower company

Valley Flower Company 

behind the scenes 936538_10153113141845447_158766784_n katie and joel and baby color my world

Color My World (Look who’s going to have a baby! Congratulations Katie & Joel)

behind the scenes 1003368_10151592687837536_55107051_n soiree floral

Soiree Floral 

behind the scenes 1098046_10153068629595720_1389850111_n zest



3. Inspiration for organizing your workspace…bet you thought I had forgotten, didn’t you Susan?

studio organizing 9bf0c88964369335dc3bf21d250f0a9b atlanta homes mag

Atlanta Homes

studio organizing  5887274895_db9b7e405a_z saipua


studio organizing 601794_10151642995675935_58732864_n lani at lani elizabeth

Lani Elizabeth (love those ribbon nooks)

studio organizing 1174751_10151513282817364_1830232000_n spruce  flowers and home

Spruce (look at that awesome cooler!)

studio organizing 1240215_584039661638202_952435080_n


studio organizing DSC09875 svenngaarden


Studio-sisu-office-library my scadinavian home

My Scandinavian Home 


4. Terrarium place cards…

terrarium-e1284224767812 the moody fashionista and dream box photo

The Moody Fashionista and Dream Box Photography


5. Designers to watch…

Amy Dunlap @ Amy Lynne Originals

designer 559798_10200860953310287_1885263083_n amy dunlap amy lynne originals


Eden @ The Garden of Eden

designer 20130420_vendorspotlight_eden_002


Margaret Ludwig @ Giverny Design

designer image-margaret-smaller


6. Check out this interview with Sarah Ryhanen (Saipua) …


photo via Winnie Au Photography


7. You’ll be amazed…watch this.


Design Lab Events


8. Flowers for the famous…

Dawn French’s bridal bouquet designed by The Blue Carrot

famous  531988_449846508431889_730258445_n the blue carrot for dawn french and mark bignell


A Valentine’s Day delivery for Beyonce…designed by Ovando

famous 527903_535133346516994_1747639123_n for Beyonce for Valentines Ovando


Wedding flowers designed by Jeff Leatham for Tina Turner’s wedding…hello Oprah and Gayle!

famous 539625_10151828328131972_946844229_n jeff leatham and hello magazine tina turners wedding


9. One big reason you continue enduring the stress of the flower business…

first look 575245_626562092527_1389440638_n (1) flora fauna

Flora Fauna 

The Wedding of Samira and Amir

Toulies en Fleur and Eli Turner Photography

first look 315927_475931859144380_1083234952_n


first look 969477_501151073302663_2146582251_n hello blossoms

Hello Blossoms 

first look 995815_10101646686524040_228463322_n posh

Posh Floral Designs 

first look PewRxnRYE9nM4jA_brGd2tvF32M_sXxWXQWaAD18MS8 erin volante and pure in art photo

Erin Volante Floral and Pure in Art Photography 

first look Screen Shot 2012-11-11 at 12.36.51 AM  hens and chicks flowers dot com

Hens and Chicks 


10. Learn to calculate how many flowers it takes to cover a sphere…thanks Mayesh!


Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Fresh Berries + Flowers

Available right now at G. Page Flowers

berries 482710_353170918118087_1486735589_n the flower factory BC

The Flower Factory 

berries 12566_10151337485256257_1619772766_n solomon bloemen

Solomon Bloemen 

berries 61033_577577492269212_1788864030_n oak and the owl

Oak and the Owl 

berries 227911_10151254123015522_1590955620_n bows and arrows

Bows and Arrows 

berries 539302_486675331344926_460204412_n clare day flowers

Clare Day Flowers 

berries 542636_401706253230806_2056002045_n poppies and posies jen huang photo

Poppies and Posies and Jen Huang Photography 

berries 545917_418174554874110_2112274259_n  the bouquets od ascha jolie au

The Bouquets of Ascha Jolie 

berries 995435_10151824521397975_1522294233_n holly chapple

Bella Fiori 

berries 1000319_689980144349041_217079247_n rebecca shepherd floral design

Rebecca Shepherd Floral Design 

berries 1000407_671625086184547_1665171029_n rebecca shepherd floral design

Rebecca Shepherd Floral Design 

berries 1098472_606340159387782_1233630280_n L'Oasis Floral Design

L’Oasis Floral Design 

berries 07092011 6760 floret

Floret Flower Farm 

berries b00706_1611k_1009041 NATALIE BOWEN

Natalie Bowen 

berries gallery6  true floret floral design

True Florette Floral Design 

berries IMG_2181-460x306 cecilia fox

 Cecilia Fox 

berries jenny_andrewdinner14 CTec Petaja photo and studio choo

Studio Choo and Tec Petaja Photography 

berries KPP_emilyjohn_008 ink and peat and kim   phil photo

Ink and Peat and Kim + Phil Photography

berries Lambert_Floral_0053  courtenay lambert florals

Courtenay Lambert Florals 

berries mg_3469 Lila B

Lila B 

berries purse 996900_10200909399151924_272885022_n francoise weeks

Francoise Weeks 

berries Sarah Elizabeth Photography - Planet Flowers - Dovecot

 Planet Flowers and Sarah Elizabeth Photography 

berries8095571850_a823893049_c-700x467 floret

Floret Flower Farm 

berry-cocktail-ideas  Jess Wilcox photo and kelly oshiro for sf chic

Kelly Oshiro Design and Jess Wilcox Photography

Happy Tuesday!


From Pampas grass to Steel grass…from Fountain grass to Wheat grass…the texture is a unique showstopper…

grass 0652_83-682x1024  Fishtale Photography and ashley fox design

Ashley Fox Designs and Fishtale Photography

grass 1586_164827730197621_1255250_n rebecca shepherd floral design

Rebecca Shepherd Floral Design 

grass steel grass IMG_9983_BigLowRes floral art

Floral Art

grasses 67626_159809897375014_3050317_n michael george

Michael George 

grass Wheat Grass Hedge floral art

Floral Art 

Gia Canali Photography

Gia Canali Photography 

grasses 179226_455984784471461_860096461_n  Tanya Chesterton Smith and twig & grace

Twig & Grace and Chesterton Smith Photography

grass WHEAT GRASS IN BRUSHED ALUMINUM TROUGH 24 IMG_9868_24_LowRes floral art

Floral Art

grasses 281936_518894498124274_1610948013_n rebecca shepherd floral design

Rebecca Shepherd Floral Design 

grasses 299754_247129831985626_4155614_n the arrangement company in virginia

The Arrangement Company and Stoneblue Productions

grasses 423296_392375564108274_41946920_n sullivan owen

Sullivan Owen 

grasses 564691_434431059979716_399511732_n cotton blossom

Cotton Blossom 

grasses 424232_485298144816015_1454623866_n sullivan owen

Sullivan Owen 

grasses 1016276_428349950611628_807892739_nn forsage for

Forage For

grasses 1170859_691048274242228_1069349845_n rebecca shepherd floral design

Rebecca Shepherd Floral Design 

grasses Erin-Bell-Photography-AshleyFoxDesigns-377_28-682x1024

Ashley Fox Designs and Erin Bell Photography 

grasses galleryCustom14 holly flora

Holly Flora 

grasses IMG_2404 denise fasanello

Denise Fasanello 

grasses pampas grass 253054_424614137601182_857942646_n laura kuy flowers

Laura Kuy Flowers 

Lorraine Daley Wedding Photography

Sullivan Owen and Lorraine Daley Photography 

Lorraine Daley Wedding Photography

Sullivan Owen and Lorraine Daley Photography

Welcome to a brand new week! Make it count…