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b floral

6-Mindae-and-Kevin sweetpea-flowers dot com

Sweet Pea Flowers

twoblueshoes121 stems of dallas

Stems of Dallas and Two Blue Shoes Photography

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shadehotelwedding28  jl designs

JL Designs

on-cloud-9-wedding-045 bows and arrows

Bows and Arrows

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Love, Lily

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Gertie Mae’s and Kickstand Studio

394534_10151229434548413_912970707_n  la petite fleur mn

La Petite Fleur 

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Nadia di Tullio 

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Hacman Floral 

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Hacman Floral 

5556935881_d129919b82  Jessica Ruisan photography and chanele rose

Chanele Rose and Jessica Ruisan Photography 

Beautiful-Blooms-White-Centerpiece mk photo and beautiful blooms events

Beautiful Blooms Events and MK  Photography

Cameron KellyPhotography-15 and posey events dot com


Cary-Bradley-08 Stephen Karlisch photo and todd events

Todd Events and Stephen Karlisch Photography

DSC_0019 busy b blogspot flowers

Flowers by Busy B 

hydrangea Cameron KellyPhotography-7 amd posey events dot com

Posey  and Cameron & Kelly Studio

hydrangeas 41336_422245210924_504692_n fete des fleurs dallas

Fete Des Fleurs 

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Color Inspiration: Coral Crush

3 Geneoh Photography flora bella

Flora Bella and Geneoh Photography

12403_498172143564178_1047762399_n exquisite designs chicago and  Ashley Biess Photography

Exquisite Designs and Ashley Biess Photography

67858_10151159232492862_436189103_n rockrose floral design

Rockrose Floral Design 

72192_3974596894536_469567670_n holly chapple

Holly Heider Chapple Flowers

154541_520738601290852_1703805023_n  pixies petals and kate noelle photo

Pixie’s Petals and Kate Noelle Photography 

179959_10150811092876879_1281581265_n stacy k floral

Stacy K Floral

247870_469237083108353_1581429156_n love n fresh

Love ‘n Fresh Flowers 

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Honey and Poppies 

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Flora Organica Designs 

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Flora NY 

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Hello Blossoms and Stewart Leishman Photography 

414229_452987564733184_1799837363_o rannin kathleen photo and The Arrangement Company

The Arrangement Company

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Sebesta Design 

602080_586823114678984_766720818_n The Youngrens photo and karen tran

Karen Tran and The Youngrens 

6917146921_fe8a1ae054_z honey and poppies

Honey and Poppies and Ashleigh Taylor Photography

blogsa_33 honey and poppies and

Honey and Poppies and Ala Cortez Photography

Bouquet-Mixed-flowers-in-coral-tones- alluring blooms Alluring Blooms 

brides-editors-favorite-wedding-products-amy-merrick daymion mardel photo

Amy Merrick and Daymion Mardel Photography

Coral Bridesmaid Bouquet KJ  Laura Murray Photography and cori cook floral design

Cori Cook Floral Design and Laura Murray Photography 

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Floret Flower Farm 

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Flora NY 

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Valley Flower Company 

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Floret Flower Farm 

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Cebolla Fine Flowers

861440_306549499473247_37282250_o floret flower farm

Floret Flower Farm 

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Passionflower and Jill Devries Photography

AM 201 planet flowers

Planet Flowers 

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daffodil 541810_320677154727755_967654158_n blue poppy florist

Blue Poppy Florist 

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L’Oasis Floral Design 

headbands sewn of cymbidium orchid petals, acacia, narcissus, rabbit foot fern, and daphne blossoms the monkey flower group 1

headbands sewn of cymbidium orchid petals, acacia, narcissus, rabbit foot fern, and daphne blossoms the monkey flower group 2

The Monkey Flower Group 

hudson3 copy peartree flowers

Peartree Flowers 

img_2498 floret flower farm

Floret Flower Farm 

IMG_3371 botanique


love-n-fresh-flowers1-1jpg daffodils-narcissus

Love ‘n Fresh Flowers 

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Floret Flower Farm 

PageImage-500380-3028827-07 maven floral and  HLP Photo

Maven Floral and Heidi Lynn Photography

Paperwhite vintage scarf jay archer paperwhites

Jay Archer Floral Design 

paperwhites 293556_10151254812499442_339505178_n (1) firenza floral design

Firenza Floral Design

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Botanical Brouhaha Expert Discussion Panel: Session 22

pink 009e

The Question:

As a busy floral designer, I am constantly getting inquiries.  What a huge blessing!  To determine whether or not the potential client and I are a good fit, I send them a questionnaire.  They answer the questions by telling me more about the details and style of their event.  They also select a budget for their event.  I have been frustrated, because I am getting the most ridiculously low budgets.  Absolutely unreasonable for the items they need!  Earlier this week, I had a bride list that she needed (1) Bridal Bouquet, (5) Bridesmaid Bouquets, Boutonnieres, Corsages, an Altar Arrangement, and (15) Centerpieces……for a budget of $800.  We all know, that won’t even cover supplies!

My question is:  What do I do with this potential client?  Do I politely dismiss her and tell her I don’t think we’ll be a good fit?  Do I schedule the appointment anyway and try to sell her the value of my product?  To deal with this issue so far, I have been responding to the email with a "quick quote".  Basically, I’ll send a little email back saying "according to the items that you have selected, your estimate will be around $X,XXX".  Some move forward with booking the appointment, and others I never hear from again.


The Answers:

I think "quick quotes" is a really good idea. I would also suggest you write something about your prices on your website, like weddings begin at $ xxx.

-Emelie Ekborg (Svenska Blomsterbloggar)


It’s a problem I am also facing at the moment, and think I will finally put some pricing range on my website. I think this will be helpful both for brides that have no idea what to budget for their flowers and also for me, so I will not have to answer inquiries which will anyway lead nowhere…

-Laetitia Mayor (Floresie)


You are not alone! This happens to me constantly. I don’t have a formal questionnaire, but I ask a few questions about their event; and if I think this is going to be the case then I send them a price list. The price list is very general, but it does state my order minimum and average prices on individual items.  That usually does a lot of the talking for me, and I don’t have to go into detail about why I don’t think we are a good fit for each other. If they respond, then I assume they have read it over and done the math on their end to see if we are a good match. Sometimes people like this do have the budget for it, they just didn’t understand how quickly the cost of flowers adds up…and sometimes they just want lots of stuff for cheap! If it is the former I usually tell them what I think their budget could buy them, and then refer them to florists who might be a better option for them.

-Sarah Winward (Honey of a Thousand Flowers)


Thanks Sarah, Emelie and Laetitia!


Think I’ll leave you with some Sullivan Owen designs today…





Sullivan-Owen-Florist-Philadelphia-Bridal-Bouquet-WrenandField photo 2

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!