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Color Inspiration: Black & White

Hearing a lot about black & white these days…

6a010535ded4be970c017d3deea315970c just bloomed

image via Just Bloomed 

710A0726  karyn may photo and modern day floral

710A1152  karyn may photo and modern day floral

710A1408  karyn may photo and modern day floral

images above via Modern Day Floral and Karyn May Photography

196250_194499580583912_183166238383913_526767_2383054_n avant garden dallas

image via Avant Garden 

269499_10151276887820345_1076647678_n bella flora dallas

image via Bella Flora 

408619_10152178944465510_31302223_n planet flowers

image via Planet Flowers

384442_301876543182906_266614400_n  ladybird poppy floral design

image via Ladybird Poppy Floral Design 

422087_10150669829929660_1402047113_n  stoneblossom

image via Stoneblossom

426901_10150718420960498_506550695_n lush couture floral design

image via Lush Couture Floral

530491_10151373115597625_1594293142_n valley flower company

image via Valley Flower Company 

561028_392559374100998_2126167669_n celadon and celery and angelica criscuolo photo

image via Celadon and Celery and Angelica Criscuolo Photography 

Anemone-Floral-Fascinator-Sullivan-Owen-Philadelphia  Jillian McGrath Photography image via Sullivan Owen Floral and Event Design and Jillian McGrath Photography

image via Petals, Ink and Elissa R Photography

austin-wedding-florist-flora-fetish-kinski-6  Anthology Photography

image via Flora Fetish and Anthology Photography

black and white 430943_10151394212163413_1468312262_n  la petite fleur mn

image via La Petite Fleur 

bride black looped beargrass fairy nuff flowers

image via Fairy Nuff Flowers 

Donahue-McPherson-Wedding-229  Ben and Molly photo and paisley petals

image via Paisley Petals and Ben & Molly Photography 

DSC_0027 rebecca shepherd floral design

image via Rebecca Shepherd Floral Design 

Happy Thursday!


Botanical Brouhaha Expert Discussion Panel: Session 16

Theta Party 043e

The Question:

“I am struggling to find nice footed vases [urns/compotes]… and I see those all over the blogs of my American fellows. Are there any good wholesalers in the US that you would recommend (and ideally would ship overseas…)? (from a designer in France)


The Answers:

Jamali Garden is not wholesale to the trade, but their prices are decent, and they have a huge selection of vases that I love. I also like Campo De’ Fiori and Homart (not sure if they ship overseas). With both of these you have to set up a wholesale account. Some of my favorite vessels are soup bowls, gravy boats, or pitchers purchased from different stores.  Don’t forget to think of the things that are not obvious vases!”

-Sarah Winward (Honey of a Thousand Flowers)

                Note: Homart has international shipping under the following conditions:

International customers are responsible for entry into destination country, including freight
forwarding arrangements, customs clearance and all associated broker charges, import duties,customs fees, tariffs and taxes.  Shipping and other fees for orders denied by customs or
refused by customer will not be refunded.


“I would recommend you check out C Best, located in the New Convent Garden Market, London. Another good idea is to visit interior design fairs in Frankfurt, Paris, and Holland. There you can find some very good wholesalers and some very nice stuff. I think it might be cheaper than to ship it from overseas.”

-Emelie Ekborg (Svenska Blomsterbloggar)


Some of my favorites from C. Best:

urn Slate_Grey_Urn_4e60e3073c3a2_170x170






And some flowers to go in them…

13mandy busby photo and rosegolden

image via Rosegolden Flowers and Mandy Busby Photography


image via Amy Merrick 

0347_carolineadamwedding modern bouquet

image via Modern Bouquet

2389 fleurs de france

image via Fleurs de France 

16127_468781896501878_289711305_n botanique and eliza truitt photo

image via Botanique and Eliza Truitt Photography


You might also want to check out Two’s Company. See their tradeshow schedule for Great Britain here. A favorite from Two’s Company…

urn 8746

And from a sister company of Two’s Company called Tozai Home, love this one

urn pop196-ws3_1_ tozai home


Thank you, Sarah and Emelie, for your advice on finding a supplier of footed vases and urns. Does anyone else have a source for these footed vases, compotes and urns? I agree with Sarah and Emelie…most of my interesting urns and compotes were found at estate sales, flea markets and stores such as Tuesday Morning or TJ Maxx.

Have an amazing Wednesday!


& flower lantern and irange girl

image via Flower Lantern and Orange Girl Photographs

7 imbued

image via Imbue Weddings

IMG_7003 verbena floral design ca

image via Verbena Floral Design

shabbychicweddingideas5 true bliss photo and april flowers

image via April Flowers and True Bliss Photography

309412_10151124061004974_657927898_n aaron delesie photo oh, how charming events

image via Oh, How Charming Event Production and Aaron Delesie Photography

& laguna_beach_wedding_photographer_chenin_boutwell_photography_28

image via Chenin Boutwell Photography

Vintage Dallas Engagement Session

image via Thomas Ross Photography

208928_431978550169476_681373538_n form and function

image via Form + Function

72 clayton austin photo

image via Clayton Austin Photography

and 156198_10150974978313413_486462437_n la petite fleur mn

image via La Petite Fleur 

and IMG_8121 jay archer floral design

image via Jay Archer Floral Design

and hd3 my scandanavian home

image via My Scandinavian Home

and broadaxebarnwedding taylor lord photo and love this day events

image via Love This Day Events and Taylor Lord Photography

and 283583_10150308017768524_4356098_n panacea flowers

image via Panacea Flowers

and 296769_10150337225016570_105262566_n three sisters

image via Three Sisters 

and 562063_319915101417641_878647533_n and hacman floral

image via Hacman Floral and Sara Matasaru Photography

Happy Tuesday!


DSCF7975 my french country home blogspot

image via My French Country Home 

545365_507736809254917_307112550_n wild acre

image via Wild Acre 

0465 flowerwild

image via Flowerwild 

258419_481199718559154_691002587_o clare day flowers

391390_478654512147008_560553553_n clare day flowers

images above via Clare Day Flowers

315477_336993333050541_1352951504_n the blue carrot

404695_372307892852418_1281552562_n the blue carrot

523388_349723098444231_165994903_n blue carrot

images above via The Blue Carrot

Green Apple Photography_0014_Once Wed honey of a thousand flowers

image via Honey of a Thousand Flowers and Green Apple Photography

hold12 passionflower

image via Passionflower

IMG_4056 miss pickering

image via Miss Pickering 

IMG_7970-1 sarah winward

image via Honey of a Thousand Flowers

IMGP1220-685x1024 ruby bloom fancy flowers

image via Ruby Bloom Fancy Flowers 

Mandys-Bouquet-1 flora grubb the cutting garden

image via The Cutting Garden 

medM A134  L'Oasis floral design

image via L’Oasis Floral Design

white2 the fishermans cottage blogspot

image via The Fisherman’s Cottage


image via Amy Merrick 

If you are a grower and you will be growing/selling cosmos this season…and want to spread the word to potential buyers, please leave a comment and let us know your location. I would love to start making connections between growers and designers.

Happy Monday!